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It is said that at this place on the bank of the Yamuna, Krishna stole the garments of the unmarried gopis while they were taking bath. The gopis prayed to the goddess Katyani to marry the son of Nanda Maharaja, Krishna. Katyani is another name for Durga. While he sat in the branches of a kadamba tree. He had each of the gopis come out of the water and stand naked in front of Him. Since a woman cannot be naked in front of anyone but her husband, the unmarried gopis desire to have Krishna as their husband was fulfilled.There is a temple right next to Chira-Ghata dedicated to the goddess Katyayani Devi. She is an orange deity, which is about 2 feet tall.


How to get Here: This place is about 14 km north of the town of Vrindavana, on the bank of the Yamuna. Chira-Ghata is in the village of Syaro, but the people in the area know it as Chira-Ghata.

To drive here you first get on the Delhi-Agra Road going north towards Delhi. You drive about 20 minutes and make a right and go to town of Shergarh, Chira-Ghata is then about 6 km south of Shergarh. The road to this place is very bad.