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Mukharai is the village of Radharani's maternal grandmother, Mukhara. There is the Mukhara temple here on the bank of Krishna-Kunda. The deities in this temple are from left to right: Mukhara  Devi, Srimati Radharani and Kirtida Devi (Radharani's mother). There are some stones here called bhajan shilas that Radharani (some say Krishna) is said to have played as musical  instruments. The Pujaris in this temple knows how to play them. The pujaris in this temple are very friendly.


How to Get Here: This place is about 3 km southeast of Radha-Kunda. To get here from Radha-Kunda you get on the road that goes to Vrindavana and you then go about 2 km. You then turn  right at the road which is just after a small bridge. You go about a km and the road comes to an end in the village of Mukharai. When the road ends, you turn left and the Mukhara temple and  Krishna-Kunda are on your left, after about 50 m.