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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Vraja Mandala > Vraja Mandala Parikrama > 22.VYOMASURA'S CAVE (Guha)



Vyomasura cave is a few km out of town, on the side of a hill, Vyomasura put the cowherd boys in this cave, after he stole them. Krishna apprehended and fought with Vyomasura here.Guha  means "cave".During the fight, Krishna fell from the sky and landed on His feet and hands. Imbedded in the rock, on top of the hill, are perfectly legible footprints and handprints. About ten feet (3  m) from the feet and handprints are the imprints of two marigold flower garlands. This place is on top of the hill, just above Vyomasura's cave.The battle was so heavy that the earth began to  shake. To steady the wobbling earth, Balarama (often known as Dauji) pressed His foot into the rock. His footprint is enshrined across the road from where Vyomasura's cave is located. There is  a small (7 feet high) concrete structure over the footprints.About 50 feet (15 feet) to the right of Vyomasura's cave, in the middle of the hill, is what is said to be the imprints of Krishna's Kaustuba  necklace. There is a small shrine over thisspot.Getting to the Cave: If you are in the middle of the hill, standing on the main road, Vyomasura's cave is to your right. Near the cave the hill is at its  highest point. There is a well-constructed bridge that goes over the drainage ditch, near the cave. Once you go over the bridge the cave is about 25 m (75 ft) to your right, about 15 m (45 ft) up  the hill. You can see the cave from the ground. The cave is about eight feet high and eight feet wide, at its entrance. It is a fairly easy climb except the last few feet. You may have to ask some  people exactly where the cave is located.


How to Get Here: This place is about two km northwest of the town of Kaman, in the side of rocky hill. When I asked for directions to come to this place, no one could understand where I wanted  to go. So it is best to ask to go to Bhojan Sthali, which is just across the road, as people immediately knew what I was talking about when I asked to go to Bhojan Sthali.


Killing of Vyomasura


"Later that morning Krishna went to play with His cowherd boy friends on the top of Govardhana Hill. They were imitating the play of thieves and police. Some of the boys became police  constables, and some became thieves, and some took the role of Iambs. While they were thus enjoying their childhood pastimes, a demon known by the name of Vyomasura, 'the demon who  flies in the sky,' appeared on the scene. He was the son of another great demon named Maya. These demons can perform Wonderful magic. Vyomasura took the part of a cowherd boy playing  as a thief and stole many boys who were playing the parts of lambs. One after another he took away almost all the boys and put them in the caves of the mountain and sealed the mouths of the  caves with stones. Krishna could understand the trick the demon was playing; therefore He caught hold of him exactly as a lion catches hold of a lamb. The demon tried to expand himself like a  hill to escape arrest, but Krishna did not allow him to get out of His clutches. He was immediately thrown on the ground with great force and killed, just as an animal is killed in the slaughterhouse.  After killing the Vyoma demon. Lord Krishna released all His friends from the caves of the mountain. He was then praised by His friends and by the demigods for these wonderful acts. He again  returned to Vrindavana with His cows and friends." (Krishna Book, Chap. 36).