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Saptavimsha Kshanada, Shukla Dvadashi

Twenty-seventh Night, Twelfth Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Mallara-raga)


1. gauranga thekila pake

bhabera abeshe radha radha bali dake

2. suradhuni heri gora yamuna bhane

phula-bana dekhi brindabana pade mane

3. bhabera bharame gora tribhangima rahe

pita basana ara murali cahe

4. priya gadadhara kariya kole

kotha chila kotha chila gada gada bole

5. bhaba bujhi pandita rahe bama pashe

na bujhaye e-i ranga narahari dase



     1. Lord Gauranga dances in a circle. Overcome with ecstasy, He calls out, "Radha! Radha!"

     2. Seeing the Ganga, He affirms it is the Yamuna. Seeing a forest of blossoming flowers, in His heart He thinks of Vrindavana.

     3. Overcome with ecstatic love, Lord Gaura sees a three-fold-bending form dressed in yellow garments and holding a flute.

     4. He holds dear Gadadhara to His chest. "Where were You? Where were You?", He asks in a choked and broken voice.

     5. Understanding the Lord's moon, Gadadhara Pandita stays at His side. Alas! Narahari dasa did not directly see these blissful pastimes.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Sindhuda-raga)


1. nita-i kebala patita janara bandhu

jiba-cira-punya-phale       bidhi ani mila-ola

          ranka majhe ratanera sindhu

2. diga nehariya yaya       dake pahum gora-raya

          abani padaye murachiya

nija sahacara mile       nita-i kariya kole

          since pahum canda mukha cana

3. naba-gunjaruna ankhi       preme chala chala dekhi

          sumeru upare mandakini

megha-gabhira-nade          puna bhaya bali dake

          pada-bhare kampita medini

4. nita-i karunamaya       jibe dila prema-caya

          ye prema bidhira abidita

nija guna prema-dane        bhasa-ila tri-bhubane

          basudeba ghosha se bancita



     1. Lord Nitai is the fallen soul's only friend. After may past pious deeds a soul, by destiny, will meet Lord Nityananda. In the midst of poverty he finds an ocean of jewels.

     2. Glancing in the four directions, Lord Nitai calls out, "Gaura Raya!", and falls unconscious to the ground. The Lord's companions surround Him. Lord Nitai embraces them. Gazing at them, the Lord sprinkles them with tears flowing from the moon of His face.

     3. From the khanjana birds of His reddish eyes flow streams of tears of spiritual love, streams of tears like a celestial Ganga flowing from golden Mount Sumeru. In a voice like a thundering cloud, again and again He calls for His brothers,the devotees. The weight of His footsteps makes the earth tremble.

     4. To the fallen souls merciful Lord Nitai gave the gift of ecstatic spiritual love, a gift the demigod Brahma did not know even existed. By His own kindness Lord Nitai plunged the three worlds in the flooding nectar of that love. Everyone was plunged. Only Vasudeva Ghosha was not. Only he was cheated of that nectar.



Song 3


     1. With My friends before and behind, I went to the Yamuna's waters. My veil covered My body so much I could not see very much with My eyes.

     2. (Refrain) Why do I even now see the form I saw under a kadamba tree. I do not understand what I feel in My heart. Without stop My heart smolders.

     3. Why is My heart so restless? I cannot calm it. My heart will not become calm. O gopi-friend, three times I fainted. When I became conscious, My heart wept.

     4. Slowly, slowly I move My feet. I fear My elders. Vamshi-vaadana says: Please listen, O beautiful Radha. Is there another calamity that can fall upon You now?



Song 4


     1. I was accompanied by my gopi-friends. I was painfully shy. I would not even glance at Him.

     2. If I hear about Him, my heart becomes wild. If I see Him, I am overcome. My eyes then gaze at Him as a cakora bird gazes at the rising moon.

     3. Somehow I met Him, the best of men. Still my desire remains unfulfilled. Why is destiny always at my right? Why is destiny always at my left?



Song 5


     1. My gopi-friends were at my left. I tried not to look at Him with my right eye. Somehow I saw Him from the corner of my eye. Then I became wild.

     2. (Refrain) O Kamadeva, what more will you do to me? You offend my eyes and torment my heart. Have you no intelligence?

     3. How many times does He come and go on the pathways? Who does not see Krishna? O Kamadeva, why must you again and again wound my heart with your flower-arrows?



Song 6


     1. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, will You tell me of Your good fortune? From His face, eyes, and heart it is clear that Your beloved loves You alone.

     2. How many are the beautiful girls filled with all virtues? How many crooked glances do these cast at Him? Still, when He comes, He does not notice any of them, for He is tossed by waves of nectar love for You.

     3. He thinks and thinks of Your virtues. Sitting in a forest grove, He burns in the flames of separation from You. For Him You are an ocean filled with waves of love, You are delightful like sweet nectar. Hurry. Go to Your beloved's side.

     4. Don't pay any attention to jewel ornaments. All ornaments are unimportant. They sit in the shade of Your glorious beauty. Leave everything behind and run to a nectar meeting with Your beloved. Hari-vallabha sings this song of praise.



Song 7


     1. Radha is decorated with flowers. She is the jewel of all beautiful girls. She is the beautiful, beautiful daughter of King Vrsabhanu. Her garments are red, and Her teeth like glistening jewels. She is like a stationary lightning flash walking on the earth.

     2. Her face is like the moon. Her words are drops of nectar. Her eyes are like the eyes of the doe. She stays with friends who are like Her own life's breath. The soles of Her feet are reddish. Her jewel anklets jangle. Her motions are charming. Govinda dasa speaks these words.



Song 8


     1. You entered the pastime-cottage. There You saw Krishna, Your dark master.

     2. His face was handsome and His gentle smile sweet. Was He like a moon rising above a lotus flower?

     3. His eyes brimmed with tears of joy. He tasted the nectar of love. Was He like a cakora bird gazing at You?

     4. The hairs of His body stood erect. He fell unconscious. It was as if He was plunged in an ocean of nectar.

     5. How many signs of ecstasy did He show? One of Your gopi-friends extended her hand to pick Him up.

     6. Slowly You walked to Your beloved. WEho can describe Your peerless sweetness?

     7. Gazing and gazing at You, He was splashed by the waves of Kamadeva's ocean. His lotus eyes were plunged in the nectar of bliss.

     8. He felt that He had suddenly attained a kalpa-lata vine. Of this Hari-vallabha is certain. He has no doubts.



Song 9


     1. Krishna gazed at Radha's face. His body was overcoem with ecstatic love. He was rapt in meditation.

     2. To Radha He explained His heart. Krishna placed His arms around Her and embraced Her.

     3. Again and again He sipped the sweet nectar of Her lips. Radha's gopi-friends gazed at Them. They were the gopis' very life.

     4. Their ornaments jangling, They tightly embraced. Ah, did proud Kamadeva then dance in celebration?

     5. They enjoyed many amorous pastimes. Their desires were all fulfilled. At the end They were gloriously decorated with the marks of each other's bites and scratches.