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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Vraja Mandala > Vraja Mandala Parikrama > 24. BHOJAN STHALI



Across the road from the rock slide and Vyomasura's cave is Bhojan Sthali. This is where Krishna would take lunch with the cowherd boys. There are imprints of the bowls and plates that are  said to have been used by Krishna, embedded into the rock. Krishna and cowherd boys ate here after Krishna killed Vyomasura. It is customary for one to bring a food offering when one comes  here. Often people bring very elaborate offerings.There is a nice kunda next to this place called Ksira Sagara. Next to the kunda there is place where Balarama is said to have spilled his milk  (Ksira) There is a white streak that goes from the place where He is said to have spilled His milk down to the kunda.


How to Get Here: This place is about 2 km northwest of the village of Kaman, in the middle of nowhere. Most people in the area know where Bhojan Sthali is located. It is possible to drive right  next to this place by taking the back roads. From Vyomasura's cave, you take a path, across the road from the hill, into the fields. This path bears to the left for about 300 m. There is a bridge that  goes over the large drainage ditch. You make a right after going over the bridge and walk about 200 m (a few minutes). On your left you can see an old buiidmg in the fields, about 100 in away.  This is where Bhojan Sthali is located.