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Pancadasha Kshanada, Amavasya

Fifteenth Night, the New-moon Night


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Dakshinatya-raga or Shri-raga)


1. campaka-shona-       kusuma kanakacala

          jitala gaura-tanu-labani re

unnata gima        sima nahi anubhaba

          jaga-jana-mohana bhanani re

2. (Refrain) jaya shaci-nandana tribhubana-bandana


3. bipula-pulaka-kula-        akula kalebara

          gara gara antara prema-bhare

lahu lahu hasani         gada gada bhashani

          kata mandakini nayane jhare

4. nija rase nacata          nayana dhula-ota

          ga-ota kata kata bhakata meli

yo rase bhasi      abasha mahi-mandala

          gobinda dasa tahim parasha na bheli



     1. Lord Gaura's fair and handsome form defeats the campaka flowers and golden Mount Meru. His neck is long. His glories have no end. He enchants every heart in this world.

     2. (Refrain) Glory to Shaci's son! The three worlds bow down before Him. He breaks into pieces the fear of black snake of Kali-yuga.

     3. The hairs of His body stand erect in ecstasy. His heart is overcome with ecstatic love. Sweetly, sweetly He smiles. With a choked voice He speaks broken words. How many heavenly Gangas of tears flow from His eyes?

     4. Overcome by tasting the nectar of love for a person that is actually His own Self, He dances. His eyes are half-closed in ecstasy. How many singing devotees gather around Him? He floats in the nectar of spiritual love. He has made the circle of this world overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love. Only Govinda dasa has no power to touch that ecstasy of love.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Gandhara-raga)


1. nita-i sundara       abani ujora

          carane nupura baje

gaura-amnga heri        puraba sonari

          yena brindabana majhe

2. (Refrain) nita-ira nichani la-iya mari

chadi brindabana        nikunja-bhabana


3. basudha jahnaba         sangete la-iya

          shitala carana raje

helaya tarila      e gita-gobinda

          e tina lokera majhe



     1. The anklets on glorious Lord Nitai's feet jangle as He walks on the earth. Seeing Lord Gaura's fair limbs, Lord Nitai remembers the pastimes They two enjoyed in ancient times in the land of Vrindavana.

     2. (Refrain) I pray that I may touch the dust of Lord Nitai's feet when I die. Leaving the forest groves of Vrindavana, Lord Nitai came to this place to save the sinners.

     3. Standing with Vasudha and Jahnava, with the touch of His glorious cooling feet He delivered this Gita-govinda dasa and all the three worlds.



Song 3



     1. When I saw the prince of Vraja, my breath was taken away. How did that happen? Alas, the creator Brahma did not give me thousands of eyes on every part of body, eyes to gaze at the ocean of nectar that is Krishna.

     2. Decorated with golden ornaments, His splendid body fills the worlds with light. Gazing at Him, my eyes fill with tears. How much time has passed? I did not notice.

     3. From the corners of His red lotus-petal eyes, how many flower arrows does He fire? With a glance, He touches me. Unnoticed by others, He smiles. Now a lance is plunged in my heart.

     4. Jewel earrings that eclipse the sun swing at His nectar cheeks. Alas, I, unhappy Ananta dasa, have never seen with my own eyes the sweet handsomeness of Lord Krishna's form.



Song 4



     1. Shark-shaped earrings meet with golden krtaki flowers. Are these not Kamadeva's handiwork? Above are many golden ornaments glistening like lightning. How splendid are His yellow garments?

     2. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, what did I see? He had a peacock-feather crown. His eyes were like intoxicated restless black bees sitting on lotus flowers.

     3. He wore a crest of jasmine flowers and a garland of keyura flowers. His dark limbs glistened with glory. The king of black bees was drawn tothe sweet fragrance of His body. Millions and millions of Kamadeva's archers ran to Him.



Song 5



     1. Krishna heard your words. He loves none but you.

     2. Now He stays in a cool forest grove delightful with many flowers, new buds, and shirisha petals.

     3. He rests His dark limbs on a bed decorated with lotus flowers. At every moment He is anointed with sandal paste.

     4. Many lotus petals touch Him. Still, the flames of His burning fever of love turn all these to ashes.

     5. His glances speak many eloquent speeches. His every breath is a sigh. His every breath is filled with the yearning to attain you.

     6. Don't delay, O beautiful girl. Go and see Krishna. When He sees you He will rise form His bed. He will stay with you.

     7. Lord Krishna is the bliss of all His gopi-friends. Grasping Lord Krishna's feet, Ramananda weeps.



Song 6



     1. Covering your face with a great black cloak, you hid your moonlike face from your elders' prying eyes.

     2. In the impenetrable darkness and mist of night, Kamadeva's lamp showed you the path.

     3. O girl with beautiful hips, you hurried to your meeting with Krishna. Overcome with passionate love, you walked slowly.

     4. Wild with the desire to taste nectar, you took two steps and then four. O beautiful girl, you dropped your toy lotus-flower.

     5. You dropped the jasmine crown from your head. You broke the string of jewels at your neck.

     6. You were overcome with new and passionate love. Your very full breasts rebuked all rivals.

     7. Your garments and ornaments were all hidden under a great black cloak. In this way you met Lord Krishna in the forest. Thus speaks Govinda dasa.



Song 7

Shri Krishna Speaks


     1. O beautiful, beautiful Radha, who was the wise creator that, taking the sweet nectar of playful love, created the circle of Your face.

     2. A half moon shines at Your forehead. You are flooded with nectar. Your effulgence illumines the gloom of darkness.

     3. Your are splendid with light. Your ears are lotus flowers. Your eyes are restless cakora birds. Your nose is a great mountain summit. Above it rises the glorious sun of Your red sindura mark.

     4. The lotus flower of Your face blooms day and night. The black bumblebee of Krishna cannot leave that lotus.

     5. Gazing and gazing at the red dawn of Your lips, the cakravaka birds of Your breasts, birds that stay on the banks of the river of Your necklace, never lament. Govinda dasa clearly speaks these words.



Song 8

A Gopi-friend Humbly Speaks


     1. They gazed at each other. They were both wounded by the arrows of each other's glances. Then They became bound by each other's arms, covering each other in a great embrace. No ornamenst decorated Their bodies. Their two bodies touched. The hairs of Their bodies stood erect. They trembled.

     2. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, look at how Radha and Krishna are filled with bliss. Rapt in amorous battle, They stay awake the whole night. In that battle neither of Them sees defeat.

     3. Passionately, passionately They kissed. Tasting the nectar of each other's lips, They both fell unconscious. Their hearts and bodies were plunged into waves of ecstatic love. Kamadeva's elephant pushed Them under the waters.

     4. With choked, choked voices They spoke half half words, words intoxicated with amorous blisses. Only They know each other's heart. How can Govinda dasa know?



Song 9



     1. Greedy to taste the nectar of Her kisses, He spoke hidden words. He was like a cakora bird that runs to the moon.

     2. His beloved's face surrounded by Her black hair was like a moon surrounded by darkness.

     3. O gopi-friend, what shall I say? Night brings these actions. Kamadeva brings passion. Syness brings shyness.

     4. Krishna felt newer and newer love. He weas like a proud elephant stunned with bliss.

     5. Tightly embracing His beloved, He perspired. The two of them became like black and fair lines together.