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Seventh Extract


This extract begins with the names of Mahaprabhu, the deliverer of distressed mankind, Shri Nityananda, the symbol of kindness, Sita Natha Advaita, Isvara and Shrivasa, the companions of Prabhu, Shri Swarup Damodara, Ramananda, the mine of premarasa, Sanatana, deliverer of sinners, Shri Gopala Bhatta, Shri Raghunatha Bhatta, Shri Dasa Gosvami, Shri Jiva Gosvami, Shri Acharya Prabhu, the ocean of kindness, Ramacandra and his two brothers and Shri Vaishnava Gosvami.

The poet appealed to the listeners to listen to it attentively. Having listened to the book, Prabhu felt very satisfied and blessed him kind-heartedly. Shrimati addressed him as her son and relieved him as already he had got the favour of Prabhu. The poet, Yadunandana, requested humbly to Prabhu to release him from a doubt which he had long been cultivating in his mind. Prabhu agreed to do this and asked him about his doubt.

Nityananda Dasa in his Prema Vilasa wrote as per order of Jahnava about the character of Prabhu. When Prabhu was on the way to Gauda with the books some bandits mistakenly stole the books. When Gosvami heard this, he became very much disheartened. Shri Dasa Gosvami and Shri Kaviraja Gosvami both hurriedly came to Shri Kunda. When they heard the missing of the books, Dasa Gosvami threw himself into the water of the Shri Kunda in grief. As the grief was unbearable, Shri Kaviraja Gosvami died before the death of Shri Dasa Gosvami. Here lies the doubt of the poet because he had already read all the books by Kaviraja Gosvami where he had written about Raghunatha Dasa "Late Shri Raghunatha Dasa". How it could be possible that Kaviraj died before the death of Raghunatha?

Listening to him Thakurani sweetly told him that formerly Ramacandra had asked the same question to Prabhu and the reply of Prabhu had satisfied Ramacandra which she also overheard at that time. She reported to him that Prabhu had been saying to Ramacandra that Raghunatha was a man of strict principles and was determined to keep his promise. The separation of Shri Rupa Gosvami so disheartened Dasa Gosvami that he used to spend his days on the bank of the Radha kunda as a blind man and all the time kept himself in thinking of his own death. In the meantime he got the news of missing of the books. This completely broke him. He began to repent by crying loudly. Being impatient, Gosvami attained his desired death. The people of the Radha Kunda became very sad. This incident made Rupa Sanatana? greatly anxious who after thinking of the promise uttered by Raghunatha told Kaviraja about the importance of the incident. They said that it was for this book, Mahaprabhu had sent His writing, ordering them to hand it over to Shrinivasa, that it was for this book that Mahaprabhu had empowered Shri Rupa for writing this book and that it was for this book he also had empowered Shrinivasa to preach the lessons of this book of Gauda. So it was the order of Mahaprabhu Himself which could not be endangered by any living being in this world. So they advised Kaviraja Gosvami to give up all his miseries and repentances for the books which were sure to be recovered again. They also advised him to attend and to look after Raghunatha sincerely for a few days and then he again could be included in the group of the companions of Rupa Sanatana. As per order of the two brothers, Kaviraja again regained his life. After this all the deities in the sky began to think of the promise of Raghunatha which, in their opinion, could not be violated by anyone in this world. He promised that he would eat kshira (a milk prepation) made in Vraja, would wear the leaves of trees of Vraja and by living in Shri Kunda of Giri Govardhana, he could succeed in destroying his own pride. He also promised that he must die at the bank of the Radhakunda. He would leave behind him Shri Jiva, Shri Krishnadasa and Lokanatha Gosvami. Suddenly there came an oracle from the sky addressing Kaviraja that he must get the news of the recovery of the books. The oracle of the deities and the order of the two brothers helped Krishnadasa to regain his life as an omniscient saint.

Kaviraja in his book Caritamrita wrote about the ecstatic condition of Mahaprabhu in His meditation when Mahaprabhu had viewed the 'Jalakeli lila' of Krishna and Radha in the Yamuna river whereas Swarupa and others became anxious about Mahaprabhu. They got the news of Mahaprabhu from a fisherman. They at once hurried to the bank of the river and found Prabhu in half-died condition. They began to sing Harinama loudly into his ears and gradually Mahaprabhu got back to his senses.

The opinion of the poet was that only an omniscient saint like Kaviraja could describe the inward and outward conditions of Mahaprabhu.

Listening to all these incidents Ramacandra threw himself on the ground and bowed to the feet of Prabhu. Prabhu, placing his leg on the head of Ramacandra, gladly took him in his bosom and advised him to keep all these things in his heart. Then Prabhu went on saying that Ramacandra was his most favourite and faithful disciple. Prabhu said satisfactorily that he who would worship like Ramacandra, must obtain favour of Prabhu. Ramacandra was ever grateful to Prabhu as he came to know from him that Raghunatha was the same empodiment of Shri Rupa.

The poet had been listening all these things from Shrimati which highly satisfied him. He addressed the listeners that it was the blessing and kindness of his Iswari that he was able to find out a solution of his doubt. Now he bowed to the devoted companions of Shri Acharya Prabhu and requested them to fulfil his intentions for he knew that only their blessings could help a person to attain pure devotion and love for God. He wanted to get the most cherishable companions of Shri Rupa Sanatana and Shri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu and Acharya Prabhu. He paid his heartiest homage to the feet of Shri Hemalata, the daughter of Shri Acharya Prabhu who was a kalpavalli (a paradisiaical creeper) of devotional love as ever created by the Providence.

By holding the lotus-like feet of Shri Hemalata on his head, he, Yadunandana Dasa, completed his book, Karnananda.