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Trayovimsha Kshanada, Shukla Ashtami

Twenty-third Night, Eighth Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Baradi-raga)


1. birale vasiya ekeshwara

hari-nama jape nirantara

2. saba-abatara-shiromani


3. sugandhi candana makha gaya

dhuli binu ana nahi bhaya

4. manimaya ratana bhushana

swapane na kare parashana

5. chadala lakhimi-bilasa

ebe bhela taru-tale basa

6. chadala bana-mala bamshi

ebe danda dhariya sannyasi

7. hasa-bilasa upekhi

kandiya phulaya duti ankhi

8. bibhuti kariya prema-dhana

sange lana saba akincana

9. prema-jale kara-i sinana

kahe basu bidare parana



     1. Sitting in a secluded place, without stop the Supreme Personality of Godhead chants the holy name of Lord Krishna.

     2. He is the crest jewel of all avataras. He is the cintamani jewel of all sannyasis.

     3. Fragrant sandal paste anoints His forehead. No stain touches Him.

     4. Even in dreams jewel ornaments do not touch Him.

     5. He has turned away from pastimes with Goddess Lakshmi. Now He sits undera tree.

     6. He has put down His flute and forest-garland. Now He grasps a sannyasi's danda.

     7. He has turned away from pastimes of joking and laughter. Now tears stream from the blossoming flowers of His eyes.

     8. Now His only wealth is the treasure of pure spiritual love. He stays amongst the deevotees, who count that as their only wealth.

     9. Now He showers monsoons of tears from His eyes. Vasu says: Now my life's breath is breaking into pieces.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Gandhara-raga)


1. rupe gune anupama       lakshmi-koti-manorama

          braja-badhu ayuta ayuta

rasa-keli-rasa-range        bihare yahara sange

          so pahum ki lagi abadhuta

2. e dukha kahiba kara age

sakala-nagara-guru      rasera kalapa-taru

          kena nita-i phirena bairage

3. sankarshana shesha yara         amsha-kala-abatara

          anukshana gokole biraje

shiba-bihi-agocara            agama nigama para

          kena nita-i sankirtana majhe

4. krishnera agraja nama       mahaprabhu balarama

          kali-yuge shri-nityananda

gaura-rase nimagana      kara-ila jaga-jana

          dure rahu balarama manda



     1. His handsomeness and virtues are without peer. He enchants the hearts of millions of goddesses of fortune. He enjoys nectar rasa-dance pastimes with millions and millions of gopis in Vraja. Why is this Lord now an avadhuta?

     2. What shall I say first of my sad bewilderment? He is the guru of all playful heroes. He is a kalpa-taru tree of nectar. Why did Lord Nitai accept sannyasa?

     3. Shesha and Sankarshana are His amsha and kala avataras. At every moment he is gloriously manifest in the spiritual world of Goloka. Shiva and Brahma cannot attain Him. Hew is beyond the touch of the Vedas. Why is Lord Nitai now rapt in pastimes of sankirtana?

     4. He is Lord Krishna's elder brother. His name is the great Lord Balarama. But in Kali-yuga His name is Shri Nityananda. He has plunged all the people of the world in the nectar of ecstatic love for Lord Gaura. Only the fool Balarama dasa He has not plunged. Only Balarama dasa is left behind.



Song 3


     1. With its graceful eyes and eyebrows, that face was so beautiful, O! Now I am a black bee tasting the nectar of that lotus-flower face, O! I am a bird that eagerly flies to that face.

     2. Even now I see that girl with the beautiful face. My heart always runs to Her, O! My heart always stays with Her beauty. The circle of Her face is glorious like millions of moons. My eyes never tire of gazing at it.

     3. When that beasutiful girl comes, My eyes run to see Her, O! I will not abandon My desire, O! I have become a penniless beggar following Her.

     4. She always stays in My heart. She always stays with Me, O! The golden mountains of Her breasts always stay with Me. I have committed some offense, O! That is why Kamadeva now imprisons My heart, binding it with his ropes.



Song 4


     1. The sun was at midday, and the beautiful girl sat in Her house. When I asked, She spoke of love. Tears of love filled Her eyes.

     2. O Madhava, Radha loves You dearly. Because of You the hairs of Her body stand erect. She does not take seriously Her elders' struggles to stop Her.

     3. Her body is filled with love. Again and again She trembles. Again and again Her complexion changes from pale to dark. Again and again She asks questions. Again and again She gazes in the directions. How many times did She fall to the ground?

     4. Her braids became untied. They fell to Her thighs. In Her meditation She embraced You. Jnana dasa says: What will happen now? You know very well.



Song 5


     1. Placing Your garland on Her breasts, She considered it the great joy of Her slender body.

     2. (Refrain) O Keshava, Radha is overcome with separation from You.

     3. She suspects that perhaps the charming, nectar sandal-paste on Her body is poison.

     4. The peerless breezes of Her sighs bear flames like Kamadeva's fires.

     5. In one direction after another She showers a network of tears. Her eyes are like lotus flowers with drops of water trickling down the flower's stem.

     6. She sees Her bed of flower blossoms to a blazing fire.

     7. From Her cheek She does not remove Her hand. Like a crescent moon at sunset, She remains motionless.

     8. "Hari! Hari!", She passionately chants. Overcome by Your absence, She has become like a corpse.

     9. May this song sung by Shri Jayadeva please Lord Keshava.



Song 6


     Lord Krishna then said: "I will remain here. You go to Radha and bring Her here by My order." Thuse commanded by Lord Krishna, the gopi returned to Radha and said:


     1. The Malaya breeze places Kamadeva before Krishna. The blossoming flowers break apart Krishna's heart, now overcome with feelings of separation from You.

     2. O gopi-friend, forest-flower-garlanded Krishna is overcome by Your absence.

     3. Burned by the moonlight, He has become as if dead. Wounded by Kamadeva's arrows, He laments with great anguish.

     4. When the bees hum, He covers His ears. Night after night His heart is tormented by Your absence.

     5. Renouncing His home, He now lives in the jungle. He rolls on the ground. Again and again he chants Your name.

     6. Wherever they go, He follows the cooing cuckoos. When the people laugh at Him, He denies that He suffers in Your absence.

     7. When the cuckoos' cooing resembles Your moans of amorous bliss, He yearns to enjoy amorous pastimes with You.

     8. Hearing Your auspicious name, He repats it in a voice choked with emotion. In other girls He finds no sweet happiness.

     9. May Lord Krishna appear in the heart of every devotee who is filled with feelings of separation by hearing this song spoken by the poet Jayadeva.



Song 7


     1. What will Radha do? She is overcome with love for Krishna. At every moment Kamadeva is fully awake in Her thoughts.

     2. Her body is naturally glorious and beautiful. Still, how many ways will She decorate it? On this autumn full-moon-night She will go to meet Krishna.

     3. She wears white garments. She anoints Her body with white sandal paste. On Her red lips She places white camphor.

     4. She decorates Her braids with white jasmine flowers. On Her neck She places a string of pearls.

     5. The splendor of Her hand encloses a whote lotus flower. Malaya-sandal-paste lines have become Her bracelets.

     6. Now Her body cannot be distinguished from the glistening white moonlight. It is as if She were not different from an ocean of milk.

     7. Even so, Her enemy the shadow will not leave Her. Midnight has taken shelter under Her feet.

     8. Gopala dasa says: This wise and fair girl now picks up Her anklets and Her sash of bells. Now a smile floods Her face.



Song 8

Vasaka-sajja (A Gopi Carefully Prepares for Her Meeting with Krishna)


     1. Please prepare the scented water, the betelnuts mixed with camphor, and the bed decorated with flowers for amorous pastimes. Please light the lamps. Please arrange the canopy.

     2. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, I cannot describe my happiness. On this springtime evening I will meet with the dark-moon Krishna, with Krishna the playful youthful hero of amorous pastimes.

     3. This crown of flowers has driven the bumblebees wild with its fragrance. Filled with Kamadeva's desires, I will be wrapped in Krishna's arms. In this way I will happily cheat the whole night

     4. Falling at the feet of destiny, I ask one boon: May meditation on Krishna always remain in my body. Govinda dasa says: Now this gopi begins to worry. Perhaps she will not attain Krishna's touch this evening.



Song 9


     1. The night is splendid. The bed is decorated with new blossoms. The water and betelnuts are sweetly scented. Everything is arranged. Tonight I will meet Krishna. That is what is in my heart.

     2. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, what fruit will grow from all these arrangements? I will hold the sweet sparshamani jewel that is Krishna. I think these ornaments will help me attain it.

     3. Carefully I arrange two jewel earings, two jewel-bracelets, and two anklets. I wear musk and red sindura. I anoint my eyes with black kajjala. I place red lac upon my feet. All these will watch as I enjoy amorous pastimes.

     4. When I attain the touch of His body, the hairs of my body will stand erect with bliss. My life breath will become filled with wonder. Govinda dasa says: O beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl, you indeed know Lord Krishna's heart.



Song 10

Utkanthita (A Gopi Yearns to Meet Krishna)


     1. My playful lover, deceitful Krishna, hides from me. Night is departing. Who is that, gracefully walking like an elephant, and blocking the whole width of the path before us?

     2. O gopi-friend, why did I make all these careful arrangements? I decorated the bed with flowers. I stayed awake the whole night. Now the dawn is rising.

     3. How many troubles now plague my heart? I lay down on the ground. Merciless Kamadeva does not retract the desires he gave to me.

     4. I am wounded by Kamadeva's flower arrow. Where will my life go now? I have fallen into the mud of love. Govinda dasa says: She has fallen not only into the mud of love for Krishna. She has also fallen into the mud of being a beautiful young gopi.



Song 11


     1. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, what will I do now? The hunter Kamadeva has attacked me. The life-force has been taken away from me.

     2. How many girls has the snake of Vraja embraced in the forest? The poison-fire of love for that snake now burns in my body. Soon my body will be like a pile of ashes.

     3. I have renounced family, religion, and duty. O my friend, He is all that I have. In this forest grove by a hillside, a grove filled with bees and cuckoos, I stay awake and weep for the whole of this springtime night.

     4. If He does not hear my words and learn of my fate, then my life will certainly depart from this body. Hearing this girl's words, Hari-vallabha rushed to Lord Krishna and repeated her words to Him.



Song 12


     1. O Madhava, please hear my appeal. This girl is overcome with love for You.

     2. Her whole life is love for You. Without You her very life is in doubt.

     3. She chants Your name without stop. Meditating on Your qualities, she falls unsonscious.

     4. She stays awake the whole night meditating on You. The desire to attain You is like a flame that burns within her.



Song 13


     1. O Madhava, The tears from this beautiful girl's eyes stream down over her breasts.

     2. Flowing up and down, these tears are like a ferocious stream by two golden mountains.

     3. Reaching the three folds of skin at her waist, these tears becoem a raging river filled with waves.

     4. Her overwhelming love for You has become a great calamity for her. It is as if she yearns to attain another girl's husband.

     5. Her love for You has pushed her far away from her family. Her family thinks she has become like a prostitute.



Song 14


     1. Krishna, who is like an ocean of love, knows that a ecrtain beautiful girl burns in great flames of love for Him.

     2. The tears from her eyes soak her yellow garments. Those tears are like lightning flashes raining down on a lotus lake.

     3. She walks by the Yamuna's bank. There she comes upon a pastime-cottage.

     4. Seeing Krishna there, that beautiful girl finds her body become filled with happiness. For a long time she enjoys amorous pastimes with Krishna there.

     5. Her face is filled with happiness. She is floded with sweet nectar. Her smile mocks the cooling moonlight.

     6. Gazing at Krishna, that girl's eyes have become like two cakora birds filled with wonder. In Their pastimes she rises and falls in Lord Krishna's embrace.

     7. One moment one part of her body is covered by Lord Krishna's embrace. Another moment another part of her body is covered. She is like a lightning flash. Visible for a moment, then invisible, and then visible again.

     8. Krishna wraps His arms around her. Tightly He embraces that beautiful gopi. Entwined together, Their bodies are like a great tree watered by Their perspiration.

     9. They are a tree in a grove of surataru trees, a tree that blossoms with many sweet flowers of amorous bliss. Hari-vallabha smells the sweet fragrance of those flowers.



Song 15


     1. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, what did I see? I saw the youthful divine couple in a forest grove by the Yamuna's bank.

     2. Their bodies were beautiful and handsome without peer. They were effulgent like sapphires and gold. Never have I seen a man and women like Them. They are glorious in Their embrace.

     3. Passionately, passionately They kiss each other's mouths. Drops of perspiration flow on Their bodies. As They gaze and gaze at each other, Their hearts become flooded with bliss. Of the two of Them who is the moon and who the moonstone melting in the moonlight?

     4. They are like two moons, one decorated with red sindura and the other decorated with sandal paste, both rising and meeting together. Govinda dasa says: Shri Shri Radha and Madhava's pastimes are all-wonderful.



Song 16


     1. That is a new monsoon cloud. This is an unmoving wave of lightning.

     2. That is a new sapphire. This is a golden arrow.

     3. Look! Radha and Madhava meet. Their forms are filled with Kamadeva's nectar pastimes.

     4. That face is a glistening moon. These greedy eyes are two cakora birds.

     5. That form is a new tamala tree. This form is a sweet golden-yuthi flower.

     6. That face is a lotus lake. This face is the king of intoxicated black bees.

     7. Govinda dasa is still bewildered by this riddle: How can the rising sun stay so close to the full moon?