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Braja Mandala Parikrama
By Jada Bharata Dasa


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This book gives the basic route that most parikramas of Braja Mandala follow. From year to year the exact schedule may change, but this is the basic route that will be taken. The parikrama visits all the major pastime places including the 12 sacred forests in Braja. The parikrama starts in Mathura by first bathing at Visrama Ghata and then moves clockwise around Braja Mandala, visiting the seven main forests on the western side of the Yamuna. The parikrama then crosses the Yamuna visiting the five main forests on the eastern side, then finally returns to Mathura where it ends.For most Vaisnavas, including ISKCON devotees, the first day begins by doing parikrama of Vrindavana. The next day the parikrama goes from the town of Vrindavana to Mathura, visiting Akrura Ghata and Yajna Sthan (Yajna-sthala) on the way. After reaching Mathura, Braja Mandala Parikrama officially begins by first bathing at Visrama Ghata followed by parikrama of Mathura. After performing parikrama of Mathura, the Braja Mandala Parikrama heads towards Madhuvana, the first of the sacred forests.


Prema Sarovara ,Sanket,Nandagrama,Khadiravana ,Javat,okilavana,Charana Pahari (Bathain),Kosi,Kharot,Seshasayi,Khelanvana (Shergarh),Rama Gata,Viharavana,Akshayavat,Tapovana,

Chira Ghata,Bhadravana,Bhandiravana,Bilvavana ,Maansarovara ,Lohavana ,Bandi Anandi, Balden (Dauji) ,Chintaharan Ghata ,Brahmanda Ghata ,Gokula (Mahavana) ,Raman Reti ,Raval Vishrama Ghata,Vishrama Ghata,MadhuvanaTalavana,Kamudavana,Datiya,Santanu-Kunda (Satoha),Ganeshra,Kechari,Bahulavana,Chatikara (Garuda-Govinda),RaI,Vasanti,Mukherai,Radha-Kunda,Govardhana Parikrama,Gantholi,Dig,Badrinatha,Kedarnatha,Kamyavana,Charana Pahari,Vyomasura's Cave,Pichelini SiIa,Bhojan Sthali,Kanvara,Kadamba Khandi,Sunheragrama,Uchagrama,Varsana


The Ten Offences which must be avoided in the Holy Dhama

1.To have contempt or disrespect towards the guru who reveals the holy Dhama.

2.To think that the holy Dhama is temporary.

3.To commit violence to any of the residents of the holy Dhama, to any of pilgrims who come here and to think that they are ordinary mundane people.

4.To perform mundene activities while living in the holy Dhama.

5.To earn money by making a business of Deity worship and the chanting of the holy name.

6.To think that the holy Dhama belongs to some mundene country or province, or to think that Dhama of the Lord is equal to a holy place connected with some demigod or to measure the area of the holy Dhama my mundane calculation.

7.To commit sinful acts while in the Dhama.

8.To consider Vrindavana and Navadvipa to be different.

9.To blaspheme the shastras which glorify the holy Dhama.

10.To be faithless and think that the glories of the Dhama are imaginary.




This is a bathing ghata on the bank of the Yamuna where Krishna and Balarama rested after killing King Kansa and his eight brothers. Vishrama means 'to rest'. Before pilgrims begin Braja Mandala parikrama they take bath in Vishrama-Ghata. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu also bathed here.It is said that Lord Varaha (Vishnu in His boar incarnation), also rested here after killing the demon Hiranyaksa. While resting ; here, Lord Varaha spoke the Adi Varaha Purana to Mother Earth and it was recorded by Vyasadeva. Every evening there is a sunset arati offered to the Yamuna ^ River. Many people come for this arati. You can get a good - view of this arati on a sunset boat ride. This ghata was ! reconstructed in 1814.How to get Here: This place is located in the middle (north-south) of Mathura, on the bank of the Yamuna. Everyone knows where it is located.