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At Sanket, midway between Varsana and Nandgram, the midnight or night time pastimes between Krishna and the gopis take place. When Krishna would go into the fields to herd the cows and  Radharani would go to pick flowers, sometimes they would meet here. It is said that in this area Radha and Krishna would be swung on a swing.


Gopala Bhatta Gosvami did bhajana here for a long time. Many other Gosvamis did bhajana here. All of the Gosvamisi had come to this place, at least for some time, to relish the pastimes that  took place here. There is the Sanket Devi Temple here.In the Sanket Bihari Temple here, there are Deities of Krishna, Radharani and the gopis. Bihar means "to do pastimes." I was told that you  can have darshan at this temple from 5 am to 12 pm and 5 to 8 pm.


How to Get Here: Sanket is a small village between Varsana and Nandagram. From Varsana you drive about 3 1/2, km (2 1/2 miles) you then make a left hand turn and Sanket is about 300 m  from the road. You can not see the village from the road, but everyone in the area knows where it is located.Getting Around: From the road between Nandagram and Varsana, you drive down the  dirt road and right in front of you is the Sanket Devi Temple. Directly next to the temple, to your right is Gopala Bhatta Gosvami's bhajana kutir. If you are standing between the temple and the  bhajana kutir, Rasa Sthaii is directly in front of you, about 100 feet away, slightly to the right. To get to the Sanket Bihari Temple you make a right coming out of the Sanket Devi temple. You walk  to end of the road and go left. You then go about 50 m and the temple is on your left.


Sanket Devi Temple


Sanket Devi is Yogamaya. Her temple is here because she arranges the meetings between Radha and Krishna. Gopala Bhatta Gosvami's bhajana kutir is directly next to (almost touching) the  sanket Devi temple. It seems that you can have darshan of the Deity of Sanket Devi at any time during the day. Rasa Sthaii, which is said to be a favorite site for rasa-lila is right next to the  temple.