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16. GANTHOLI (Ganthuli)


Just before you reach Gantholi, on the left hand side of the road, is Gulala-Kunda. Krishna and the gopis would throw colors at this place. During the spring time red colors can be seen in this  kunda.While playing HoIi, Radharani and Krishna were sitting. The sakhis (cowherd girls) secretly tied their clothes together, like a couple does when they get married. When Radha and Krishna  stood they found that their clothes were tied together. They felt embarrassed and the sakhis all smiled. After throwing dyes on each other (playing HoIi), the sakhis untied their clothes.

Lord Caitanya had the darshan of Gopala (Sri Nathji) in the town of Gantholi.


How to Get Here: This town is about 3 km west of the town of Govardhana, on the road going to Dig. Gantholi is 1 and Half km northwest of Jati Pura. The road going between Jeti Pura and  Gantholi is not very good. Gulala-Kunda is about a quarter of a km from Gantholi, on the road that goes to Jeti Pura. It is a large kunda, but you can not see it from the road because there are  some buildings in front of it. It is about a 100 m from the road.