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At Datiya, which is 10 km west of Mathura, Krishna killed Dantavakra."Dantavakra wanted to kill Krishna in order to avenge the death of his friend Salva. He became so agitated that he personally  appeared on the battlefield without the proper arms. His only weapon was his great anger, which was red-hot. He carried only a club in his hand, but he was so powerful that when he moved,  everyone felt the earth tremble. Knowing that Dantavakra was alone and armed with only a club, Lord Krishna responded similarly and prepared Himself by taking His club in His Hand.  Dantavakra struck Krishna on the head and made a roaring sound like a lion. Although struck strongly by the club of Dantavakra, Krishna did not move even an inch, nor did He feel any pain.  Taking His Kaumodaki club and moving very skillfully, krishna struck the chest of Dantavakra so fiercely that the heart of Dantavakra split in two." {Krishna Book, Chap 77)


How to Get Here: Datiya is about 3 km west of Santanu-Kunda on the road from Mathura to Govardhana.