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Ekavimsha Kshanada, Shukla Shashthi

Twenty-first Night, Sixth Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Pahida-raga)


1. rasa-paripati nata          kirtana lampata

          kata kata rangi sangi saba sange

yahara katakshe          lakhimi lakhe lakhe

          bilasa-i bilola-apange

2. shuni brindabana-guna        rase unamata mana

          du bahu tuliya bale hari

phire nace nata-raya       kata dhara basudhaya

          du nayane premera gagari

3. purusha prakriti para          madana-manohara

          kebala labanya-rasa-sima

rasera sagara gora       bada-i gabhira dhira

          na rakhila nagari-garima

4. tribhubana-sundara       unnata-kandhara

          subalita bahu bishale

kunkuma candana         mrigamada lepana

          kahe basu tachu pada-tale



     1. Intoxicated by tasting the nectar of ecstatic love, He wildly dances in kirtana. How many delighted devotees enjoy pastimes in His company? Aroused by restless glances from the corners of His eyes, millions and millions of goddesses of fortune playfully glance at Him from the corners of their eyes.

     2. Hearing the nectar glories of Vrindavana, His heart becomes wild. Raising His two arms, He chants, "Hari!" He wildly dances. He is the king of dancers. How many flooding rivers of tears does He make flow on the earth? His eyes have become like two pitchers pouring tears of ecstatic love.

     3. He is the master of purusha and prakriti. He is more charming than Kamadeva. He stands at the highest pinnacle of glorious handsomeness. Lord Gaura is an ocean of the nectar of ecstatic spiritual love. He is most deep and most wise. Seeing Him, a wise woman cannot keep her peaceful composure.

     4. He is the most handsome person in the three worlds. His shoulders are broad. his arms are graceful and long. He is anointed with kunkuma, sandal, and musk. Taking shelter of the soles of His feet, Vasu sings this song.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Baradi-raga)


1. nita-i rangiya mora nita-i rangiya

puraba bilasi rangi sange saba sangiya

2. kunja-nayane bahe suradhuni-dhara

nahi jane diba nishi preme matoyara

3. candana-caracite anga ujora

rupa nirakhite bhela jaga-mana bhora

4. a-janu-lambita bhuja karibara-shunde

kanaka-khacita danda dalana pashande

5. shira pada pagadi bandhe nata-patiya

kati anti paripati pare nila dhatiya

6. dayara thakura nita-i abani prakasha

shuniya anande nace parasada dasa



     1. Playful, glorious Nitai is my master. Glorious Nitai is my master. He is surrounded by His associates, the same associates He knew in His previous pastimes.

     2. A flooding celestial Ganga of tears flows from His lotus eyes. Overcome with ecstatic spiritual love, He does not know if it is day or night.

     3. His body glistens with sandal paste. Gazing at His form, the hearts of this world are now overcome with bliss.

     4. Like great elephants' trunks, His arms reach to His knees. With a golden cluâ He strikes the blasphemers.

     5. A colorful turban graces His head. Blue garments are tied about His waist.

     6. Hearing that Lord Nitai is distributing His mercy to the people of the world, Prasada dasa dances in bliss.



Song 3


     1. Radha, tell me the cause of Your disease. Why is Your body so hot, as if a terrible fire blazes within it?

     2. Now You throwe far away the beautiful, soft, and splendid silk bodice that eclipses a host of red purandaragopa insects.

     3. You no longer rejoice in betelnuts scented with ground camphor. You scatter the peerless campaka garland and throw away the jewel in Your hair.

     4. Friend, Your restless heart is light as a cotton swab. Pierced by a lance, it yearns to enjoy with rhe Supreme Personality of Godhead.



Song 4


     1. Beautiful one, please do not ask again and again. Now that I have seen the prince of the gopas, My heart has become enchanted.

     2. Glancing at Me, passionate Krishna kissed a bending new lotus flower. Because of that hint My whole body is now violently trembling.

     3. When He placed His hand on a pomegranate creeper bowed down with two round fruits, the splendor of My piety and the wealth of My peacefulness fled far away.

     4. When I saw HIm bite a red ashoka flower and he contionually joked, I at once forgot all My household duties.



Song 5


     1. O beautiful girl, pl,ease consider your own exalted nature. You have magical powers. That is how you attract a virtuous person wise in the arts of tasting nectar.

     2. Leaving Yoru glistening opulent palace, you playfully and silently wait on a hill, in a cave, on a riverbank, or in a forest.

     3. Ah! Why has the king that is your feelings of love now become, for now reason, filled with a shoreless ocean of ferocious hatreds? How many times has that warrior-king attacked your beloved with arrows from Kamadeva's bow?

     4. O beautiful girl, if you wish to save the life of your beloved, who is the abode of virtues without end, then pleaase meet with Him at once. Thus speaks Hari-vallabha.



Song 6


     1. Her necklace gently swaying, sweetly playful Radha approaches Krishna with graceful slow steps.

     2. She wears a flower like foam in the waves of Her hair. With a dancing crooked glance, She starts playful Kamadeva dancing.

     3. With a timid, embarrassed, restless, sweet sidelong glance, She sweetly gives Krishna a garland of lotus flowers.

     4. May the poet Ramananda Raya's description of these amorous pastimes delight Gajapati Maharaja Prataparudra with its sweet nectar.



Song 7


     1. Terrified of Kamadeva's shark, the fish of my heart trembles. Swimming up to the riverbank of the necklace over your heart, that fish jumps into the waterpot of your breasts.

     2. (Refrain) O beautiful girl, please do not cast such crooked glances upon Me. Swimming now in a waterpot, the fish of my heart is now afraid of the fisherman's hook. Alas! That fish is in very great danger.

     3. Now the fish jumps into the lake of your navel. Fearing the snake of the line of hairs on your torso, the fish now jumps into the flowing stream of the three folds of skin at your waist.

     4. How many times does the fish swim back and forth? He does not know where he should go to attain his desire. Now the fish jumps into the fisherman's net of Your jangling anklets. Now he has truly fallen into danger. Govinda dasa sings this sweet song.



Song 8


     1. Gazing at Radha's face, Krishna is filled with bliss. He is like an ocean tossed with waves when the moon rises.

     2. Filled with desire, Radha and Krishna skillfully fight Kamadeva's battle with flower arrows.

     3. The hairs of Their bodies stand erect. Their hearts are filled with bliss. Their eyes are filled with sweet sweet smiles.

     4. Again and again They skillfully lick each other with Their eyes. Overcome with the nectar of these pastimes, They forget Their own bodies.

     5. They enjoy pastimes of embracing. Now Their garlands and necklaces break. Now there is a great fragrance of musk and kunkuma.

     6. Overcome with thirst, They drink the honey of each other's lips. Now They are wild with intoxication. They are like two bumblebees again and again drinking the nectar of a flower.