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53.BALDEO (Dauji)


There is an important temple here called the Dauji Mandir. There is a large Deity of Balarama in this temple. Several Balarama temples in Braja are known as Dauji Mandir. Dauji means elder  brother.


How to Get Here: This place is 25 km southeast of Mathura, on the other side of the river. It can be visited at the same time as going to Gokula or Raval. It is about on hour and fifteen minute drive  from Vrindavana. Baldeo is a fairly good sized town and everyone in town knows where the Dauji Temple is located.


Dauji (Balarama) Temple


In this temple is a two metre (6'6") Balarama Deity that was installed by Vajranabha, about 4,900 years ago. This is the largest Deity in Braja Mandala. Dauji means "elder brother". Balarama is  black, with huge eyes, and His right hand is raised. In His left hand is a cup full of Varuni beverage. He is one of the four presiding Deities of Vrindavana. He is the presiding Deity for the South  petal of the lotus of Braja. This Balarama deity is the only original presiding Deity left in Braja.Revati, the wife of Lord Balarama, is also installed in this temple. She is to the left of the front altar  door with her back to the wall facing Balarama. She can not be seen from the front door of the altar, but she can be viewed from the right side door. Revati is Balarama's consort in Dwarka.

Temple Timings: Darshan times are 7 am to 12.30 pm, 3 to 4 pm, and 6 to 9 pm.


Ksira Sagar


This kunda is said to have been constructed by the residents of Braja, when they filled it with the milk from 100,000 cows as an offering to Balarama.The Deity of Balarama was lost for a long  time, but was rediscovered in this kunda behind the Dauji Temple called Ksira Sagar-Kunda (also called Shiv Nagara). Ksira Sagar means the "sea of milk" It is said that Gosain Gokul Nath had a  dream that the Deity of Baladeva was in this tank.


How to Get Here: Ksira Sagar is a large kunda directly behind the Deity of Balarama, about 20 m from the temple. Xo get to this kunda you make a left after leaving the Dauji temple and you then  walk 30 seconds. You then ; make another quick left.