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Dvadasha Kshanada, Krishna Dvadashi

Twelfth Night, Twelfth Night of the Dark Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Baradi-raga)


1. birale basiya ekeshwara

hari-nama jape nirantara

2. saba-abatara-shiromani


3. sugandhi candana matha gaya

dhuli binu ana nahi bhaya

4. manimaya ratana bhushana

swapane na kare parashana

5. chadala lakhimi-bilasa

kiba lagi taru-tale basa

6. chadala bana-mala bamshi

ebe danda dhariya sannyasi

7. hasa abhilasa upekhi

kandiya phulaya duti ankhi

8. bibhuti kariya prema-dhana

sange lana saba akincana jana

9. prema-jale kara-i sinana

kahe basu bidare parana



     1. Staying in a secluded place, the Supreme Personality of Godhead chants the holy names of Lord Krishna without stop.

     2. He is the crest jewel of all avataras. He is the cintamani jewel of all sannyasis who have Krishna as their only property.

     3. Fragrant sandal paste is nothing compared to the fragrance of His body.

     4. Even in their dreams, the most glorious jewel ornaments cannot touch the glory of His body.

     5. He renounced His pastimes with Goddess Lakshmi. Now He sits under a tree.

     6. He put aside His flute and forest-garland. Grasping a danda, now He is a sannyasi.

     7. Turning aside from His pastimes of jests and laughter, now He weeps, tears streaming from the blossoming flowers of His eyes.

     8. Now His only wealth is the treasure of pure spiritual love. Now He stays with penniless devotees, devotees who have Krishna as their only treasure.

     9. Now He makes a great shower of tears of spiritual love. Vasu says: My life-breath is now split into pieces.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Pahida Gandhara-raga)


1. rupe gune anupama        lakshmi-koti-manorama

          braja-badhu ayuta ayuta

rasa-keli-rasa-range        bihare yahara sange

          so pahum ki lagi abadhuta

2. e dukha kahiba kara age

sakala-nagara-guru      rasera kalapa-taru

          kena nita-i phirena bairage

3. sankarshana shesha yaya         amsha-kala-abatara

          anukshana goloke biraje

shiba-bihi-agocara       agama nigama para

          kena nita-i sankirtana majhe

4. krishnera agraja nama       maha-prabhu balarama

          kali-yuge shri-nityananda

gaura-rase nimagana      kara-ila jaga-jana

          dure rahu balarama manda



     1. His handsomeness and virtues are without peer. He enchants the hearts of millions of goddesses of fortune. He enjoys nectar rasa-dance pastimes with millions and millions of gopis in Vraja. Why is this Lord now an avadhuta?

     2. What shall I say first of my sad bewilderment? He is the guru of all playful heroes. He is a kalpa-taru tree of nectar. Why did Lord Nitai accept sannyasa?

     3. Shesha and Sankarshana are His amsha and kala avataras. At every moment he is gloriously manifest in the spiritual world of Goloka. Shiva and Brahma cannot attain Him. Hew is beyond the touch of the Vedas. Why is Lord Nitai now rapt in pastimes of sankirtana?

     4. He is Lord Krishna's elder brother. His name is the great Lord Balarama. But in Kali-yuga His name is Shri Nityananda. He has plunged all the people of the world in the nectar of ecstatic love for Lord Gaura. Only the fool Balarama dasa He has not plunged. Only Balarama dasa is left behind.



Song 3

Shri Krishna Speaks


     1. Wherever Your glorious form shines, that place becomes like a wonderful lightning flash.

     2. Wherever Your reddish feet walk, that place becomes like lotus petals.

     3. Who is the fortunate girl that accompanies Me? That girl is my very life.

     4. Wherever Your restless gracerful eyebrows are raised, that place becomes like the rising waves of the Yamuna.

     5. Wherever You cast restless glances from the corners of Your eyes, that place becomes like a forest of blue lotus flowers.

     6. Wherever You gaze at Me sweet smiles, that place becomes like a place filled with jasmine flowers and water-lilies.

     7. Govinda dasa says: Charming Krishna sees these comparisons. Radha does not.



Song 4

A Gopi-messenger Speaks to Shri Krishna


     1. She hides the moon of her face behind the edgeâ of her garment. Tears stream from her eyes.

     2. Without reason she suddenly laughs. Again and again she deeply sighs.

     3. Hear. Please hear, O handsome dark Krishna, these are the symptoms of love.

     4. Her body burns with a fever. It is not a slight fever. Again and again she rolls on the ground.

     5. She will not say a word to anyone. Who can bear to see her suffer in this way?

     6. The saintly ladies confer amongst themselves: “Who will talk with this girl?"

     7. Govinda dasa reassures them: By your wish this girl will certainly survive.



Song 5



     1. Please hear. Hear, O Madhava, O king of the wise. If this beautiful girl does not see You, she will no longer bear her life.

     2. This girl sleeps on a bed of twigs and leaves. She has no power to bear the sharp flower-arrows hurled upon her.

     3. For her the moon, sandal-paste, and cooling breezes have all become blazing fires. Without seeing You, she cannot live.

     4. She speaks with difficulty. She utters only a few half-syllables. What calamity has fallen upon her? I do not know.

     5. Narottama dasa says: O Krishna, O master, O hero, O guru of they who know how to taste nectar, You know everything about this girl.



Song 6



     1. A beautiful girl hurries to meet the king of they who taste nectar. Her feet move quickly. She is plunged into a shoreless ocean of passionate desire.

     2. Remembering her beloved, She is overcome with love. In Her heart She is tossed by waves of amorous desires.

     3. That girl, Radha, slept in a cool forest grove. With great longings Lord Krishna gazed on the face of that beautiful girl.

     4. Lord Krishna, the king of the wise, passionately kissed that girl's eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, and lips.

     5. Then sleeping Radha awakened. The sufferings Kamadeva brought Her then fled far away.

     6. Narottama dasa says: Lord Krishna was overcome with bliss. When the two lovers met in this way Their bliss had no limit.



Song 7


     1. O gopi-friend, look! The divine couple are tasting the nectar of Their pastimes. Even though They are not suspended in the sky, when They embrace They are like a monsoon cloud and lightning.

     2. Lifting the goblet of Radha's lips to His mouth, Madhava drinks the sweet nectar in Radha's face. Even though They do not stand in a pond, They are like lotus flowers blossoming in the nectar moonlight.

     3. Radha's wonderful glorious raised breasts are like great waterpots. Even though they do not rest on the earth, those breasts are like two great golden mountains, mountains afraid of the low-flying monsoon cloud that approaches.

     4. The divine couple's teeth are like jasmine flowers, or like Kamadeva's sharpened arrows, arrows the couple will employ to taste the bimba fruits of each other's lips. Even though there is no pomegranate here, Their teeth are like pomegranate seeds, or like pomegranate flowers. Hari-vallabha sings this song.



Song 8



     1. The dishevelled hair around Your face is like a garland of clouds encircling the moon. Your earrings swing to and fro. You are restless. Perspiration has washed Your tilaka away.

     2. O beautiful girl, your face brings all auspiciousness. O beautiful girl, in the battle of amorous pastimes I will soon be defeated by you. What will Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva do to help Me then?

     3. "Kini kini", declares your sash of jingling bells. "Jhana jhana", declare your bracelets. “Ghana ghana", declare your anklets. When Our viparita pastimes come to their end, dundubhi drums will sing, “Jaya! Jaya!"

     4. You rest with one hip on the ground. In this way you make Kamadeva's warriors shout their battle-cry. Then Vidyapati's master, Lord Krishna, enjoyed many nectar pastimes. He brought the Ganga's waves to meet the Yamuna.