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Trayodasha Kshanada, Krishna Trayodashi

Thirteenth Night, Thirteenth Night of the Dark Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Suha-i-raga)


1. madana-mohana-rupa gauranga-sundara

lalate tilaka shobhe urdhwa manohara

2. tri-kaccha basana shobhe kutila kuntala

prakrite nayana du-i parama cancala

3. shubhra yajna-sutra shobhe bediya sharira

sukshma-rupa ananta ye hana kalebare

4. adhare tambula hase shri-bhuja tuliya

yana brindabana dasa se rupa nichiya



     1. Lord Gaurangasundara is fair and handsome. His form is more enchanting than the forms of hosts of Kamadevas. Charming Vaishnava tilaka graces His forehead.

     2. He wears glorious garments. His hair is curly. His two eyes are very restless.

     3. A glorious brahmana-thread encircles His form. That slender thread is like the body of Lord Ananta Himself.

     4. Betelnuts adorn His lips. He smiles. He raises His arms. His glorious form Vrindavana dasa describes in this way.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Suha-i-raga or Shri-raga)


1. dekhare bha-i prabala malla-rupa dhari

nama nita-i       bhaya bali royata

          lila bujha-i na parii

2. bhabe bighurnita        locana dhara dhara

          diga bidiga nahi jana

matta simha yena        garaje ghane ghana

          jaga maha kahu na mana

3. lila-rasa-maya      sundara bigraha

          anande natana bilasa

kali-mada-dalana         dolana gati manthara

          kirtana karala prakasha

4. kati-tate bibidha        barana pata pahirana

          malayaja lepana ange

jnana dasa kahe       bidhi ani mila-ola

          kali maha aichana range



     1. O my brother, please look! His form is that of a powerful wrestler. His name is Nitai. He calls out to His brother-devtoees. I have no power to understand His pastimes.

     2. He is overcome with ecstatic love. Tears stream from His rolling eyes. He does not know one direction from another. He roars like a lion. He thunders like a cloud. He is oblivious, not aware of anyone in the whole world.

     3. His pastimes are nectar. His form is handsome. He enjoys pastimes of joyful dancing. He rips into shreds the folly og Kali-yuga. He sways to and fro as He walks. He is rapt in pastimes of sankirtana.

     4. On His waist He wears garments of many colors. His limbs are anointed with sandal paste. Jnana dasa says: Destiny brought Him to the Kali-yuga. That is why this kind of ecstatic bliss is now present in Kali-yuga.



Song 3



     1. Why does proud Krishna not think in His heart that this is a sin? He does not listen to anyone. He wantonly attacks others. He is a youthful hero. He has all virtues. Still He makes another's life filled with tears.

     2. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, what are fame and infamy to me now? I am not happy to stay at home. Now I am infamous. I am the burnt remnant that blackens my glorious family.

     3. What will be? Will I come to know it? Will He touch me? He is the sparshamani jewel of sweet nectar. My only wish is that somehow I may employ my noble birth, glorious family, and saintly character only to worship and serve him.

     4. My heart has burst into flames. My mind has become a cinder. I will not stay at home. Now I can see the fruit that love bears at the end. Jnana dasa understands all this very well.



Song 4



     1. O gopi-friend, now You have seen everything. Now You have become filled with the nectar of ever-new love.

     2. Now You have touched the shoulder of a person like a dark tamala tree, a person who is the crowning garland of all the worlds.

     3. The time when You two met is not without great importance. Only fools will try to break that moment's importance into pieces.

     4. Now You have become like a cataki bird without a cloud, or like a fish out of water. Without Krishna, You have become thin and emaciated.

     5. As a cakora bird will not drink anything but moonlight, so You will not live without Krishna.

     6. You and He are like a blue lake and a white swan, or like a dark monsoon cloud and a glistening lightning flash.

     7. Now that You two are together, are now "Radha and Madhava", what will wise fate bring to You?

     8. Hari-vallabha says: Who knows what will happen? Cna musk and its fragrance be separated?



Song 5



     1. O gopi-friend, on this day the mystery is broken. You are playing in the wave-filled ocean of love. Who will stop You now?

     2. You have cut down the tree of shyness, peaceful composure, and family honor. You have jumped over the great mountain of the respectable elders that would try to stop You. Now are tossed away all the obstacles that stood between You and the nectar ocean of pastimes with Madhava.

     3. Now You will meet with Him. That is why You decorate Your limbs with blue garments, neclaces, and jewel ornaments. Happily You will pass the night with Your beloved. You will enjoy pastimes with Him. You and He will become like a lightning flash and a monsoon cloud.

     4. When He sees You on the path, He will call out, “Radha! Radha!" He will speak broken words in a choked voice. His life-breath will be overcome. Without You He will think every moment had become a million moments, every moment had become a yuga. Hari-vallabha has come to this conclusion.



Song 6



     1. This playful gopi is glorious like a golden mirror. She enjoys pastimes with Krishna. Her form is beautiful. Her garments and ornaments are glorious.

     2. Her blue garments and jewel ornaments look like a monsoon cloud and a lightning flash.The wonderful braids of her curly hair swing to and fro across her breast.

     3. She is filled with amorous charm. Red sindura decorates the part in her hair. There also is a line drawn in sandal paste. Her dark hair and these two lines look like a new monsoon cloud, the red dawn, and the new moon all placed together.

     4. Overcome with ecstatic love she slowly walks with uncertain steps. From behind her half-drawn veil, she looks with gently smiling, crooked eyes.



Song 7



     1. (Refrain) Beautiful, beautiful Radha has come. She is the jewel crown of the beautiful girls of Vraja.

     2. Her lips are beautifully red. She is an ocean filled with waves of nectar. She is the jewel-crown of all beautiful girls. She is the best of all girls. She grasps the archer Kamadeva's bow of flowers. She is very buxom. A sapphire necklace is draped about Her bodice.

     3. Her complexion defeats lighting, or gold, or glistening lamps, or jewels. Her garments are like dark monsoon clouds. Her form is very beautiful. Her very slender waist defeats the lioness' waist, or the waist of the damaru drum. Her sash of jewel bells jangles sweetly.

     4. Her hips are broad. Her braids swing to and fro. She walks like a graceful swan. She is King Vrishabhanu's daughter. She has enchanted the heart of Govinda dasa's master.



Song 8



     1. Afraid of His touch, she walked with half steps. She would not consent. She spoke no sweet words.

     2. A new girl thus met the best of amorous heroes. In the art of tasting nectar He stands at the summit of all knowledge.

     3. He forcibly embraced her. Thus it began. Hie kissed her lips. He pushed His hand upon her.

     4. The beautiful girl said nothing. She said nothing to stop Him. The crooked smile on her lips clearly announced what was in her heart.

     5. Nothing broke Their amorous battle. To whom should he award the glorious victory? Kamadeva did not know.



Song 9



     1. Look! Look at the great mystery in this forest. There is King Kamadeva. Turning away from shyness and fear, a beautiful girl has fallen into love's trap.

     2. There is the youthful divine couple. Their passionate love has no limit. They taste the nectar of passionate love. Holding each other in their arms, They have plunged into the waves of Kamadeva's ocean.

     3. Are They a blue lotus resting on a golden campaka flower? Or are They a golden campaka flower resting on a blue lotus? Are they a lightining flash and a monsoon cloud? Their hearts and bodies now become one, They dive into the ocean of bliss.

     4. Madhava's heart is filled with bliss. The gopis' hearts are filled with bliss. Hari-vallabha hopes that one day his eyes will bear the fruit of seeing these pastimes.



Song 10



     1. His amorous pastimes completed, the hero Krishna sleeps. His hand resting on His beloved's breast is like a blue lotus flower a pujari has placed before a golden deity of Lord Shiva.

     2. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, Lord Krishna is like a black bee resting on a malati flower. Again Rie wants to enjoy pastimes.

     3. Their two faces meet. Their faces are like a moon and a lotus flower. Their eyes are like a cakora bird tasting the moonlight and black bees tasting the nectar of a lotus flower. Filled with bliss, They taste the nectar of gazing at each other's face.

     4. Now night is about to end. Keeping a vigil, the gopis fear the divine couple will be unhappy to be separated. Vidyapati says: Cruel fate will now break the divine couple's tasting the nectar of passionate amorous pastimes.