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34. JAVAT (Yava)


This is the village where Abhimanyu, the husband of Srimati Radharani and his family lives. There is a Radha Krishna temple in this village called the Radha Kanta Temple. The priest at this  temple is friendly. Javat can easily be visited either coming or returning to Nandagram, from the main road that goes between Delhi and Vrindavana, It is only ten minute side excursion.


How to Get Here: Javat is a small village.This place is 3 km northeast of Nandagram, just off the road going to Kosi. From Nandagram you go about 3 km, and then you make a right turn onto a  road that only goes right and you go about 350 m until you come to this village. Directly in front of you is the Radha Krishna temple on top of a small hill. To get to the temple, you walk about 10  seconds on the path to your left.