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11. RAL


This place is halfway between Chatikara and Radha-Kunda. Sometimes the cows would be brought here because there was nice grass for the cows. It is also said that this was one of the first  places that Srimati Radharani and Krishna met and that they would meet here frequently. When Nanda Maharaja stayed at Chatikara, King Vrishabhanu stayed at Vasanti and Radha and Krishna  would meet at this place.When the camp of Nanda Maharaja was at Chatikara, the camp extended to RaI and Sasthighara, King Vrishabhanu stayed about 7 km away in the village of Vasanti at  this same time.


How to Get Here: You pass this village on the way to Radha-Kunda from Vrindavana. It is about 6 km from Radha-Kunda.