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Table of Contents

I.        Kaumara Lila (ages 1-5) Chapters 1-7


Chapter 1     Auspicious Prayers and Description of Vrndavana  

The Forests of Vrndavana   

The Seasons of Vrndavana  

The Monsoon Season        

The Autumn Season 

The Hemanta Season         

The Dewy Season    

The Spring Season   

The Summer Season

The Six Seasons of Vrndavana       

The Yamuna River   

The Glories of Govardhana  

The Glories of Nandisvara


Chapter 2     The Appearance of Lord Krishna   

Chapter 3    The Killing of Putana 

Chapter 4     The Killing of Sakatasura and Trnavarta Trnavarta Vanquished  


Chapter 5     Krishna's Childhood Pastimes

Krishna's Yawning and Childhood Pranks   

The Name Giving Ceremony of Krishna     

Krishna's Pastimes of Stealing Butter

Krishna Plays in the Village  

Krishna Eats Clay     


Chapter 6    Binding Shri Krishna

Deliverance of the Yamala-arjuna Trees    

Lunch at Home       

Bartering for Fruits   

Moving to Vrndavana


Chapter 7    The Bewilderment of Lord Brahma

   The Killing of Vatsasura  

   The Killing of Bakasura   

   The Killing of Aghasura   

   Brahma Bewildered        


II.       Pauganda Lila


Kaisora Lila  Chapters 8-22


Chapter 8    The Beginning of Purva-raga

The Celebration of Krishna's Birthday

Playing Ball

The Killing of Dhenukasura  


Chapter 9    Vanquishing the KaliyaSerpent

Extinguishing the Forest Fire


Chapter 10  The Purva-raga of the Gopis

Nanda Maharaja Visits King Vrsabhanu      


Chapter 11   The Pastimes in Summer and other Seasons        

The Killing of Pralambasura 

Krishna Swallows the Munjatavi Fire

Returning to Nandagrama with the Cows   

The Gopis Watch Krishna Milking the Cows 

Krishna Pastimes in the Rainy Season       

The Purva-raga of Shrimati Radhika

The Autumn Season 

The Glorious Flute of Krishna


Chapter 12   Stealing the Garments of the Gopis

Chapter 13   Favoring the Wives of the Brahmanas

Chapter 14  The Spring Festival of Holi    


Chapter 15   Lifting Govardhana Hill        

Chapter 16   Rescuing Nanda Baba from Varunaloka

Showing Brahman to the Vrajavasis

Chapter 17   The Rasa Dance Begins       

Gopi Gita      


Chapter 18   Krishna Disappears from the Gopis 

Searching the Forest 

Imitating Krishna Pastimes  

Krishna's Footprints  

Radha's Footprints   

Radha Dispels the Sorrow of the Gopis     

Radha's Lamentation

The Gopis Meet Radhika     


Chapter 19  The Gopi Gita  

The Gopis Beckon for Pleasure      

The Word Play of Krishna and the Gopis

Chapter 20  The Rasa Dance        

Playing in the Yamuna        

Chapter 21   The Pastime of Stealing Krishna's Flute      

Killing Sankhacuda

Krishna Searches the Gopis for His Flute   


Chapter 22   The Swing Festival Pastimes