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2.MADHUVANA (Maholi)


This is the first forest visited on Braja Mandala parikrama \ after leaving Mathura, Madhuvana forest is 5 km west of : Mathura. It is said that one will satisfy all desires in this forest. :   Madhu  means 'honey'.Krishna appeared in Madhuvana in all four yugas. In Salya-yuga He appeared before Dhruva Maharaja. In Treta-yuga He came as Satrughna and killed the demon Lavanasura. He  came as Lord Krishna in Dwapara-yuga and as Lord Caitanya in KaIi-yuga.Ambarish Maharaja performed meditation and austerities in the forest of Madhuvana in Satya-yuga. He made a vow to  stay in Braja mandala for one year and strictly followed the Ekadasi Vrata, especially the maha-dvadasis.


How to Get Here: To get here from Vrindavana you get on the Mathura bypass road, the main road from Delhi to Agra, going south. You drive on this road for about 20 minutes until you come to a  larger domed temple. At this temple you make a right and drive for about eight minutes, until you come to the village of Madhuvana (Moholi).


Killing of Madhu and Lavanasura


In the Ramayana of Valmiki it is described that there was a demon named Madhu. This demon was always irreligious and demonic in nature. This demon wandered around and eventually came  to Braja. He built himself a small kingdom here and called it Madhuvana. His family were also demoniac. They would not allow any sages or rishis to come and mediate in this area nor would they  allow anyone to come and take bath in the Yamuna or to drink water from the Yamuna. They would harass the yogis and sages at every opportunity.These sages went to Ramachandra in  Ayodhya and requested Him to help them. Lord Rama said he would go and slay the demons. Rama's younger brother Satrughna volunteered to kill the demon Madhu, his wife Mayadana and  their son Lavanasura. At this time he requested the deity of Varahadeva to worship that Lord Rama had gotten after defeating Ravana at Lanka.Satrughna was told by his counselors before  leaving Ayodhya, that Lavanasura had many mystical weapons and if he had these weapons with him, then he would be almost unconquerable.When Satrughna arrived in Mathura he went into  the forest to search for Lavansura. He then saw a huge ferocious man, Lavanasura, who was carrying several tigers, a water buffalo, an elephant, a big fat snake and a crocodile. This was going  to be his dinner. Satrughna challenged him to fight. Lavanasura told him to wait a few minutes and he would go get his weapons. Satrughna said you have a spear in your hand. Satrughna then  killed Lavanasura after a great fight. He then killed Madhu and Mayadana. After this he converted Madhuvana to Madhupuri and this became his capital.




Krishna-Kunda was made by Krishna striking His flute on the ground. Krishna would bring His cows to the bank of Krishna-Kunda and the cows would drink water here.   ,


How to Get Here: When you reach the village of Madhuvana you continue through the village for a minute and you come to Krishna-Kunda on your left. It is on the outskirts of the village.


Balarama (Dauji) Temple


There is a Balarama (Dauji) temple right next to Krishna-Kunda. The village Deity is Balarama. His right hand is raised, and He is pitch black. It is said that Balarama is black, because he  became so absorbed in chanting Krishna's name he himself turned black.


How to Get Here: This temple is the first building to the left of Krishna-Kunda, on the road. From the outside this building does not look like a temple.


Satrughna Temple


Satrughna, the brother of Lord Rama, made His capital in Madhuvana in Treta-yuga. There is a Deity of Satrughna said to date back to Treta-yuga in a temple next to Krishna-Kunda. The  brahamanas in this area were being disturbed by Lavanasura, the son of demon Madhu. They prayed to Lord Ramachandra to help them. He sent his brother Satrughna here and He killed  Lavanasura. He then made His capital here. There is a cave here in which the demon Lavanasura lived.


How to get Here: The ancient Deity of Satrughna is in a temple very near I^rishna-Kunda. If you are facing the kunda, standing near the road, this templ^ is on your right hand side, down a side  road. Ii is a few doors down the r<^ad on the left. From the outside you see that it is a temple. You enter the courtyard of this temple and go up the stairs on your left. When you go up the stairs,  the Deity of Satrughna in on your right, in a room.




In the Madhuvana forest, Dhruva Maharaja at the age of five, attained the darshan of Lord Vishnu, in His form as Prisnigarbha during Satya-yuga. On top of the hill here called Dhruva-tila is the  Dhruva-Narayana Vishnu Temple. Dhruva-tila is where Dhruva Maharaja performed great austerities and where he had darshan of Lord Vishnu. On one altar in this temple is the Deity of  Dhruva-Narayana and below Him is a deity of Dhruva Maharaja. On the right side of the altar are Narada Muni and Garuda. To the right of this altar on the side wall is another altar with the Deities  of Laksmi Narayana and Sri Nathji on it. Below the Deities of Laksmi Narayana is a deity of Uddhava.


How to Get Here: Before you enter the village of Madhuvana you can see the Dhruva-Narayana temple on your left, on top of the Dhruva-tila hill. The hill is about 30 feet high. To get to this temple  you have to either walk across the fields or walk through the village from the road.