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Vimsha Kshanada, Shukla Pancami

Twentieth Night, Fifth Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Tudi-raga)


1. nace gora      preme bhora

          kshane bale hari

kshane brindabana       karaye smarana

          kshane kshane praneshwari

2. yabaka barana       katira basana

          shobha kare gora-gaya

kakhana kakhana          yamuna baliya

          suradhuni-tire dhaya

3. ta tha-i ta tha-i        mridanga baja-i

          jhana jhana karatala

nayana-ambuje       bahe sura-nadi

          gale dole bana-mala

4. ananda-kanda         gauracandra

          akincane bada daya

krishna-dasa         karata asha

          o pada-pankaja-chaya



     1. Overcome with ecstatic love, Lord Gaura dances. One moment He chants, "Hari!" The next moment He is rapt in thinking of Vrindavana. Moment after moment He accepts the mood of Shri Radha, the queen of Lord Krishna's life.

     2. A garment the color of yavaka is splendidly wrapped about His waist. Sometimes He runs to the Ganga, declaring, "The Yamuna!"

     3. "Tha tha-i! Ta tha-i!", the mridangas declare. "Jhana jhana!", the karatalas say. A Ganga of tears flows from Lord Gaura's lotus eyes. A forest-garland swings to and fro on His neck.

     4. Lord Gaurachandra is the root of all bliss. He is very kind to the devotees, who have no wealth but Him. Krishna dasa yearns to attain the shade of His lotus feet.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Pahida-raga)


1. nace nityananda          bhubana ananda

          brindabana-guna shuniya

bahu-yuga tuli          ghane bale hari

          calata mohana bhatiya

2. kiba se madhuri         bacana-caturi

          raha gadadhara heriya

madhaba gauri-dasa         mukunda shrinibasa

          ga-ota samaya bujhiya

3. (Refrain) nace nityanandacanda re

preme gada gada          cale adha pada

          dhari gadadhara hata re

4. o canda-badane       hasa ghane ghane

          aruna-locana bhangiya

kusuma-hara        hridi dolata

          sughada sahacara rangiya

5. ratula carane       manjira bajata

          rangera nahika ora

manera anande      shrinibasa-suta

          e gita-gobinda bhora



     1. Lord Nityananda, the bliss of the worlds, dances. Hearing the glories of Vrindavana, He raises His arms. “Hari!", He thunders like a raincloud. His graceful movements are charming.

     2. His words are graceful and sweet. Seeing Gadadhara, Madhava, Garidasa, Mukunda and Shrivasa, and aware that a good opportunity has now come, He begins to sing.

     3. (Refrain) Lord Nityanandacandra dances. Overcome with ecstatic spiritual love, He speaks broken words in a choked voice. Grasping Gadadhara's hand, He walks with half steps.

     4. His face is like the moon. Again and again He laughs. His eyes are graceful and reddish. A flower garland swings to and fro on His chest. His companions are filled with bliss.

     5. Anklets jangle at His reddish feet. His bliss has no end. Shrinivasa's son, Gita-govinda dasa, is now overcome with bliss in his heart.



Song 3


     1. If Your were to say something, then the moonlight of the beauty of Your teeth would remove the very terrible darkness of My fears. The moon of Your face makes thew cakora bird of My eyes thirst to taste the nectar of Your lips.

     2. (Refrain) O beautiful beloved, give up this unrestrained anger towards Me. The fire of love has set My heart ablaze. Please give Me a drink of the honey of the lotus flower of Your lips.

     3. My dear girl with the beautiful teeth, if You are actually angry with Me, then scratch Me with the arrows of Your sharp fingernails, bind Me with Your arms, and bite Me with Your teeth. Punish Me in these ways if that brings You some satisfaction.

     4. You are My life. You are the ornament of my body. You are My precious jewel taken from the oceran of this world. I pray that You may eternally be friendly to Me. My heart struggles for Your eternal friendship.

     5. My dear slender girl, Your eyes are like blue lotus flowers, and then again they are like red lotus flowers. If these lotus flowers become Kamadeva's arrows that wound and redden the eyes of Krishna, that would certainly be the proper role for them to take.

     6. I pray that the jewel flowere-blossoms in the vases of Your breasts may decorate My chest also. I pray that the string of bells on Your broad hips may tinkle and thus proclaim the edicts of Kamadeva.

     7. Your feet eclipse the beauty of land-growing lotus-flowers. They are the origin of supreme amorous bliss. They are dearly loved by My heart. O soft-spoken one, please tell Me how I can serve Your two feet, reddened with nectar, glistening red lac.

     8. Please decorate My head with the beautiful flower blossom of Your feet, Those flower-feet counteract the poison of love. They extinguish the fearsome fire of the pain of love that rages in My heart.

     9. In this way Lord Krishna pleased angry Radha with many beautiful, eloquent, enchanting, affectionate words. These words now decorate the poet Jayadeva's song.



Song 4


     1. O gopi-friend, look! There is Krishna, who is the king of all heroes, and who wears a peacock fether in His hair. You should offer arati to His feet. Why are you angry with Him?

     2. O Radha, after You left Krishna, even in His dreams He thinks of none but You. This I know. Who would criticize Krishna, the king of the wise. Why will You shun Krishna?

     3. How many saintly and beautiful girls are overcome when they hear the words spoken by Krishna's flute? Overcome with love for You, Krishna no longer blows into His flute. Why are You jealous? Why are You angry with Him?

     4. Krishna burns in the flames of love. Only love will bring Him cooling relief. Nothing else will bring Him relief. Sandal-paste, camphor, and moonlight only make His body become more and more hot. That is Govinda dasa's opinion.



Song 5


     1. How many monsoon showers of love rain from the flooding nectar of Your words? Those monsoon rains have now formed a great lake of nectar. I am now drowning in that lake. I am on the verge of death.

     2. (Refrain) O Krishna, I am rapt in thinking of You. Many millions of beautiful girls keep You always in their hearts. Who has ever been able to enter Your heart?

     3. What result comes from Your hints and the waves of Your restless glances? The songs of Your words are only Kamadeva's trap. You are the guru of amorous heros. You taught me how to fall under Your spell. You tied me up with the ropes of Your false love.

     4. O crest jewel of they who know how to taste nectar, O Deity worshiped by Vraja's beautiful girls, please throw Your greedy hankering for other beloveds far away. I, Govinda dasa, sing Your glories. I serve Your feet.



Song 6


     1. O Radha, how many times will You test Me? My whole life is worshipping You.

     2. My yajna, charity, austerity, and japa are all to attain You. I declare this with the charming songs of My flute. I declare this with the words from My mouth.

     3. O graceful, playful girl, please pick up Your face and look at Me. The puppet of My life-breath dances in the dancing arena of Your eyes.

     4. I who wear yellow garments yearn to attain You. If You sigh, My life-breath is filled with wonder.

     5. How did You create the nectar of Your jewel anklets and the nectar puppet of Your breath?

     6. You have placed nectar in Youer every ornament. But now You are darkened by jealous anger. Now You have broken Kamadeva's sweet pastimes.



Song 7


     1. After speaking sweet words and bowing down before Your feet, Krishna has now gone to the pastime-bed in the lovely grove of ashoka trees.

     2. (Refrain) Beautiful Radha, You should follow Krishna there.

     3. O girl with full breasts and broad hips, slowly move Your feet and make Your jingling anklets eclipse the swans' cooing.

     4. Listen to Krishna's girl-enhanting, beautiful flute music accompanied by the cuckoos' proclamation of Kamadeva's royal edict. All this should make You fall in love with Krishna.

     5. The vines' flowers moving in the breeze are like waving hands inviting You to go to Krishna. Don't delay.

     6. You should ask whether Your waterpot breasts tremble because the crystal-clear brook of Your beautiful pearl-necklace runs above them, or because Lord Krishna's embrace has flooded them with waves of amorous bliss.

     7. All Your friends have now decorated Your body for amorous battle. O passionate Radha, sound the war-drums of Your jingling sash of bells. Boldly and without any shyness, go forth to meet Krishna.

     8. On a friend rest Your hand with its Kamadeva's arrows of beautiful fingernails. With jingling bracelets, playfully go forth to do battle with graceful Lord Krishna.

     9. These words spoken by Jayadeva are more beautiful than a necklace of jewels or a host of material opulences. I pray these words may eternally stay on the throats of the devotees who have dedicated their hearts to Lord Krishna.



Song 8


     1. O beautiful girl, as you came to this secluded forest grove, your bracelets jangled like a swarm of bees.

     2. O gopi-friend, how will I stand by my beloved's side? I am very proud and jealous. I am filled with derisive laughter.

     3. I will not show a kind face. I will speak words that turn Kamadeva into my enemy.

     4. If, eager to enjoy amorous pastimes, my beloved touches my body, I will not be pleased.

     5. Hari-vallabha says: Even though you are angry, your beloved is like Kamadeva personified.



Song 9


     1. From far away, gaze into His eyes. From nearby do not turn your face to Him. Agitateed, use your hand to forbid Him to touch you. Become very earnestly angry with Him.

     2. O beautiful girl, This I teach to you: Without possessing a great wealth of jealous anger, how will you bring your beloved under your control?

     3. If He asks a question, twist your face into an expression of wild surprise and laugh at Him. If He humbly places a request before you, pretend you did not hear His words. Then talk to Him about some other subject.

     4. Only if He falls at your feet and tears stream from His lotus eyes should you finally worship the moon of His face. Govinda dasa says: Please stay peaceful and steady. That is the lesson here.



Song 10


     1. When Radha and Krishna first met They could not introduce Themselves. They enjoyed pastimes only at a distance.

     2. When Krishna placed a humble request before Radha, She lowered Her face, glanced at Him with eyes filled with wonder, and scratched the ground with Her toenail.

     3. When Krishna grasped the edge of Her garment, Radha took half a step away, as if to flee.

     4. Then Krishna showed fair Radha a brief taste of a small drop of nectar. He was like a person who gave a jewel as a gift, and then quickly snatched it back.

     5. Understanding Radha's heart, wise Krishna touched Her feet with His hands.

     6. Radha smiled and covered Her face. Her face became like a moon, a moon not openly manifest during the monsoon season.

     7. Although She pushed Krishna away with her hand, the spout of love had risen within Her. She was like poverty-stricken person who suddenly attained a great treasure of gold.

     8. Her new love grows more and more. She yearns to attain Krishna. Jnana dasa says: Her thirst to attain Krishna grows very great.



Song 11


     1. O Madhava, You know very well that I am a saintly innocent girl, and I do not know about these things.

     2. Why do You shower these crooked sidelong glances upon me? You must think You are a great hero and possess millions of precious treasures.

     3. Your mouth is crooked. Smiling and smiling, You fearlessly kiss me. This I say.

     4. This girl is angry. Still, Kamadeva splashes her to and fro in the waves of his ocean.

     5. You tightly embrace me. You fire sharp arrows from Your eyes.

     6. You are very intelligent. Now You will attain what You desire. Now You will wipe the perspiration from Your beloved's face.

     7. A hundred times You have tasted this girl's lips. You smile. You pretend to be angry.

     8. Then again You sip the nectar of this girl's lips. King Kamadeva watches. He is the witness.

     9. Now We are tossed to and fro in the waves of Kamadeva's ocean. Overcome with bliss, We seem to dance. We are like a monsoon cloud and a lightning flash.

     10. Hari-vallabha says: Filled with bliss, the two fish of my eyes are plunged in the nectar of these pastimes.



Song 12


     1. Please comâ my dishevelled hair and tie it up again in braids.

     2. There please draw a line in red sindura. Again anoint my face with kunkuma.

     3. As I tasted the wild sweetness of amorous pastimes, my garments were discarded. Again place them on my body.

     4. Again place glistening black kajjala on the bumblebeesa of my eyes. Again place a budding flower on my ear.

     5. With a steady hand cover with black musk the scratch-marks on my full breasts.

     6. Place again the fallen anklets and conchshell bracelets.

     7. Anoint again my feet with red lac. Govinda dasa clearly saw all these pastimes.



Song 13


     1. O beautiful girl, beautiful girl, please hear My words. What should your servant Krishna do? Please tell Him one more time.

     2. Following your instructions, first I will re-arrange the bed for amorous pastimes, a bed decorated with flower buds.

     3. Then I should fan you with a peacock-eather fan. Thus at every moment Your perspiration will be chased far away.

     4. Then I should again draw a dot of musk on your chin. Then I should again tie Your braids with a string of bakula flowers.

     5. Then I should again anoint your eyes with black kajjala. Then I should again place batelnuts in your lotus-flower mouth.

     ¶ and 7. Then I should decorate Your full breasts with lines drawn in musk. If My lotus hand trembles as I draw these lines, then you will be very angry with Me, O girl fair like gold. O beautiful gopi, Govinda dasa thus sings your glories.



Song 14


     1. Decorating the bed with red lotus petals, the teenage boy and girl sit upon it. Their sweet smiling faces are charming like lotus flowers. One is dark like sapphires and the other fair like gold.

     2. (Refrain) O queen of my life, when will You cats an auspicious glance upon me? On Your command I will place a glorious campaka flower in Your hand. I will hear Your sweet words.

     3. I will anoint You with tilaka of black musk and red sindura. I will anoint You with fragrant sandal paste. I will string a jasmine garland and place it upon You. I will ignore the swarmsn of bees.

     4. Lailta will place a fan in my hand. Gently I will fan You. I will fan away the perspiration of Your body. Blissfully I will gaze upon You.

     5. Narottama dasa yearns to sip the sweet nectar of these services to the lotus feet of the divine couple. Not seeing any sign that this day will come soon, I always keep Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's holy name in my heart.