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28.UCHAGRAMA (Uchagoan/Lalitagram)


Lalita Devi, a close friend of Srimati Radharani, grew up here. She is one of the eight main gopis (asta sakhis). There is the Lalita Krishna Temple on top of the hill here. In this temple there is a set of Radha Krishna Deities, and next to them is a little deity of Lalita. It is Lalita's duty to pacify Srimati Radharani when She is feeling separation from Krishna.Narayana Bhatta Gosvami's Samadhi is about 30 m to your right, after you make the turn from the road into the village of Uchagrama. Near by is a Balarama temple. It is said that Balarama spent some time here. Narayana Bhatta Gosvami would worship this deity.


How to Get Here: Uchagrama is 1 km (1 mile) northwest of Varsana, down a very bumpy road. From Varsana, if you come out of the place where most people park to go to the main temple at Varsana. You make a left and drive 1 Vi km. You can then see the Lalita-Krishna Temple on your right, on top of a hill.Getting Around: The Lalita Krishna Temple is on top of the hill here. If you are facing th^ hill, at the bottom of the steps leading to the Lalita Krishna temple^^Deb^a-Kunda is about 60 m (180 ft) to the left. If you just came down the stairs from the temple, Narayana Bhatta Gosvami's samadhi is about 65 m (200 ft) away, on your left, close to the road coming from Varsana. Not far from the samadhi is Trivenikup and the Dauji temple. Across the road that goes to Varsana is Sakhi Giri Parvat and Chitra Vichitra Shila.


Dauji (Balarama) Temple


This temple is dedicated to Lord Balarama, the older brother of Lord Krishna. Dauji means "older brother.' A temple was originally built here by Vrajanabha 4,900 years ago. Over the years, several temple have been destroyed here, but they were repaired each time.


How to Get Here: If you just came down the steps from Lalita Krishna temple you make a left and walk about 130 m (400 ft) following the road around to the left. You make a right and go through the gate. You walk straight about 30 m (100 ft), and then you make a right and you can see this temple. This temple has a concrete temple tower over it.




Triveni is the confluence of the three sacred rivers the Ganges, Yamuna and Sarasvati. Kup means "well". One who bathes here gets the benefit of bathing in the Triveni. It is said that Balarama lived in this area for a while and that He would bathe here just before dawn, and that Lalita would bathe here just after dawn.


How to Get Here: This well is between the Dauji temple and Naraywia Bhatta Gosvami's samadhi in the middle of a field. This well is about 40 m (120 feet) from Narayana Bhatta Gosvami's samadhi.




This kunda is next to the Lalita Devi Temple, at the bottom of the hill. Deha means "physical body" and at this place the gopis are said to have physically given everything to Krishna.

How to Get Here: If you are at the bottom of the steps that go up to the Lalita Krishna temple, facing the temple, this kunda is on your left about 60 ' m (180 feet away).


Sakhi Giri Parvat


This place is called Sakhi Giri Parvat because the intimate sakhis such as Lalita, Vishaka, Champaklata, and Chitra would have pastimes (play) in this area.Across the road from Uchaagrama is a large (for the area) hill. There are impressions of the footprints of the gopis on top of the hill here. They may be a little hard to find. Also on this hill is Chitra Vichitra SiIa. At this place is the imprint of Radharani's veil.


How to Get Here: This place is on the other side of the road from the Lalita Krishna temple and the village of Uchagrama. Chirta Vichitra SiIa is on the side of the hill, in the middle of the hill lengthwise. There is a little structure over this place. The rock here is very smooth.


Sikhalini Stiila


At this place Krishna and the gopis would throw colors on each other during HoIi. There are red colors on the rocks here that are said to have been spilled over 5,000 years ago. The more that you try to rub and clean the rocks, the more distinct the color gets.


How to Get Here: This place is on the hill that is on the other side of the road from the Lalita Krishna temple in Uchagrama. This place is at the far end of the hill.