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Pancavimsha Kshanada, Shukla Dashami

Twenty-fifth Night, Tenth Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Suha-i-raga or Gandhara-raga)


1. gora hema-jalada-abatara

saghane barikhe jala-dhara

2. nija gune kariya badara

gabhira nade diga talamala

3. karuna-bijuri dina rati

barikhaye arati-piriti

4. sukha-panka kari kshiti-tale

prema phala-ila nana phale

5. eka phale naba rasa jhare

arati ke kahite pare

6. nama guna karma cintamani

kahe basu adabhuta bani



     1. Lord Gaura is like a golden cloud showering torrents of tears.

     2. His virtues are a monsoon shower. The thunder of His voice makes the directions tremble.

     3. The lightning of His mercy shines day and night. Day and night He showers rains of ecstatic spiritual love.

     4. He makes the surface of the earth muddy with bliss. From that mud grow trees bearing many different kinds of fruits of ecstatic spiritual love.

     5. Each fruit is sweet with newer and newer nectar. Who has the power to describe the love they bear?

     6. His names, virtues, and actions are all cintamani jewels. His voice filled with wonder, Vasu speaks these words.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Dhanashi-raga)


1. (Refrain) are mora are mora nityananda raya

mathiya sakala tantra        hari-nama-mahamantra

          kare dhari jibere bujhaya

2. acyuta-agraja-nama        mahaprabhu balarama

          suradhuni-tire kaila thana

hata kari parabandha        raja haila nityananda

          pashanda-dalana birabana

3. pasari shri-bishwambhara          sange laye gadadhara

          acarya cature bike kine

gauri-dasa hasi hasi      rajara nikate basi

          hatera mahima kichu shune

4. patra rama-i lana        raja-ajna phira-iya

          kotala ha-ila hari-dasa

krishna-dasa ha-ila dadya         keha ya-ite nare bhandya

          likhaye padhaye shrinibasa

5. balarama dase bale       abatara kali-kale

          jaga-i madha-i hate asi

bhanda hate dhananjaya        bhiksha magiya laya

          hate hate phiraye tapasi



     1. (Refrain) Ah! Lord Nityananda Raya is my master, my master! Churning all the scriptures, He extracted the butter of the maha-mantra. With this maha-mantra He enlightened the conditioned souls.

     2. Lord Krishna elder brother, who bears the name Mahaprabhu Balarama, now stays on the Ganga's bank. There He is known as King Nityananda. There He has set up a martketplace. Very powerful and heroic, He crushes the atheists and blasphemers.

     3. In that marketplace Lord Chaitanya has opened a market-stall. Gadadhara stays at His side. In that stall cunning Advaita Acarya buys and sells His goods. Smiling and smiling, Gauridasa stays near King Nityananda. He has heard something of the glories of this marketplace.

     4. Ramai is the superintendent of that marketplace. On King Nityananda's command, he comes and goes. Haridasa is the policeman who guards that marketplace. Krishnadasa is the watchman. Shrinivasa is the accountant. Carefully he writes all the records.

     5. Balarama dasa says: In the Kali-yuga Lord Nityananda descended to this world. He lured Jagai and Madhai to His martketplace. In that marketplace I wander from market-stall to market-stall. Holding out my hand, I beg some alms.



Song 3



     1. You sigh. You glance at the blossoming kadamba tree. Again and again you rest your head in your hands.

     2. In how many ways do you twist and stretch your body? The hairs of your body stand erect.

     3. O gopi-friend, please do not try to tell me it is otherwise. I know that you have met with the dark moon Krishna.

     4. How will you try to hide it. You cannot hide it. The anguish in your face tells all.

     5. With a great struggle you try to check the tears streaming from your eyes. You speak half words in a choked voice.

     6. One one pretext you enter the courtyard. On another pretext you walk on the path. In truth your comings and goings have only one purpose.

     7. Modesty and respect for your elders have fled far from you. Govinda dasa says: This girl's struggle is all in vain.



Song 4



     1. His form was glorious like a monsoon cloud. He was charming with graceful ornaments. The glance form Hisd reddish eyes defeats lighting. That glance burned this saintly girl's shyness into ashes.

     2. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, I saw Krishna. If I attain Him I will have the whole world. He struck me with the flower-arrow of His glance. Now my eyes see none but Him.

     3. When He saw my face, He smiled, His body trembled, and He dropped His charming flute. He bit a budding twiog. What desire filled Him? I do not know.

     4. Since that time my heart burns at every moment. My restless life-breath trembles. Govinda dasa says: Your hope is false. Krishna will not meet with you yet.



Song 5



     1. He gazes at the moon. He anoints His limbs with sandalpaste. Still He cannot tolerate the flames of His fever. He cannot wear His white shawl. How can He meet with You?

     2. (Refrain) O beautiful girl, I spoke with Him about You. Separated from You, His body has become emaciated. At every moment He is distraught. Fate is tormenting Him.

     3. Wishing to hide in the darkness, He plays the megha-mallara melody on His flute. As the clouds come and go, He deeply sighs.

     4. He sings of Your virtues. It is only by chanting japa of Your name that He lives. The hairs of His body stand erect. Govinda dasa says: These symptoms are not surprising. Are they not the signs of new love?



Song 6



     1. (Refrain) Today I saw a beautiful girl go to meet Krishna. She left the company of her kinsmen and carefully decorated her body.

     2. With sandal-paste she wrote Kamadeva's mantra-tilaka on her forehead. She anointed her lotus-petal eyes with black musk.

     3. She decorated her waterpot breasts with red yavaka. Her glory was peerless. She wore a jingling necklace about her neck.

     4. Walking to meet her beloved, that girl with beautiful hips was plunged in an ocean of eager bliss. Hari-vallabha asks: How will that girl enjoy amorous pastimes with Krishna?



Song 7



     1. When you entered the forest grove Your were like a glistening moon.

     2. Seeing the moon of your beautiful face, the cakora birds of Krishna's eyes blossomed with joy.

     3. Now those two birds see that moon day and night. They are always restless, always intoxicated by that sight.

     4. Those two birds are restless. They are overcome. They are doubly intoxicated now.



Song 8



     1. Your beautiful face is decorated with dots drawn with red sindura paste. You are like a lightning flash glistening in the darkness, like the sun and moon shining together in the midst of blinding darkness.

     2. (Refrain) O beautiful girl, you are more glorious than the moonlight. With what efforts did the creator give how many wonders to you?

     3. You cast crooked glances from your restless eyes decorated with black anjana. Your eyes are like two blue lotus flowers moving to and fro in the breeze, lotus flowers surrounded by black bees.

     4. With a silk garment you cover your raised breasts. Of them you show only a little little glimpse. How great is your effort! How much of them can you really conceal? They are like two golden Mount Merus. You cannot really conceal that truth.

     5. Vidyapati says: O beautiful girl, please listen. Please understand this. The person who stands before you is Lord Narayana Himself. King Shivasimha's queen, Lakshmi-devi, will bear testimony to this.



Song 9



     1. After many days destiny became favorable to Them. They gazed at each other's faces. Tbey were overcome.

     2. They extended Their arms. They held each other in Their arms. Their lips met. They tasted the nectar of each other's lips.

     3. Their bodies trembled with amorous desire. "Kiki kiki kiki", Their jangling ornaments declared.

     4. Their smiling youthful faces met. The hairs of Their bodies stood erect. They felt sweet sweet bliss.

     5. They were overcome by tasting the nectar of these pastimes. They let the garments fall from Their bodies. The ocean of these nectar pastimes splashed against Vidyapati.



Song 10



     1. Smiling and smiling, and overcome with amorous desire, dark Lord Krishna embraced a gopi whose face is glorious like the moon.

     2. Their eyes were filled with passionate glances. They sweetly sweetly smiled. Their bodies touched. They spoke broken words.

     3. Tasting the nectar of each other's lips, They were overcome. Lord Krishna and His beloved were plunged in an ocean of amorous bliss.

     4. Passionately passionately Lord Krishna kissed the gopi's lips. Lord Krishna and His beloved were like a glorious blue lotus flower meeting a glorious moon.

     5. Tightly They embraced. The hairs of Their bodies stood erect. They enjoyed wonderful amorous pastimes.

     6. Far away were Lord Krishna's yellow garments and peacock-feather crown. Govinda dasa worships Their glorious transcendental forms.