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Shadvimsha Kshanada, Shukla Ekadashi

Twenty-sixth Night, Eleventh Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Baradi-raga)


1. keshera beshe        bhulila deshe

          tahe rasamaya hasi

nayana-tarange          byakula karile

          bisheshe nadiya-basi

2. (Refrain) gaurangasundara nace

nigama-nigudha         prema-bhakati

          yara tare pahum yace

3. chala chala chala          nayana-yugala

          kata nadi bahe dhare

pulaka purila      gora-kalebara

          dharani dharite nare

4. carana kamala        ati sucancala

          athira tahara rita

badana-kamale         gada gada sware

          gaya rasa-keli gita

5. taha kari kari      bhuja-yuga tuli

          bale hari hari bola

radha radha bali          dake ucca kari

          de-i gadadhara kola



     1. His hair in disarray, His smile like nectar, and His restless eyes tossed with waves of glances, He lives in Nadiya.

     2. (Refrain) Lord Gaurasundara dances. He prays to attain pure devotion, devotion hidden even from the Vedas.

     3. He weeps and weeps. How many flooding rivers of tears flow from His eyes? The hairs of His body stand erect. The earth has no power to support Him.

     4. His lotus feet are very restless. His way is unsteady. With His lotus mouth He sings songs in a choked and unsteady voice, songs of Lord Krishna's nectar pastimes.

     5. Calling out, "Haha!", He raises His arms. He chants, "Hari! Hari!" "Radha! Radha!", He loudly calls, and holds Gadadhara to His chest.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Bala-raga or Suha-i-raga)


1. aruna basane         bibidha bhushane

          shire paga nata-patiya

caudike heri        bahu-yuga tuli

          nace hari bala baliya

2. (Refrain) nita-i rangiya nace

aruna nayane       o canda badane

          kata na madhuri ache

3. calana sundara        matta karibara

          nupura jhankrita kariya

bhabe abasha       nahi diga pasha

          gaura bali hunkariya

4. yateka bhakata        dharani luthata

          heri o canda-bayaniya

basudeba ghosha        e rase bancita

          maga prema-rasa daniya



     1. Wearing saffron garments, many ornaments, and a colorful turban, and glancing in the four directions, Lord Nityananda raises His arms, dances, and chants, "Haribol!"

     2. (Refrain) Lord Nityananda gracefully dances. His eyes are reddish. His face is like the moon. Is He not filled with sweetness?

     3. He moves gracefully like a wild elephant. His anklets jangle. He is overcome with ecstasy. The four directions are not steady for Him. He makes a great roaring sound of “Gaura!"

     4. He rolls on the ground. The devotees surround Him and gaze at His moonlike face. Cheating of being able to taste the nectar of ecstatic spiritual love, Vasudeva Ghosha begs: Please give me some of the nectar of pure spiritual love.



Song 3


     1. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, I saw a wonderfully beautiful girl. She was like a golden vine with a cooling moon, a moon without the moonspots that show the form of a doe.

     2. Above the golden mountains of her breasts rested a necklace of elephant-pearls. She was like a flooding celestial Ganga flowing over Kamadeva's conchshell and a golden Deity of Lord Shiva.

     3. Her two lotus eyes were anointed with anjana. Her eyebrows were playfully bent. It was as if destiny had, with two ropes of black kajjala, bound up two frightened cakora birds.

     4. This glorious young girl could charm the hearts of even the greatest sages. Her slow graceful motions defeated even the graceful elephant. Her tilaka in red sindura in the part of her hair was like a a glistening lightning flash above a full moon.

     5. She must have performed a hundred yajnas to attain so many graceful features. Vidyapati says: Krishna, the hero of Gokula, has fallen in love with this gopi.



Song 4


     1. Listen. Please listen, O Madhava. I will tell You of a girl infatuated by Your virtues, a girl who yearns to attain You.

     2. Her hair is black. Silk garments adorn her form. She rests her head in the palms of her hands. Tears stream from her eyes.

     3. Her black braids move to and fro between her breasts. They are like a black snake slithering between two golden waterpots.

     4. She sits and sighs. She trembles like a lotus petal in the wind.

     5. When she hears Your name, she becomes startled. "Has Krishna come?", she asks.

     6. Vidyapati sings this nectar song. Any gopi would understand this description of a girl bereft of Lored Krishna's company.



Song 5


     1. Listen. Please listen, O Madhava. This girl is in great distress. Bereft of Your company, she sits in her house and weeps.

     2. The beautiful girl falls unconscious. Her eyes do not open. She is like a golden puppet fallen to the ground.

     3. What is the nature of the love she bears for You? Who understands it? This terrible love will certainly kill her.

     4. Vidyapati says: Please listen, Murari. An honest boy will not abandon such a sweet girl.



Song 6


     1. When will I see Her with My own eyes? When will I not live apart from Her? When will that auspicious day be Mine?

     2. Listen. Please listen, O gopi-friend. I place this question before you: What must I do to meet this girl with a face sweet like nectar?

     3. Whewn with My own ears will I hear Her sublimely sweet words? When with My own eyes will I see Her gentle smile?

     4. When will I touch Her breats with My hande? When will that beautiful girl try to stop Me with Her hand? When will She then turn Her face away from Me?

     5. When, touching My head to Her feet, will I become filled with sweetness? When will that beautiful girl also feel Her own body ovecome with sweetness?

     6. When Radha is pleased with Me, and when I embrace Her, then My life will have borne its true fruit.



Song 7


     1. As a gopi-messenger read the letter from a moon-faced girl, Lord Madhava felt His desire to enjoy with her increase more and more.

     2. To the messenger, Lord Krishna spoke these words: O girl filled with love, Destiny is now kind to Us.

     3. O beautiful friend, without you, dark Krishna, the king of heroes, rolls about on the ground.

     4. No other girl has sweet beauty like yours. You are like a moon glistening without thew darkness of night.

     5. O beautiful girl, let us pass the time together. I stay alive only because I hope that I may attain your company.

     6. On this day all doubts have withered away. On this day Krishna has become a fish and you have become the water where He swims.

     7. Hari-vallabha says: O graceful, delicate girl, please listen. Krishna is overcome by your virtues. He yearns to attain you.



Song 8


     1. Her braids are twined with jasmine flowers. A pearl necklace glistens on her breast.

     2. She is like a moon glistening at night. She yearns to taste the sweet nectar of meeting with Krishna.

     3. Her garments are white. Her ornaments are white. As she walks, her form meets the white moonlight.

     4. The eyes of her friends gaze upon her. How has she become a puppet of love, a puppet tasting sweet nectar?

     5. Decorated with sandal paste and camphor, her limbs are flooded with amorous desires.

     6. She walks without stop. Soon her desire will be fulfilled. How did she escape the bramble-thicket of Her elders and kinsmen?

     7. Her form is gloriously decorated. Her words are words of sweet love. In a forest grove she meets Krishna. This Govinda dasa says.



Song 9


     1. When He saw Radha's face, Krishna blossomed with many kinds of ecstatic love. He was like an ocean tossed by great waves at the sight of the circle of the moon.

     2. (Refrain) Radha gazed at amorous Krishna. He was like Kamadeva. For a long time He had desired to enjoy with Her, and now that His desire was fulfilled, His face was filled with bliss.

     3. Radha tightly embraced Krishna's chest. A splendid pearl necklace made that chest seem like the dark Yamuna mixed with white foam.

     4. Dressed in golden-colored garments, Lord Krishna's delicate body was like a blue lotus flower whose roots were covered with yellow pollen.

     5. Lord Krishna's enchanting, restless, passionate, amorous sidelong glances were like two khanjana birds playing among a host of blossoming lotus flowers in an autumn lake.

     6. Lord Krishna's face was splendidly decorated with earrings that glistened like two suns. Beautified by His smile, His glistening flower-blossom lips made Shri Radha long to enjoy amorous pastimes with Him.

     7. Decorated with flowers, Lord Krishna's graceful hair was like a cloud illuminated by moonlight. Lord Krishna's splendid sandalwood tilaka marking was like a moon rising in the darkness.

     8. Lord Krishna's handsome body was decorated with many glistening jewel ornaments. The hairs on His body stood erect. He became restless with amorous passion.

     9. Lord Krishna is attained by supreme pious deeds. Lord Krishna is decorated twice: First by the ornaments on His body, and second by by the opulence of Jayadeva's words. O audience, please place Lored Krishna within your hearts. Please eternally bow down to offer respects to Him.



Song 10


     1. They both glance at each other from the corners of Their eyes. Both of Them wounded by Kamadeva's arrows, Their hearts throb.

     2. The hairs of Their bodies stand erect. They both tremble. How many times do They both dive into the ocean of Kamadeva's pastimes.

     3. The love They feel for each other is never broken. How much bliss rises within Them when They see and touch each other?



Song 11


     1. Radha and Madhava gazed and gazed at each other. As They met Their hearts became filled with bliss. Amorous desires arose within Them.

     2. They touched. The hairs of Their bodies stood erect. They spoke with half half words. Their belts, anklets, bracelets and other jewel ornaments jangled.

     3. Radha and Krishna embraced. They were like sapphires and gold. They gazed at each other with eyes filled with love. They were both overcome with love. They were filled with love. They glistened like a monsoon cloud and lightning.

     4. They passionately passionately kissed. They gazed at each other's face. They spoke sweet, kind, gentle words. They were like a golden vine embracing a dark tamala tree. Govinda dasa worships Them.



Song 12


     1. The glories of Their amorous pastimes filled all the forests. Who can describe Their bliss? A graceful young girl enjoyed blissful pastimnes in dark Krishna's embrace. She was like a glistening moon in the grip of a new monsoon cloud.

     2. This girl is the crest jewel of all beautiful girls in Vrindavana. Her virtues have no peer. Krishna became like an intoxicated black bee wildly enjoying blissful pastimes of tasting nectar in the lotus forest that was that girl.

     3. They both gazed at each other's faces. How many times did They kiss? They became wild with amorous bliss. The ocean of Their love became like a great flood. In the waves of that ocean of nectar They floated.

     4. As They tightly embracede, and as Their two bodies met, They became like a sapphire placed within gold. Yadunatha dasa says: How many, how many ways did They expertly enjoy these blissful nectar pastimes?