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At Bahulavana there is the small Bahula temple with Deities of Krishna, Yamaraja, and Bahula carved in the wall, on the bank of Sankarsana-Kunda. The Padma Purana narrates the story of  Bahula. Dharmaraja once took the form of a lion and approached the cow named Bahula to eat her. Bahula asked that she first be able to feed her calf some milk. She said that she would return.  The lion relented and the cow went off to feed her calf. When she returned she found that Krishna had appeared there and the lion was really Dharmaraja. It is stated in the Mathura-mahatmya by  Rupa Gosvami that Bahula became one of Krishna's wives because she displayed the good quality of truthfulness.It is said that Lord Krishna would come here with Balarama and the cowherd  boys to tend the cows. Near the Bahula temple is the Banke Bihari Temple.There are two kundas here called Sankarsana-Kunda and iKrishna-Kunda (Mana-Sarovara). Seeing and bathing in  these kundas gives one the darshan of Laksmi and Krishna. Jahnava devi, the wife of Lord Nityananda visited the kunda here. It is especially auspicious to bath here in the month of Chaitra  (March-April). Bahulavana forest has a parikrama of 6 km (4 miles). If you are going to Radha-Kunda, to visit this place is a half hour excursion. It is just off the road that goes between Vrindavana  and Radha-Kunda.


How to Get Here: Bahulavana is 7 km (5 miles) from Vrindavana. To get to Bahulavana from Vrindavana, you first go to Chatikara and then you get on the road to Radha-Kunda. To get to  Chatikara you make a right out of the ISKCON temple and drive to where the road meets the Delhi-Agra Road. You then get on the road that goes to Radha-Kunda. You go past the village here  and after about a km you go over some railway tracks. Just after you go over, turn left and down this road about 3 km (2 miles) until you go over a small bridge. At this point you have reached the  village of Bahulavana. Just after going over the bridge you make a right and go about a third of a km (1/4 mile). You then make a left and go about 200 m and right in front of you is  Sankarsana-Kunda. The small temple of Bahula is on the other side of Sankarsana-Kunda, right next to the constructed ghata. If you are more than 5 km from this place you could ask for the  village of Vate, which many people know this place as.