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44.TAPOVAN (Tapavan)


This place is where the gopis worshiped the goddess Katyayani Devi and prayed that Krishna would become their husband. Because they performed so much tapasya (austerities) here, this  place is known as Tapovan. There is a temple here with Radha Krishna Deities called Radha Gunja-bihari.


How to Get Here: This place is two km north of Chira-Ghata, about 16 km north of Vrindavana, on the bank of Yamuna. This place is about a km from Akshaya Vata. near a very small village. To  get here you first go to the town of Shergarh. You then drive south toward Chira-Ghata about 4 km. This place is on your left hand side, about half a km off the road, close to the Yamuna River.