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36.CHARAN PAHARI (Bathain)


There are imprints of Krishna's feet and some cow's feet in rocks here. It is said that the sound of Krishna's flute caused the rocks to melt. Once Krishna and the cowherd boys climbed this hill  to see the cows grazing. Krishna stood under a tree in His threefold bending form playing a flute. When people heard the sound of His flute they gathered on top of this hill to listen. The mountain  melted at the sound of His flute and the footprints of Sri Krishna and those who came to hear His flute are imprinted on the hill here. Carana means "foot" and Pahari means "hill." You can see the  foot prints of Lord Krishna, Balarama, cows, elephants and deer at this place.


How to Get Here: Caharan Pahari is about four km north of Kokilavana and six km west of Kosi. To get here you first go to Bathain and then Charan Pahari is about two km north of Bathain,  completely by itself. The road to here is very bad. There is Charan Pahari at Nandagram and also Kamyavana.