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Unatrimsha Kshanada, Shukla Caturdashi

Twenty-ninth Night, Fourteenth Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Mangala-raga)


1. caudike gobinda-dhwani shuni pahum hase

kampita adhare gora gada gada bhashe

2. bhali re gauranga nace sange nityananda

abani bhasala preme gaya ramananda

3. mukunbda murari basu hera a-isa bali

toma sabara gune kande parana-putali

4. ara yata bhakta-brinda anande bibhora

basu ramananda tahe lubadha cakora



     1. Hearing the sound "Govinda!" come from the four directions, Lord Gaura smiles. His lips tremble. He speaks in a choked voice.

     2. Ah! Ah! Lord Gauraanga dances with Lord Nityananda as Ramananda sings. Now the earth is plunged in the nectar of ecstatic love.

     3. Mukunda, Murari, and Vasu say to Lord Gauranga, “Look! Hearing Your own glories, the dancing puppet of Your life-breath now weeps."

     4. The devotees are now overcome with ecstatic bliss. The thristy cakora bird named Vasu Ramananda watches these pastimes.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Baradi-raga)


1. mandali raciya sahacare

tara majhe gora nata-bare

2. nace bishwambhara         sange gadadhara

          nace nityananda raya

puraba kautuka          bhunje prema-sukha

          swabhabe bujhiya paya



     1. The devotees form a circle. In the middle is Lord Gaura, the best of dancers.

     2. Accompanied by Gadadhara, Lored Vishvambhara dances. Lord Nityananda Raya also dances. The devotees taste the same wonderful nectar They tasted in the Lord's previous pastimes. Now everyone remembers his original spiritual identity.



Song 3


     1. The circle of His face defeats the nectar autumn-moon. The splendor of His body defeats the youthful tamala tree. He wears a graceful peacock-feather crown. His jasmine garland is so fragarnt it attracts the black bees.

     2. (Refrain) O beautiful, beautiful girl, the young hero Krishna, whose graceful threefold-bending form enchants the hearts of the three worlds, now sweetly plays the flute.

     3. His curlyu locks of hair are tossed to and fro. The tilaka on His face is glorious. Bending the archer's bow of His eyebrows, from His eyes He fires sharp flower-arrows that free the gopis from their saintly vows.

     4. His lips are anointed with nectar, enctar that is a friend to the bandhuli flower. Sweetly, sweetly He smiles. His sweet fragrance fills the gopis with desire. So sings Govinda dasa.



Song 4


     1. The autumn moon glistened. A gentle breeze blew. A fragrance of flowers filled the forest. Mallika, malati, and yuthi flowers bloomed. Intoxicated black bees flew.

     2. Dark Krishna, who charms Kamadeva's thoughts, looked at the splendid night. On His flute He played melodies in the fifth note, melodies that roâbed the saintly gopis of their hearts.

     3. Hearing the music, the gopis were overcome with feelings of love. Entering the gopis' thoughts and there speaking eloquent words, the sweet flute music aroused the gopis' desire to enjoy with Krishna.

     4. Overcome, the gopis forgot their own homes and their own bodies. To only one eye they applied black kajjala. On only one ankle they placed a jangling anklet. On only one ear they placed a swinging earring.

     5. Their tight belts became loosened. Quickly the young gopis ran. Their belts, bodices, and garments became loose and began to slip. Their braids were tossed to and fro.

     6. Somehow the gopis all met. They could not see the path before them. The met Lord Krishna, who was like a glorious moon shining in Gokula. Thus sings Govinda dasa.



Song 5


     1. The gopis assembled in the forest. Seeing Krishna play the flute, they smiled. Krishna galnced at their faces and asked them some questions. He plunged them in an ocean of amorous desires.

     2. He asked if their journey through the forest was good and auspicious. He wished them well. But why did He talk to them about love? Why did He glance at them with crooked eyes?

     3. "You can see this night is very fearsome. Why did you girls leave your husbands' embraces and come to the forest?" Why did Krishna speak these words?

     4. "Your graceful braids are becoming loose. Why did you girls run here? Was there a quarrel in your homes?" As an army surrounds its opponent, the gopis surrounded Lord Krishna.

     5. "This autumn night is splendid with its moon. This forest grove is filled with flowers. You can see the black bees are very glorious here. Did you girls know all this before you came here?"

     6. Lord Krishna spoke these words, but no gopi offered a reply. Why did they always keep Krishna in their hearts? No gopi offered a reply. Govinda dasa sings this song.



Song 6


     1. It is sweet springtime. A spotless moon shines. The sweet fragrance is of bakula and mango flowers. The marketplace is the market of nectar. The merchants are the saintly gopis. The customer is Krishna.

     2. Krishna, who is expert at enjoying pastimes in Vrindavana, playfully smiles. Slowly He walks. Carefully He examines the goods. Watching, Kamadeva is overcome with bliss.

     3. Smiling, He touches the goods. He asks a teenage gopi about the price. The gopi smiles. Her eyes are restless. Her face glistens with beauty. She pushes Krishna with Her hands. There is a shoving match over the goods.

     4. They fight over the nectar. Neither tastes it. Kamadeva is the broker. He tastes it. Ananta dasa says: Sitting under a tree, Kamadeva happily tastes the nectar. "It is very good. Very good.", he declares.



Song 7


     1. In sweet Vrindavana forest Krishna enjoys pastimes with Radha. They praise each other's virtues. Gracefully They walk. They dance.

     2. On each other's ears they place budding flowers. They place Their arms about each other's shoulders. Their moonlike faces smile and kiss.

     3. Leaving the flowers' nectar, the black bees fly to Them and sweetly hum. The cuckoos wildly sing auspicious songs. The peacocks wildly dance.

     4. Overcome with bliss, the gopis shower flowers on Them. Giridhara dasa says: When will I see the dark and fair glory that is Shri Shri Radha and Krishna?



Song 8


     1. A gentle breeze blows by the Yamuna's bank. The kunda, kumuda, and aravinda flowers bloom. The peacocks dance. The bees are overcome with bliss. The parrots and cuckoos sing melodies in the fifth note.

     2. Charming Krishna passionately dances with millions of charming gopis. In the dancing arena Krishna enjoys pastimes with King Vrishabhanu's daughter.

     3. Sometimes Krishna, the crown of dancers, sings, and the beautiful gopis dance. Other times the gopi dancers sing and Krishna, the king of dancers, dances.

     4. Fair Radha dances with dark Krishna. Dark Krishna dances with fair Radha. They are like a glistening lightning flash and a new monsoon cloud.

     5. Kamadeva appears. He watches and watches the wonderful nectar pastimes of the rasa-dance. Followed by his followers, the moon travels in the sky. The moon seems to be holding a multitude of lamps in the four directions.

     6. Seeing the moon and the stars arrive, the sun shyly hides. Then Govinda dasa's master, who charms the hearts of all the worlds, enjoys pastimes in a night that lasts for a kalpa.



Song 9


     1. The place is a forest grove. The breeze is gentle. The sweet fragrance is from the flowers. Here the king is Kamadeva, whose wise courtiers are the bumblebees.

     2. O gopi-friend, look! There is the dark-moon Krishna. there is Radha, whose face is glorious like the moon. There the gopis wise the arts of melody sing and play musical instruments.

     3. Radha the charming dancer, and Krishna, the hero of dancers, gracefully dance. Radha holds the hand of Her life's master. She fulfills all His desires.

     4. Their bodies touch. They are overcome. Who is the embracer, and who the embraced? Jnana dasa sings this song of the rasa-dance, where Krishna is like a monsoon cloud and Radha like a glistening lightning flash.



Song 10


     1. He makes Radha, who has entered the decorated hallisaka circle, and whose earrings move, dance.

     2. (Refrain) Dear friend, watch Krishna, the master of all arts, dance.

     3. He claps His budding-twig hands, and His jewel bracelets move.

     4. The waves of His graceful movements overwhelm the moon and captivate hiding Lord Shiva, Sanatana-kumara, and Sanatana Gosvami.



Song 11


     1. (Refrain) Radha and Krishna stood in the midst of a palace that is a forest grove. Around Them in the four directions were the vraja-gopis. Free from all shyness and all fear of their kinsmen, the gopis sang auspicious songs.

     2. It was an autumn night. The passionate gopi Radha cast crooked glances. Suddenly the snake Kamadeva bit Her. She rejected Krishna. She turned away from His dark body.

     3. Dhanvantari-Krishna embraced Radha. He gave Her the medicine of a kiss. The hero Krishna and the heroine Radha were overcome with the nectar of Their pastimes. Radha and Krishna became like one life.

     4. The parrots and cuckoos sang auspicious and very graceful melodies. A great monsoon of nectar thus flooded Vrindavana forest. Tulasi dasa sings this nectar song.