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Krishna killed Bakasura in the Khadiravana forest. This forest is 40km (24 miles) northwest of Vrindavana and has a parikrama of 7 km. The name is taken from the word khaira. Khaira means  "to chase or pursue." There is a Radha Krishna temple.On the bank of Maduri-Kunda (Sangama-Kunda) are the bhajana kutirs of Lokanath Gosvami and Bhugarbha Gosvami. They would  occasionally stay here. Sangama means "union," and at this place Krishna and the gopis would meet together. At this place Krishna and His friends played many games while they took care of  the cows.The Deity of Radha-Vinod manifested Himself to Lokanatha Gosvami in the town of Umarara, which is 5 km (3 miles) from here.


How to Get Here: This forest is about 10 km northeast of Varsana. Khadiravana is a few km off the road that goes between Chata and Varsana.


Killing of Bakasura


"All the cowherd boys would daily go to the banks of the River Yamuna to water their calves. Usually, when the calves drank water from the Yamuna, the boys also drank. One day, after drinking,  when they were sitting on the bank of the river, they saw a huge animal that looked something like a duck and was as big as a hill. Its top was as strong as a thunderbolt. When they saw that  unusual animal, they became afraid of it. The^ame of this beast was Bakasura, and he was a friend of Kansa's. He appeared on the scene suddenly and immediately attacked Krishna with his  pointed, sharp beak and quickly swallowed Him up. When Krishna was thus swallowed, all the boys, headed by Balarama, became almost breathless, as if they had died. But when the Bakasura  demon was swallowing up Krishna, he felt a burning fiery sensation in his throat. This was due to the glowing effulgence of Krishna. The demon quickly threw Krishna up and tried to kill Him by  pinching Him in his beaks. Bakasura did not know that although Krishna was playing the part of a child of Nanda Maharaja. He was still the original  father of Lord Brahma, the creator of this  universe. The child of mother Yasoda, who is the reservoir of pleasure for the demigods and who is the maintainer of saintly persons, caught hold of the beaks of the great gigantic duck, and  before His cowherd boyfriends, bifurcated his mouth, just as a child very easily splits a blade of grass. From the sky, the denizens of the heavenly planets showered flowers like the cameli, the  most fragrant of all flowers, as a token of their congratulations. Accompanying the showers of flowers was a vibration of bugles, drums and conchshells." {Krishna Book, Chap. U).