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Shodasha Kshanada, Shukla-pratipada

Sixteenth Night, First Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Dhanashi-raga)


1. tapata-kancana- kanti kalebara

unnata bhanara-bhangi

karibara-kara jini bahura subalani

bihi gadhala bahu rangi

2. gora-rupa jaga-manohari

apana baidagadhi bidhata prakashala

badhite kulabati nari

3. a-pada-mastaka pulake purnita

preme chala chala ankhi

apana guna shuni apahim royata

heri kandaye pashu pakhi

4. canda-candrika kumuda mallika

jiniya mridu manda hasa

madhura bacane amiya-sincane

nichani ananta dasa



1. His fair form is like molten gold. His dancing is like great waves in a whirlpool. His words defeat the sweetest words of the poets. His arms are graceful. Seeing Him, the creator Brahma is filled with bliss.

2. Lord Gaura's fair form enchants every heart in this world. With His own power He created the creator Brahma. Saintly women He makes stunned with spiritual bliss.

3. From His head to His feet the hairs of His body stand erect in ecstasy. Tears of loveflow from His eyes. Hearing His own glories, He is overwhelmed with love. Seeing Him, the birds and beasts weep with love.

4. His sweet and gentle smile defeats the moonlight, the jasmines, and the lotus flowers. His sweet words are a shower of nectar. Ananta dasa describes His glories.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Kamoda-raga)


1. khanjana-ganjana calana manorama

gati ati lalita suthama

calata khalata puna puna uthi garajata

cahani banka nayana

2. gaura gaura bali ghana de-i karatali

kanja-nayane bahe lora

premet abasha haiya patitera nirakhiya

a-isa a-isa bali de-i kora

3. hu-hunkara garajana malasata puna puna

kata kata bhaba-bithara

pulake purala tanu kadamba-keshara janu

bhayara bhabete matoyara

4. agama-nigama-para beda-bidhi-agocara

taha kaila patitera dana

kahe atmarama dase na pa-ila kripa leshe

rahi gela pashana samana



1. His graceful motions rebuke the graceful khanjana birds. Again and again He falls. Again and again He stands up. He makes a great roaring sound. He gazes with crooked eyes.

2. He chants "Gaura! Gaura!" in a voice like thunder. With karatalas He makes a great sound. Tears stream from His lotus eyes. His is overcome with spiritual love. When He sees the fallen sinners, He calls to them: "Come! Please come!" and He hugs them.

3. He loudly roars. He slaps His arms. How many, how many symptoms of ecstasy does He manifest? His body is flooded with hairs standing erect in ecstasy, hairs standing like kadamba filaments. He is wild with the ecstasy of love for the devotees, Riis brothers.

4. He is beyond the touch of the Agamas and Nigamas. He is beyond the sight of the Vedas' rules. He gives a great gift to the fallen souls. Atmarama dasa says: I am hard like a rock. Only I have not attained even a small fragment of Lord Nitai's mercy.



Song 3

Shri Krishna Speaks


1. When I saw the sweetness of Her glorious lotus face, I was opvercome. The plaful snake of Her raised eyebrow bit My heart.

2. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, please listen. My heart is now plunged in a great ocean of passionate desire. Overcome, I have no power to swim to the shore.

3. She looked at Me with crooked laughing sidelong glance. Does She love Me? Is She indifferent to Me? i am filled with doubts.

4. My heart is tormented with pain. She must know My heart. I see that Her heart is filled with kindness. Govinda dasa's master, His heart filled with ever-new love, certainly attained Shri Radha.



Song 4

A Gopi-messenger Speaks


1. It is Krishna. It is Krishna who places this appeal before You. O Radha, I have now seen him. He is very wonderful.

2. His face is enchanting. His reddish lips are like a blossoming lotus with a blossoming bandhuka flower.

3. His eyes are like black bees, bees so intoxicated by drinking honey they have no power to fly away.

4. You ask about His crooked ways. His kajjala-anointed eyes are crooked like Kamadeva's bows.

5. Radha's very full breasts and delicate body are like two great Mount Sumerus above a flowering vine.

6. Vidyapati says: The gopi-messenger's words did not arouse Radha's desire to enjoy with Lord Krishna.



Song 5



1. O Madhava, what shall I say to You? What can I do? I saw the graceful girl surrounded by Her friends.

2. Her form is graceful like a golden statue. Her beauty and virtues and intelligence have no peer in all the worlds.

3. Her body has become very pale. Like a waning moon, day after day She becomes more thin and emaciated. Now She is like a slender crescent moon.

4. Her cheek rests on Her left hand. Her hair is tossed to and fro. She scratches the ground with Her toenails. From Her eyes flows a flood of tears.



Song 6



1. In a delightful forest a jasmine vine bursts into flower. All the directions are filled with those flower's fragrance. A gopi-messenger's words become a delightful breeze carrying the fragrance ot a black bee, a black bee now very eager to taste the nectar of those flowers.

2. (Refrain) Eager to enjoy nectar pastimes, the black bee Krishna walks and walks in the forest. Finally He enters a mountain-cave with the jasmine vine Radha.

3. When the black bee Krishna tried to taste the nectar of jasmine-flower Radha, She protested. With Her flower-blossoming hand She pushed Him away. "No! No!", She protested. She shook Her head. Her head was like a jasmine flower moving to and fro, tossed by the breeze.

4. The buzzing bee Krishna humbly appealed again and again. At the end jasmine-flower Radha agreed to the black bee Krishna's request. She fulfilled all His desires. That black bee tasted the honey of that jasmine flower. Thus Shri Radha delighted Her beloved Krishna.



Song 7



1. A campaka garland rests on Lord Krishna's neck. Bracelets smile on His arms, arms filled with hairs standing erect.

2. Lord Krishna rests His lotus face on the lotus face of His gopi beloved.

3. Smiling, Krishna scratches Her round breasts with His fingernails. She sighs.

4. How many times do They tightly embrace? Their hair becomes dishevelled. Their necklaces break into pieces.

5. "Jhana jhana", declare Their jangling anklets and sashes of bells. Krishna and His gopi beloved are flooded with bliss.

6. A sweet fragrance rises. They buz like black bees. Their two bodies are showered with perspiration.

7. Hari-vallabha says: They tasted great pleasure. They were plunged into Kamadeva's ocean.