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Sixth Extract


This extract begins with the names of Mahaprabhu, Nityananda, Advaita Candra and all the devotees of Shri Gauranga. Now this extract is going to explain the promise of Prabhu which helps to forget all worldly miseries. This is quoted from the Karna Rasayana.

To fulfil the intention of preaching the pure Vrajalila in Gauda Mahaprabhu empowered Shri Rupa in this task. With the help of this power from Prabhu Shri Rupa wrote a book. Shri Gauranga also empowered Shrinivasa with the desire to worship the feet of Mahaprabhu who was then in Nilacala. Shrinivasa by giving up all attractions started for Nilacala. But on his way to Nilacala, he was informed of the news that Mahaprabhu had disappeared from the world. Hearing this heart-breaking news, Shrinivasa at once fainted on the ground and sank in deep misery. At this state of mind he sometimes got back his sense, sometimes fainted again and sometimes began to cry loudly. Mahaprabhu having seen the misery of his devoted disciple, appeared before Shrinivasa and consoled him by putting his leg on his head. He gently and sweetly advised Shrinivasa to check himself and go to Vrndavana to meet Shri Rupa Sanatana there who had already finished his book about Radha Krishna lila. He ordered Shrinivasa to go to Gauda with those books and preached their sayings there. Shrinivasa being ordered by Prabhu at once started for Vrndavana. He was overwhelmed with joy by the natural beauty of that place. From there he went to Mathura Mandala and was informed of the news of disappearance of the two renowned brothers. Shrinivasa at once threw himself on the ground and cried out loudly. He miserably repented that there was no necessity of his own life as he did not have the company of the two brothers. Having settled his mind, he fainted under the tree. Seeing him grievously heart-broken, the two brothers out of sympathy appeared before him and put their legs upon the head of Shrinivasa. They gladly told Shrinivasa that the whole mankind including poor, mean and misery-stricken might be able to achieve salvation by the help of the kindness of Shrinivasa. They advised him to give up the sorrow and at once go to Shri Bhatta Gosvami to take refuge in his feet. They also advised his to get himself initiated to Gopala Bhatta. From there he should go to Gauda taking the books with him and to help the misery-stricken mankind to attain salvation. At once he obeyed the order and went to Vrndavana where he met Shri Gopala Bhatta. He fell to the ground and took the legs of Bhatta Gosvami on his head. He humbly requested Bhatta Gosvami to favour him. He reported everything to him what Shri Rupa and Sanatana had ordered him to do. Hearing this Bhatta Gosvami began to shed tears of joy. He most cordially accepted Shrinivasa into his confidence and thanked Mahaprabhu for his gift i.e. sending of Shrinivasa to him. He showed Shrinivasa the original handwriting of Mahaprabhu which he had kept with him for Shrinivasa and the asana and the dora sent to him by Mahaprabhu. Now he advised Shrinivasa to sit on the asana. He then gave him diksha and the hymns of worship. He also taught him the lessons of the books. Gradually Shrinivasa became qualified in the books which was highly appreciated by all the Gosvamis there. Shri Jiva ordered Shrinivasa to go to Gauda with the books and told him that it was the order of Mahaprabhu who had already sent a letter from Shri Nilachala to Shri Rupa in this connection. Shri Bhatta Gosvami? began to weep because it was his assumption that he would not be able to meet Shrinivasa who was an embodiment of pure love. But Shrinivasa most humbly expressed his intention that when he was with Mahaprabhu, he cherished the desires of living in Vrindavana and of nursing Prabhu. So he did not want to go to Gauda. He said that as it was the order of his guru which he must obey by going to Gauda but he prayed for a favour from Shri Jiva and another Gosvamis that who would come in contact with him was sure to attain the grace of Radha Krishna. He was determined that he would not go to Gauda until the required favour would be fulfilled. Listening to this, Jiva Goswami was full of ecstatic joy. He and all the Gosvamis gathered in the temple of Lord Govinda and began to pray to him. Shri Bhatta Gosvami, Shri Dasa Gosvami, Shri Jiva Gosvami, Bhatta Raghunatha, Lokanath Gosvami and Bhugarbha Thakura - all of them prayed for a long time to Govinda. Shri Govinda became satisfied by their prayer and told them that he had Himself taken the semblance of Shri Gauranga in Gauda to taste the juice of Radha Krishna lila and had swept the people there by the wave of divine love. He Himself created Shrinivasa out of this love. So Shrinivasa's request would must be fulfilled by him.

The Gosvamis heard the nectar-like order from the moon-like mouth of Shri Govinda to send Shrinivasa to Gauda with the books. Shrinivasa in ecstatic joy began to weep by lying on the ground. The Gosvamis were also overwhelmed with divine pleasure. Shrinivasa out of ecstatic joy had described the moon-like face of Shri Govinda in highly ornamental language. Listening to the description, all of them wept in joy. Shrinivasa bowed to the feet of Shri Jiva. Then he embraced some of them and some bowed to the feet of Shrinivasa. After that the priest of Shri Krishna, Adhikari Gosvami gladly laid Govinda on the bed and gave the garland of Govinda to Shrinivasa. All the Gosvamis put it round his neck which greatly pleased Shrinivasa. They then dined together the scraps of food first of all offered to Govinda. They took betel-leaves and tulasimala and returned to their own house. Next day while they gathered, they advised Shrinivasa to go to Gauda with the books. Shri Bhatta Goswami brought the kaupina and the bahirvasa from his room and gave these to Shrinivasa and told everybody that when Mahaprabhu had met Bhatta in South India he ordered him to give this kaupina and the bahirvasa to Shrinivasa when the latter would come to Vrndavana. Mahaprabhu also advised him to inform Shrinivasa that he should obey the order of Shri Bhatta taking it in his mind that it was the order of Mahaprabhu Himself. Shri Bhatta had informed everything to Rupa and Sanatana who became very glad to hear this. Then all the Gosvamis gladly gave permission to Shrinivasa to return back to Gauda. Prabhu Shrinivasa began to describe Shri Bhatta Gosvami as an embodiment of Shri Guna Manjari, a confidante of Shri Radhika in some lyrics written by himself. The Gosvamis were all enchanted to listen to the lyrics. Shri Dasa Gosvami being highly impressed took him in his lap and began to soak his body with the tears of joy. He told Shrinivasa that only to meet him he had come to Shri Kunda and would not leave this place. As he was greatly shocked by the disappearance of Rupa and Sanatana, he had no consolation in his mind. But now his misery had gone away go a great extent by the presence of Shrinivasa who was in his opinion a highly fortunate person. He openly declared that to see Shrinivasa, he could regain the place which he had lost since the disappearance of those two brothers. He showed Shrinivasa the danda (a stick) and the Govardhana Sila used by Prabhu and the other things which had since been kept for Shrinivasa such as the original handwriting of Mahaprabhu, the books of Rupa Sanatana etc. He confessed that for Shrinivasa, they could hear the nectar-like order of Shri Govinda. It was Shrinivasa for whom Rupa Sanatana had left their orders before their disappearance and it wished for what all of them were waiting so long. Shri Bhatta Gosvami with the help of Shri Dasa Gosvami handed over to Shrinivasa the kaupina and bahirvasa given by Mahaprabhu and the offered garland of Shri Govinda. At the same time he offered him the idol of Shri Vamsivadana salagrama most gladly. Then they blessed him in the name of Shri Radha Govinda and Rupa Sanatana. Then Shrinivasa worshipped the feet of his guru, took the permission from all of them, showed his reverence to all the Vrajavasis and started for Gauda taking the books with him. The Gosvamis with the hundreds of Vrajavasis followed Shrinivasa. While following Shrinivasa a little more than two miles of the way they began to repent to the Providence that why He took Shrinivasa away from them.

The poet gave a heart broken description of the separation of Shrinivasa with the Vrajavasis. Even the animals and birds of Vraja also cried in his separation. But after a while they controlled themselves and directed Prabhu Shrinivasa to start for Gauda happily. While they were returning to Vrndavana, they started crying in their way. All these descriptions are to be found in the book Prem Vilasa. Shri Nityananda Dasa wrote and published this book as per order of Shri Jahnava. Prabhu Shrinivasa reached Gauda with the books and that time he favoured the king.

Ramacandra said to the king that he had already wrote two lyrics in which he tried to narrate the way by which Shrinivasa had kept his promise by giving favour to the king. Ramacandra advised the king that as he was a fortunate man that he had got the favour of his Prabhu, he should wholeheartedly worship the feet of his Prabhu. Ramacandra gave the king many lessons for two months. The king was highly satisfied. He offered a village as a gift to his guru Ramacandra and bowed to him by throwing himself on the feet of Ramacandra.

The poet, Yadunandana, paid his heartiest homage to the feet of Ramacandra from whom the king learnt many lessons of Vaishnava treatises. He prayed to Prabhu Shrinivasa to give him a shelter under his feet. He wished he could be his dog who would love to eat the scraps of his food in the hope that one day Prabhu would favour him. He wished he could be one of the servants of Prabhu for the whole term of his life. He addressed Prabhu as the deliverer of sinners and prayed to him to deliver him from damnation. He said that there was none but Prabhu on whom he could depend for his salvation. He wished that in his future birth he wanted to be one of the servants of Prabhu. He confessed that being an ignorant person, he knew nothing about the methods of worship and no capacity of describing the wonderful lilas of Krishna and the devotees of Krishna. Yet he prayed to Prabhu to forgive him for his inefficiency. He began to speak of himself and of the completion of his book. He lived at Bundhaipara on the bank of the Jahnavi river with his wife. At the age of 29 years by taking the lotus-like feet of his Prabhu on his head in the month of Vaishakh and in the day of the full moon he had finished his book. He being Yadunath Dasa who is a servant of a servant of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu wrote the book which pleased Thakurani who kept the name of the book as Karnananda. Shrimati with her confidantes read the book and she was overwhelmed with ecstasy and began to shed tears of joy. She put her feet on the head of Yadunandana and with a smile said to him that he through his book gave her much pleasure. Addressing him as her son, requested him to tell her something about Kaviraja and his community and Chakravarty and his community. The poet firstly prayed to his guru and asked his favour in this task. As per order of his Prabhu he narrated the overmentioned topics. He wrote that there were eight Kavirajas and six Chakravartys. Firstly he would explain the topic about eight Kavirajas and secondly he would explain the topic about the six Chakravartys.

The eldest among the eight Kavirajas was Shri Ramacandra Kaviraja who had become famous in this world. His brother was Shri Kaviraja Govinda who had a fine character. Then came Shri Karnapura Kaviraja Thakur, Shri Nrsimha Kaviraja Thakur who was famous for his methods of worship, Shri Bhagavan Kaviraja who knew nothing but the grace of Prabhu, Shri Vallavidasa Kaviraja who was a man of purely divine character, Shri Gopiramana Kaviraja and Kaviraja Shri Gokulananda. Now he described the other branches of the main Kaviraja community. Kaviraja Divyasimha was the son of Shri Govinda who was regarded to be a mad bumble-bee flying on the lotus-like feet of Prabhu. Shri Vasudeva Kaviraja Dasa Vanamali was very eager to do good to mankind. Kaviraja Durgadasa always wished to eat scraps of food eaten by the Vaishnavas. Kaviraja Thakur was a man full of divine love. His brother Shri Nimai Kaviraja had nothing to do except nursing the feet of Prabhu. Shyama Dasa Kaviraja was his step-brother who was a very scholarly man. Shri Narayana Kaviraja was the brother of Nrsimha. Shri Vallavi Kaviraja had two brothers, Shri Ramadasa Kaviraja Thakur and Kaviraja Gopaladasa. Here the poet had mentioned the twenty nine names of the Kaviraja community whose names always created the feeling of love in the minds of everybody.

Now he presented the names of the six Chakravartys. The most famous among the six Chakravartys was Shri Govinda Chakravarty. He always used to engage himself in worshipping Prabhu. He now spoke of the two brother-in-law of Prabhu who were very efficient in the method of worship. They were Shri Shyamadasa Chakravarty Thakur and Ramacandra Chakravarty. Another Chakravarty was Chakravarty Vyasa who lived at Vishnupura. Then the names came as Rama Krishna Chakravarty Thakur and Shri Gokulananda Chakravarty who also loved to serve the Vaishnavas. There were other Chakravartys of the six Chakravarty community- Maharaj Chakravarty Shri Vira Hamvira who was a great devotee of Prabhu, Shri Dasa Chakravarty who had Harinama in his tongue all the time, Ramacandra Chakravarty, Shri Radha Vallabha Chakravarty, Shri Rupaghataka Chakravarty and Chakravarty Thakurera Thakur.

The poet had given the twelve names of the Chakravarty community. Prabhu worshipped the feet of all these parama Bhagavatas and took great pleasure in hearing history of these two communities. As Shrimati also took great pleasure in hearing all these, the poet thought that his book Karnananda was a successful one. With the blessing of Shrimati, Yadunandana wrote the book Karnananda.