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Second Extract


Taking the blessings of Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Nityananda, Advaitacandra, and all the devotees of Gaura, the poet continues to discuss the tree of Shrinivasa Acarya, along with its branches and twigs. He shall now describe the twigs emanating from the branch of Ramacandra Kaviraja.

The brahmana Shri Vallava Majumdara, and the great scholar Harinama Acarya both received the blessings of Kaviraja. Harinama's son, Shri Gopikanta Charavarti, was also a devotee of Kaviraja and an earnest devotee like his father. Another disciple of Kaviraja was Balarama Kavipati, a man of extraordinary devotion. All the disciples of Kaviraja were constantly engaged in delivering mankind from the suffering of material existence.

For his own purification, the poet attempts to describe the disciples of Shri Iswari. Jaya Krishnacarya, Shri Jagadisacarya, and Syama Vallavacarya were three great acaryas who were disciples of Shri Iswari. The women of the above mentioned family were highly devoted to Shri Iswari. They were always engaged in doing good for humanity, as well as constantly singing the holy name throughout the day and night. They never drank water until they had completed the chanting of lakhs of Harinama. Among them the elder was Shri Satyabhama Thakurani, and the younger was Shri Candramukhi. They were always absorbed in discussing the hymns which they had learned from Shri Iswari. Shri Rupa Gosvami and Shridasa Gosvami took great pleasure in acknowledging the good qualities of these two ladies. Daily they recited slokas from Astaka by Mahaprabhu, Chaitanya Kalpavrksa, Karpanya Panjika, Hari Kusumanjali, Vilasa Kusumanjali, Premamvajamakandaksha, Catupushpanjali. When chanting these verses they were overcome with ecstasy and called out the names of Shri Radha Govinda. Shri Radha Vallava Cakravarti and Vrndavana Chakravarti were two great Vaishnavas whose disciple was Shri Vrndavani Thakurani. Her sons, Radha Vinoda Cakravarti and Kisari Cakravarti dedicated themselves to their mother. All of them were disciples of Shri Iswari.

Now the disciples of Shri Hemalata shall be described. Shri Suvala Chandra Thakura, and his nephew, Shri Gokula Chakravarti, were her disciples. Shri Radhavallava Thakura from Mandala village, Shri Vallavadasa of the Gosvami family, and Yadunandana Vaidya dasa of Malihati village were all disciples of Shri Iswari. Kanurama Chakravarti and his two servants, Darpanayana and Candi, Ramacarana, Madhu Miswas, and Radha Kanta Vaidya were other disciples of Hemalata. Jagadisa Kaviraja and his follower, who was the brother of Radhavallava Kaviraja were initiated by Hemalata. The three sons of Shri Gati Prabhu; Shri Krishna Prasada Thakura, Shri Sundarananda and Shri Hari Thakura took initiation from their father. Amonth the two wives of Prabhu the younger one was initiated by her husband. The elder on, Shri Satyabhama initiated Shri Radha Madhava. Shri Jogadananda Thakura, Shri Ghanasyama, son of Tulasirama dasa, and Shri Dandarparai Chattapati became disciples of Shri Gati Prabhu.

The sons-in-law of Shri Gati Prabhu dedicated themselves to the service of Prabhu. His five daughters were very eager to worship Prabhu. Shri Gati prabhu favored Shri Kanaka Priya Thakurani, daughter of Shrivasa. Shri Janaki Viswasa and his son Shrihari Vishigovinda earnestly worshiped Shri Gati Prabhu. Shri Prasada Viswasa and his son, Shri Vrindavanadasa, were his disciples. Shri Gati Prabhu's other disciples were Shri Vraja Mohana Chattaraja, Shri Purusottama Cakravarti, Jayaramadasa of Sanavali village, and Radha Krishna Dasa Thakura. Shri Krishna Prasada Cakravarti and his nephew, Shri Madana Cakravarti, Shri Vallavikanta Cakravarti, Shri Ghanasyama Kaviraja all received the mercy of Shri Gati Prabhu. Another disciple was Shri Anaramadasa, a Vaidya by caste, who was always absorbed in chanting the holy name. The poet apologises for being incapable of mentioning all the disciples of Shri Gati Prabhu. The poet, Yadunatha dasa was directed by Shri Hemalata, daugher of Shrinivasa Prabhu to compose Karnananda for the satisfaction of all devoted souls.