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Saptadasha Kshanada, Shukla Dvitiya

Seventeenth Night, Second Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Deshaga-raga)


1. bhaba-bhare gara gara cita

kshane uthe kshane baise na paya sambita

2. ati rase nahi bandhe theha

sonari sonari kande puraba seneha

3. nace pahum gora nata-raja

i lagi gokula-pati sankirtana majha

4. priya-gadadhara-kare dhari

marama-kathati kahe phukari phukari

5. uga maga ananda-hilole

luliya luliya pade panditera kole

6. gora-rase saba rasamaya

na darabe balarama-pashana-hridaya



     1. His heart is overcome with spiritual love. One moment He stands. The next moment He sits. Then He is no longer conscious.

     2. He is overcome with the nectar of love. He is not peaceful. Remembering and remembering the persons He loved before, He weeps.

     3. Lord Gaura dances. He is the king of dancers. Why has the king of Gokula entered this festival of sankirtana?

     4. Holding dear Gadadhara's hand, and weeping and weeping, He tells what is in His heart.

     5. In waves of bliss He rises and plunges. Restlessly moving to and fro, He finally falls into Gadadhara Pandita's arms.

     6. The nectar of Lord Gaura is the sweetest of all nectar. Even so, the stone that is Balarama dasa's heart still does not melt with spiritual love.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Shri-raga)


1. nita-i guna-mani amara nita-i guna-mani

aniya premera banya bhasa-ila abani

2. premera banya la-iya nita-i a-ila gauda-deshe

dubila bhakata saba dina hina bhase

3. dina hina patita pamara nahi bache

brahmara durlabha prema yare tare yace

4. abandha-karuna nita-i katiya mohana

ghare ghare bule prema-amiyara bana

5. locana bale amara nita-i yeba nahi mane

anala bheja-i tara majha mukha-khane



     1. My Lord Nitai, the jewel of virtues, Nitai, the jewel of virtues, flooded this world with the ocean of ecstatic spiritual love.

     2. Taking with Him the ocean of spiritual love, He came to Gauda-desha. Every devotee drowned in that ocean of love. Only the fallen sinners remained floating.

     3. The poor, worthless, fallen, insignificant persons did not wish to accept that love. Still Lord Nitai begged everyone to accept the rare spiritual love even Brahma cannot attain.

     4. That ocean of mercy had been sealed. But Lord Nitai dug a canal to bring that nectar ocean of love from one house to the next.

     5. Locana dasa says: Anyone who will not say, "Lord Nitai is my master", sets a fire in his mouth.



Song 3


     1. Secretly you look at mee with a furtive smiling glance, A glance like a glistening moon on a dark night.

     2. You look at Me with glance from the corners of Your eyes, a glance like a swarm of black bees flying in the sky.

     3. O beautiful girl, why do You look at Me in this way? Who can guess Your purpose? My life's breath is now very agitated.

     4. Why does a black bee fly to a lotus flower in the water? Filled with wonder, You approach Me. O beautiful girl, shyly You gaze at Me.

     5. Your graceful breasts are golden waterpots. Gazing at them, how could I not desire to possess them?

     6. Half You hide them, half You do not care if they remain hidden. I yearn to attain these waterpot breasts.

     7. Vidyapati says: Lord Krishna is now overcome with new passionate love. How could hiding Kamadeva not attack Him with a host of flying arrows?



Song 4 (Identical with 16th Ksanada, Song 4)


Song 5


     1. O gopi-friend, will destiny fulfill My desire? Will I again see Shri Radha, whose form is a great treasure-house of beauty?

     2. If I will never again meet this beautiful girl, then what desire would I have to maintain My life?

     3. Please become My messenger. Go to Her and arrange that My desire be fulfilled. Our lives are tied together. How can I remain aloof from Her?

     4. Hearing Lord Krishna's words, that gopi hurried to the assembly of beautiful gopis.

     5. Hari-vallabha says: O girl of Vraja, please hear. On jewel prayer-beads Lord Krishna chants mantras describing Your glories.



Song 6


     1. How many beautiful and wise teenage girls stay here in this place in Gokula? Still, Krishna came to this secluded place, earnestly looked with crooked eyes, and did not see a single one.

     2. (Refrain) O beautiful girl, this is my opinion: At this auspicious moment You should break Your vow of being faithful to Your husband. Now You should accept a vow of becoming Krishna's beloved. Now You should offer Yourself to Krishna.

     3. Again and again Krishna chants the one-syllable mantra of Your name, the mantra "Rai" (Radhika). If somehow He hears the word "rati", or "ratana", or rati", or "ratula" (words that contain the syllable "ra"). He is overcome with wonder, thinking of You.

     4. When He plays His flute, His melodies are all songs chanting Your names or praising Your glories. Surrounded by Your friends, He calls out Your name. This is the opinion of Govinda dasa.



Song 7


     1. O glorious teenage girl whose beauty defeats all the worlds, now You decorate Your form very attractively. Your heart is filled with amorous desires. You are free of fear and shyness. O Radha, now You prepare to meet Krishna, the king of the forest groves.

     2. In the forest You walk like a graceful elephant. Hundreds of groups of girlfriends sing and play on musical instruemnts. Graceful and intelligent girls accompany You.

     3. Now You see dark Lord Krishna. A great pandita in the arts of amorous battle, You smile. Now You become wild with amorous bliss. Krishna, the great hero of amorous battle meets Your friends. A great garland of flower arrows rains on You from His eyes.

     4. Your eyes and His shower flower-arrows. Your arms and His are locked in combat. Your body and His are pressed together. Neither You nor He will admit defeat in this battle. Govinda dasa says: No one knows who has won this battle. Everything is flooded with waves of sound, waves that come from jangling ornaments.



Song 8


     1. How many times do They tightly embrace? They are splendid like a monsoon cloud and lightning.

     2. Their faces are Kamadeva's traps set to catch each other. They passionately embrace. Have They now become one?

     3. Now great waves rise in the ocean of Their amorous pastimes. They are two great oceans splashed by these waves.

     4. Now they are flooded with perspiration. They were two, but now They have become one. It is as if They are bathed in the abhisheka ceremony to celebrate Kamadeva's glories.

     5. Now They are covered by the great darkness of Their dishevelled hair. It is as if They are both victorious in Kamadeva's battle.

     6. No one can count the ferocious bites and scratches on Their lips and breasts.

     7. Krishna places His glorious hand on Her breasts. It is as if a budding twig is placed in a golden waterpot.

     8. The whole forest is filled with the splendor of Their sweet fragrance. The buzzing bees dear to lord Krishna sing of Their glories.



Song 9


     1. (Refrain) What are these two graceful forms? Perhaps They are a teenage boy and a teenage girl. Perhaps They are two merchants setting out their wonderful goods for sale. Perhaps They are a well filled with the nectar of passionate love.

     2. Perhaps They are a glistening sun and a spotted moon. Perhaps they are lotus flowers filled with shyness and delight. Perhaps They are a cakora bird charmed by the moon and smiling amidst a host of blue lotus flowers.

     3. Perhaps They are one moon above another moon, one moon above another moon. Perhaps They are a khanjana bird and a cakora bird sipping the nectar moonlight.

     4. Perhaps they are the dawn rising above the Yamuna's dark waves. Perhaps They are the evening sky filled with glistening stars. Perhaps They are the dawning sun still hiding in the night's darkness. Are these two forms not a great wonder?

     5. Pwerhaps They are monsoon cloud and a lightning flash above the peak of golden Mount Sumeru. Perhaps They are a golden vine bearing peearl fruits. What should we believe is the true identity of these two forms?

     6. Everyone says these two forms are Radha and Madhava. That is what they believe. All I know is that I, Shekhara Raya, am now drowning in an ocean of the sweetest nectar. I do not know how to swim across this ocean.



Song 10


     1. Yor palms are anointed with kunkuma. Your face is decorated with the tilaka of curly hair. With tear-filled eyes You casrefully, carefully watch. With a choked voice you speak broken words.

     2. (Refrain) O beautiful beautiful Radha, O crest jewel of all beautiful girls, You carefully watch, but You do not see Madhava in the night filled with sweet nectar.

     3. Anointed with black kajjala, Your eyes are like restless khanjana birds. A new blue lotus rests on Your ear. To Your graceful heart You hold a fair atasi flower. You hold it as if it were a golden dagger.

     4. Your feet are decorated with designs drawn in red lac, designs that defeat even Kamadeva. Govinda dasa says: It was Krishna who drew those red designs on Radha's feet.



Song 11


     1. O Radha and Krishna, I place this humble request before You. Your nectar hearts are filled with mercy. O my masters, please hear my request.

     2. O Krishna, O moon of Gokula, O beloved of the gopis, O Radha, O crest jewel of Lord Krishna's beloveds, O Radha whose limbs are fair, O Krishna whose limbs are dark, when Your glories touch my ears, I feel cooled, I feel relief from the burning sufferings of material life.

     3. From the saintly devotees' mouths I have heard of Your mercy to the fallen and misguided, mercy famous in the three worlds. Now I take shelter of You. I am lost. I have no good destination in this life.

     4. O Krishna, glory to You! O Radha, glory to You! O Krishna, glory to You! O Radha, glory to You! O Krishna, glory to You! O Radha, O Radha, glory to You! Placing his folded hands above his head, Narottama falls to the ground and says: O my masters, please fulfill my desire.



Song 12


     1. The faces of the divine couple are so beautiful! To what can I compare them? Perhaps They are like a glistening moon and ablue lotus flower meeting together.

     2. Perhaps they are like a dark hero and a fair heroine. Perhaps They are like a glistening sapphire set in gold.

     3. Tightly embracing, They taste the sweet nectar of Their love. Perhaps then they are like a golden vine and a tamala tree caught in a tight embrace.

     4. When Krishna places His dear hand opn Radha's breasts, perhaps that is like King Kamadeva worshiping a Deity of Lord Shiva with a blue lotus flower.

     5. Raya Shekhara says: The divine coule are like a new monsoon cloud and an unmoving lightning flash. The sight of Them brings bliss to the eyes.