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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Vraja Mandala > Vraja Mandala Parikrama > 19. KEDARNATH



About 10 km north of Badrinath is Kedarnath. This place is considered non-different from the Kedarnath in the Himalayan mountains. There is the Kedarnath Siva temple here, on top of  good-sized hill. You have to climb about 270 steps to reach the temple. This place is in the middle of nowhere and not many people visit this place. Both Badrinath and Kedarnath can be visited  at the same time.How to Get Here: This place takes about two hours to reach by car from Vrindavana. You can get here by driving on some really bad roads from Badrinath or from the town of  Kaman (Kamyavana). To reach here you should come in a jeep, because the roads are so bad. Once you get within 10 km of this place, almost everyone knows where it is located. This place is  difficult to get to.From Badrinath you return to the road that goes to Dig. When you reach this road there is a Durga temple in front of you, on top of the hill. You make a left here (going away from  Dig) and drive about 3/4 km (half a mile), and then you make a right. You then take this road for about 9 km (6 miles), going through fields and a village. To take this road you should have a jeep,  as it can be very rough in some places. After you pass a village, Kedarnath is on a good-sized hill on your left side. To reach the stairs to this temple, you go left around the hill for about five  minutes. The stairs on this side of the hill go all the way up to the Kedarnath temple. On the side of the hill next to the road there are some steps that go about one-third of the way up the hill. You  then have to climb up the rocks to reach this place. It is a fairly difficult climb.