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Ekadasha Kshanada, Krishna Ekadashi

Eleventh Night, Eleventh Night of the Dark Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Dhanashi-raga)


1. bimala hema jini      tanu anupama re

          tahe shobhe nana phula-dama

kadamba-keshara jini          ekati pulaka re

          tare majhe bindu bindu ghama

2. jini mada-mata hati          gamana manthara ati

          bhababeshe dhuli dhuli yaya

aruna-basana-chabi      jini prabhatera rabi

          gora-ange lahari khelaya

3. calite na pare gora-          canda gosani re

          balite na pare adha bola

bhabete abesha haiya          hari hari bola-iya

          a-candale dhari de-i kola

4. e sukha-sampada-kale      gora na bhajinu hele

          hena pade na karinu asha

shri-krishna-chaitanyacandra      thakura shri-nityananda

          guna gaya brindabana dasa



     1. His peerless form defeats the purest gold. His form is decorated with a garland of many kinds of flowers. His form is covered with hairs standing erect, hairs that defeat the filaments of kadamba flowers. His form is covered with drop after drop of perspirations.

     2. His slow walking defeats the walking of intoxicated elephants. Overcome with ecstatic love, He staggers and staggers as He walks. His saffron garments defeat the rising sun. His fair limbs play in the waves of spiritual pastimes.

     3. Overcome, Lord Gaurachandra has no power to walk. Now He has no power to speak. Half words are all He speaks. Overcome with ecstatic love, He chants, "Hari! Hari!" Everyone, even the lowest candala, He embraces in His arms.

     4. Alas! At that blissful fortunate time I did not worship Lord Gaura. I did not yearn to attain His feet. In this way Vrindavana dasa sings the glories of Shri Krishna Chaitanyacandra and Thakura Shri Nityananda.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Kamoda-raga)


1. preme matta nityananda         sahaje ananda-kanda

          dhuliya dhuliya cali yaya

bhayara bhabete matta           janena sakala tattwa

          hari bali abani lotaya

2. (Refrain) nita-ira gora-preme gada anukhani

bha-iyara mukha heri        luliya luliya pade

          dhara bahe sincaye dharani

3. adwaita ananda-kanda      heri nita-ira mukha-canda

          hunkara pulaka shobhe taya

hari hari bola bale      puna gaura gaura bale

          priya parishade guna gaya

4. golokera prema-banya      abani karala dhanya

          atula apara rasa-sindhu

matila jagata bhari          nita-i chaitanya kari

          raya ananta mage bindu



     1. Lord Nityananda is the root of bliss. Wild with the bliss of spiritual love, He staggers as He walks. He knows everything. He makes His brother-devotees wild with ecstatic love, He chants "Hari!", and rolls on the ground.

     2. (Refrain) Lord Nitai's form is filled with ecstatic love for Lord Gaura. Seeing the faces of His brother-devotees, He staggers and falls. The rivers of His tears flood the earth.

     3. Lord advaita is the root of spiritual bliss. Seeing the moon of Lored Nitai's face, Lord Advaita shouts in ecstasy. The hairs of His body stand erect. Again and again he chants, “Hari! Haribol!" Again and again he chants, "Gaura! Gaura!" He sings the glories of the dear devotees who are His personal associates.

     4. To the earth He brought a flood of love from the spiritual world of Goloka. He brought a peerless, shoreless ocean of the nectar of spiritual love. Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya made the whole universe wild with the ecstasy of spiritual love. Ananta Raya begs for a drop of that ecstatic love.



Song 3

Shri Krishna Speaks


     1. O beautiful girl, with your gopi friend you have come to this jewel palace to taste the nectar here. When you smile your teeth glisten like pearls and jewels.

     2. O friend, please listen. Do not be shy to look at Me. In your heart you forbid Me. You carefully cover the two mountains of your breasts.

     3. Glancing at My face, you cover your body. Still, the arrow of My crooked sidelong glance has wounded your body. Now You cannot keep your life-airs steady.

     4. Place your hands in My hands. Place the blossoming vine of your body against Me. O gopi-friend, gaze at me and embrace Me. Govinda dasa says: Nanda's son is now tossed to and fro by Kamadeva's waves.



Song 4

A Gopi Speaks to Shri Krishna


     1. Accompanied by herr friends ina great jewel-palace, again and again a beautiful girl looked in the ten directions. Who understood what was to happen. When her galnce came upon You, she at once fell unconscious.

     2. O Madhava, why did You look upon her? O king of the regal mountain of Your saintly family, piercing the armor of her shyness, You have wounded her heart.

     3. Now her body burns in the poison flames of separation from You. Now she violently rolls in the mud. O jewel of all saintly men, by harming a beautiful girl You have ccommitted a great sin.

     4. Her friends gathered and tried to cure her. They could not understand the cause of her sufferings. Govinda dasa says: O Madhava, if she does not touch You, how can this girl remain alive?



Song 5



     1. When He heard that description of her love, Madhava was attacked by a flood of Kamadeva's sharpened arrows.

     2. His heart was agitated. His peacefulness fled far away. He trembled like a lotus leaf on the water.

     3. How can I describe with my lips the love He felt in His heart? He embraced that girl. He held her against His body.

     4. O doe-eyed girl, you know the nature of Krishna's love. You have approached Him.

     5. O beautiful girl, it was you who asked about the nature of Krishna's heart. Hari-vallabha sings this song praising Lord Krishna's virtues.



Song 6



     1. When the Malaya breeze blows, Kamadeva approaches Him. When the flowers bloom, His heart, suffering in separation from You, breaks.

     2. (Refrain) O gopi-friend, Krishna who wears a forest-garland, is overcome in separation from You.

     3. The cooling moonlight makes Him seem to burst into flames. In this way He seems almost to die. When Kamadeva's arrows fall on Him, He bitterly laments.

     4. When the black bees sing, He covers His ears. Separated from You, He feels anguish night after night.

     5. He has renounced His beautiful home. Now He lives in the forest. He rolls on the ground. Again and again he calls Your name.

     6. The poet Jayadeva sings this song of Lord Krishna's pastimes of separation. May that Lord Krishna at once appear in all your hearts.



Song 7



     1. How can I describe this beautiful girl's love? As her peaceful composure, shyness, fear, and ordinary morality slept, Her ever-new love awakened.

     2. O girl with the beautiful thighs, you ran to Him. You forgot your body and mind. You did not know whether you were on the right path or had strayed far away. You did not hear your gopi-friend's words. You had become wild to taste nectar.

     3. At that moment howe many hundreds of black bees fled hosts of blooming flowers? They thirsted to taste the sweet fragrance that came from your limbs. Then Kamadeva sounded his musical instrument.

     4. Your black cape was sweetly, sweetly tossed to and fro by the waves of the Malaya breezes. Your form was glorious like a lighnting flash. Hari-vallabha is delighted to describe that gopi's meeting with Lord Krishna.



Song 8



     1. Her peerless form is splendid like gold. Never has a complexion and beauty like Her's been present before on the earth. Her glorious face is sweet with the nectar fragrance of many smiles. The nectar moon in the sky She puts to shame.

     2. (Refrain) Radha's beauty and playfulness are always new and fresh. She is adorned with a host of glorious ornaments.

     3. Her curly locks of hair move to and fro. Her tilaka markings are glorious. She is splendid like a golden lotus. Her eyes are like black bees flying to and fro. On Her ear is a gloriously fragrant lotus.

     4. Her berasts are flower buds. She is the thief that has stolen Lord Krishna's heart. She is wrapped in a great black cloak. Red lac anoints Her lotus feet. Govinda dasa offers arati to worship Her.



Song 9



     1. O playfully smiling Radha, please enter this charming pastime-forest grove and enjoy pastimes with Madhava.

     2. O Radha whose necklace restlessly moves on Your waterpot breasts, please enter this bed decorated with with new ashoka blossoms and enjoy pastimes with Madhava.

     3. O Radha whose limbs are delicate like flowers, please enter this glorious cottage made of many flowers and enjoy pastimes with Madhava.

     4. O Radha who sing playful graceful songs of love, please enter this place cooled by fragrant Malaya breezes and enjoy pastimes with Madhava.

     5. O Radha graceful with languid broad hips, please enter this place filled with blossoming vines and for a long time enjoy pastimes with Madhava.

     6. O Radha who tastes the sweet nectar of amorous pastimes, please enter this place filled with buzzing bees intoxicated by tasting the nectar of flowers and enjoy pastimes with Madhava.

     7. O Radha with charming and glorious teeth, please enter this place filled with sweet cuckoos' cooing and enjoy pastimes with Madhava.

     8. O Murari, to the goddess of fortune please bring a hundred auspicious blisses. Jayadeva, the king of the kings of the poets, sings this song.



Song 10



     1. Gazing at Shri Radha's face, Krishna was tossed to and fro by different kinds of ecstatic love. He became like an ocean tossed by waves when the moon comes into view.

     2. (Refrain) For a long time Radha gazed at Krishna, Krishna who is full of nectar, Krishna who yearned to enjoy pastimes with Her, Krishna whose face was filled with bliss, Krishna who was overcome with amorous passion, . . .

     3. . . . Krishna across whose chest hung a long glistening necklace, a necklace like blooming kadamba flowers mixed with foam, a necklace like the flooding waters of the Yamuna, . . .

     4. . . . Krishna whose delicate dark body and yellow silk garments were like a blute lotus anointed with yellow pollen, . . .

     5. . . . Krishna whose eyes filled with restless passionate charming sidelong glances were like two khanjana birds playing in an autumn pond filled with blossoming lotus flowers, . . .

     6. . . . Krishna whose lotus face was decorated with graceful earrings glistening like two suns, Krishna whose smiling, glorious, joyful flower-petal lips were marked with passionate desires, . . .

     7. . . . Krishna whose flower-decorated hair was like a dark cloud glorious in the moonlight, Krishna whose sandal tilaka was like a glorious moon rising in the dark evening sky of His forehead, . . .

     8. . . . Krishna the hairs of whose body stood erect in ecstasy, Krishna who had become unsteady with amorous desires, Krishna whose body was decorated with a host of glistening jewel ornaments, . . .

     9. . . . Krishna whose glorious ornaments are made over a second time in these words of Shri Jayadeva. Placing him always in your hearts, everyone please bow down to offer respects to Lord Krishna, who is the essence of all that in glorious.



Song 11



     1. (Refrain) When Radha and Krishna first met, Kamadeva plunged them into sweet nectar.

     2. When Radha and Krishna gazed at each other's faces, Their eyes were blinded by tears of bliss. When He passionately touched the golden mountains of Shri Radha's breasts, Lord Giridhari's hand trembled.

     3. When Radha and Krishna embraced, the hairs of their two bodies stood erect in ecstasy. They talked to each other in sweet, sweet, broken, broken words. When they kissed, They closed Their eyes in bliss.

     4. They both became plunged into sweet nectar. They tightly embraced. Their two bodies were tossed to and fro by waves of bliss. Gazing at Shri Krishna, the crown of all amorous heroes, and Shri Radha, His amorous heroine, the servant Govinda dasa forgets, for a moment, that these two are the masters of all the worlds.



Song 12



     1. (Refrain) They are one heart in two bodies. Tightly embracing, They are like a sapphire placed in gold. Playful beautiful Radha rests in the amorous hero Krishna's embrace.

     2. Krishna is like a new monsoon cloud. In His embrace Radha is like a stationary lightning flash. They are gloriously handsome and beautiful. Nearby is a blossoming kadamba tree. Nearby bees and cuckoos sing.

     3. Malaya breezes blow over Vamshivata by the Yamuna's bank. Mahesha Vasu says: The divine couple is overcome with bliss. The hairs of Their bodies stand erect. Kamadeva has fulfiled all Their desires.



Song 13



     1. Disheveled curly locks of hair encircle the splendor of The divine couple's faces. Their hair has become like two Rahu planets that yearn to swallow up the moons of Their faces.

     2. They remove Their flower-garlands. They become like the dark Yamuna meeting the Ganga's waves.

     3. Their wonderful hearts meet. Passionate Radha enjoys viparita pastimes with Her beloved.

     4. Radha with the beautiful face kisses Her beloved's lips. She becomes like a lotus flower sipping the nectar of a moon below.

     5. As They enjoy amorous pastimes, drops of perspiration adorn Their faces. Their faces become like two moons worshiping Kamadeva's pearls.

     6. Radha's breasts above are like a great necklace, or like golden waterpots, or like a flooding celestial Ganga.

     7. A sash of bells jangles at Radha's broad hips. That jangling is like musical instruments sounding King Kamadeva's triumph.

     8. Vidyapati says: Now sweet Radha learned in amorous pastimes speaks outrageous words