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Navama Kshanada, Krishna Navami

Ninth Night, Ninth Night of the Dark Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Bala-raga)


1. shyamara gaura-barana eka deha

pamara jana ithe karaye sandeha

2. saurabha agora murati rasa-sara

pakala bhela yaiche phala sahakara

3. gopa-janama puna dwija abatara

nigama na pa-o-i nigudha bihara

4. prakata karala hari-nama-bakhana

nari-purukha-mukhe na shuniye ana

5. tripura carana-kamala-madhu pana

sarasa sangita kabi-ranjana jana



     1. A dark form and a fair form are now manifest in one body. The fools and sinners are now filled with doubt.

     2. That form is filled with a sweet fragrance. It is fragrant like a tree bearing ripe mangoes.

     3. In His previous birth He was a gopa. Now He descends to this world as a brahmana. Even the scriptures cannot touch His secret pastimes.

     4. He openly preaches the glories of chanting Lord Krishna's holy names. Now these holy names alone and nothing else is heard from the mouths of the men and women of this world.

     5. The three worlds now taste the nectar at this person's lotus feet. Kaviranjana sings this sweet song.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Shri-raga)


1. purabe gobardhana         dharala anuja yara

          jaga-jane bale balarama

ebe se chaitanya-sange        a-ila kirtana range

          anande nityananda nama

2. parama udara         karunamaya bigraha

          bhubana-mangala guna-dhama

gaura-piriti-rase       katira basana khase

          abatara ati anupama

3. nacata ga-ota       hari hari bolata

          abirata gaura-gopala

hasa prakasha          milita madhuradhare

          bolata parama rasala

4. rama dasera pahum       sundara bigraha

          gauri-dasa ana nahi jane

akhila loka yata         iha rase unamata

          jnana dase nita-i-guna gane



     1. He who in ancient times the world called by the name Balarama, and whose younger brother lifted Govardhana Hill, has now come to taste the bliss of sankirtana with Lord Chaitanya. Now His name is Nityananda.

     2. He is supremely generous. His body is filled with mercy. He brings auspiciousness to all the worlds. He is the abode of all virtues. He is filled with the nectar of love for Lord Gaura. A splendid garment rests upon His waist. Among the avataras He has no equal.

     3. He sings and dances. He calls out, "Hari! Hari!" At every moment He is rapt in thinking of Lord Gaura and Lord Gopala. A smile rests upon His sweet lips. He speaks words that are sublimely sweet.

     4. He is the master of Rama dasa. Gauri dasa meditates on His glorious form and nothing else. He has made all the worlds wild with the taste of nectar. Jnana dasa thus sings the glories of Lord Nitai.



Song 3

A Gopi-messenger Speaks



     1. Day and night the fire of love burns in Your heart. In this forest grove that is Kamadeva's cage, drops of nectar are placed before You.

     2. O proud girl, what fruit will Your jealous anger bear? Krishna knows You very well, and You know Him. You are a rare glistening lightning flash resting on the dark monsoon cloud that He is.

     3. Restless, You toss to and fro on the bed made of new budding twigs and lotus-leaves anointed with sandal paste. Now You roll on the ground. Your limbs burn in a fever's flames.

     4. Again and again You gaze at Your beloved. You worship Him with Kamadeva's offerings. Govinda dasa sings this nectar song.



Song 4

Shri Radha Replies


     1. Glorious! Glorious! O gopi-messenger. you were sent here by Krishna. Glorious! Glorious! He loves me? He is filled with amorous passion for my sake? Glorious!

     2. How many times did He bewilder me in the past? What foolish words will He speak to me now? His sweet words will bring only infamy to both our families.

     3. Don't tell me. Dear girl, please don't tell me Krishna's proposal. His love brings only sufferings doubled.

     4. When we first met He sopke many words dripping with honey. The moon in the sky He caught with His hand and offered to me.

     5. Now I know. I know the calamity that will come. What will His false and tricky love change into at the end?

     6. Amorous desires have fled far away from my heart. Yadunatha says: This girl is clearly not flooded with passionate desires.



Song 5

The Gopi-messnger Speaks Again


     1. I saw Nanda's sun sitting under a Bakula tree. Separated from You, He is tormented with suffering. My friend, a shoreless ocean of tears now flows from His dark lotus eyes.

     2. When He saw in His budding-twig hands sandal-paste, musk, a yellow lotus, or camphor, He closed His eyes and the contents of His hand fell the ground.

     3. When a fragrant, cooling, pleasant Malayan breeze blew, to Him it seemed like the fire of cosmic devastation touching His body with its flames.

     4. At that moment He trembled. Then His graceful pearl-necklace broke and fell to the ground. He became like a tamala tree trembling in a ferocious gale. "Save Me from these flames!", He begeed.

     5. Throw away this jewel of jealous anger. Run to Him, the king of they who taste nectar. These nectar words are a delight for the ears. Sukavi speaks these words. They are the necklace he wears.



Song 6


     1. O gopi-friend, the waves of amorous pastimes have no peer. When they make King Kamadeva dance, a boy and a girl become glorious.

     2. O beautiful girl, when Krishna hears about You, He seems to burn in the flames of a forest-fire. Then the blinding darkness of Your jealous anger devours Him. Then the butter-mounbtain of His heart melts.

     3. Then His love takes the form of tears, flows from His eyes, and showers His garments. O girl with the lotus face, hurry. Run to meet Him on the Yamuna's bank.

     4. In this way Radha approached the Lord of her heart. Kamadeva made Her run to Him. Hari-vallabha says: When She saw Her beloved, Her jealous anger at once returned.



Song 7

Shri Krishna Speaks


     1. O beautiful one, if You will not be sweet and fulfill Your lover's longings, then how can You be called saintly and virtuous? You ahve fled from virtue. Now You are full of faults.

     2. (Refrain) O proud and jealous girl, when will You turn from these illusions? How many nights have passed since You and I became like one heart and plunged into the ocean of nectar?

     3. When first We met Your heart was filled with the sweetest nectar. Now Your heart has become very hard. Staying near Your hard breasts, Your heart has become hard also. Your heart cannot escape the bad effect of associating with Your breasts.

     4. My eyes, become like rainclouds in the month of Shravana, now shower great rains of tears. Every night My heart is overcome. If mercy will not sprout up in Your heart, then why should I wish to continue to live?

     5. May Your sweet words, which are a great treasure of sweet nectar, play in My heart. Murari dasa says: O Lord Krishna, may that girl associate with You, the master of Her life's breath. Her graceful form is Your very life.



Song 8

Shri Radha Speaks


     1. Go! Go! O skillful sweet cheater, please stay at Your own place. At first I was bewildered by Your cheating words. Now  I know how Your love changes.

     2. Your smile is sweet. Your words are sweet. Your restless glances are sweet. You know very well the path the stream of love follows. That path is like a shower of nectar.

     3. I have seen that shower of nectar turn into a shower of icicles. Thinking those icicles were precious jewels, I ran to gather them. A basket in My hand, I chased them. The people watched and laughed at Me.

     4. Cruel fate gave Me a cup of poison with a thin film of yogurt on the top. At first I did not understasnd how Your love was only cheating. Ananta dasa sings this song glorifying the divine couple's pastimes.



Song 9

Shri Krishna Speaks


     1. O Radha, how many times have You been in a much different mood? You used to worship Me. This the whole world knows.

     2. You are My yajna, charitry, austerity, and japa. You are everything to Me. My charming flute-music has been another way in which I speak words to You.

     3. O playful girl, please smile and say something. Even though Kamadeva attacks You again and again with His flower arrows, You seem somehow to survive His ferocious attacks.

     4. A crown of flowers circles Your curly hair. Your sidelong glances are very restless and wild.

     5. Seeing the red sindura in the part in Your hair, the sun weeps. You are so beautiful. You have so many virtues. Why are You so cruel also?

     6. O playful, delightful girl, please pick up Your head and look at Me. Your life's breath has become a dancing-puppet, a puppet that dances in the dancing arena of Your eyes.

     7. You yearn to touch My yellow garment. Filled with wonder, You let out a sigh.

     8. Waves of nectar splash within Your heart. I yearn to touch Your toes.

     9. Yadunatha dasa says: Unable to convince Her with His words, Krishna gave out a sigh of love.



Song 10


     1. Lord Krishna forcibly held Radha, touched Her chin, and placed Her on His lap. "Why are You unhappy? What fruit will You attain?" The youth Krishna spoke those words.

     2. "O beautiful, playful Radha, O girl with a face like the moon, O girl trembling in jealous anger, My gaze is fixed upon You. I am plunged into a passionate desire to enjoy with You.

     3. "How many millions of times did You make a crooked smile when I kissed You in the forest? Your face blossomed. You became a bumblebee eager to taste the sweet nectar fo My kisses.

     4. "What bumblebee would reject a jasmine flower and fly away?" Lord Krishna, who is a treasure-house of sweet poetic words, spoke in this way. He shot millions of crooked-glance flower-arrows from the corners of His eyes. Then He drank the honey of Radha's lips.

     5. Radha's jangling ornaments at once roared with a rebuke. Then Krishna broke into pieces Radha's flower-garland and Her proud jealous anger also. Hari-vallabha says: Then Radha and Krishna exchanged gifts, gifts that were the jewels of Their embraces.