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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Vraja Mandala > Vraja Mandala Parikrama > 21.CHARANA PAHARI



Charana Pahari is where Lord Krishna's footprints are enshrined. There is the impression of Krishna's left and right footprints at this place. It is said that Krishna was playing His flute at this place  and that the hill started to melt. The impressions of Krishna's footprints could then be seen on the stone here. Lord Caitanya, Lord Nityananda, Advaita Acarya, Madhavendra Puri, Madhavacarya,  Vallabhacarya and the Gosvamis have come to this place to have darshana of Krishna's footprints.Krishna used to have His childhood pastimes here. Krishna performed a sacrifice here,  because He had killed Vyomasura, who was the son of brahmana. It is said that Lord Siva appeared here in the form of a hill at this place.


How to Get Here: Charana Pahari is located on top of a hill, about 2 km southwest of the town of Kaman. Everyone knows where it located. There is nothing around this place, but the hill.


Luka Luki (Luklukana-micali)-Kunda


Luk luki means "hide and seek." It is said that Krishna would hide here from the gopis and would then surprise them. At this place it is said that Krishna would dive under the water and frighten the  gopis by grabbing their legs.


How to Get Here: This kunda is in the middle of some fields, about half a km from Charan Pahari. If you are standing on the top of the hill at Charan Pahari you can see this kunda out in the fields  surrounded by palm and other trees. It is directly in front of you after you just finished climbing the stairs from the road. It is next to the parikrama path that goes around Kamyavana.