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Dashama Kshanada, Krishna Dashami

Tenth Night, Tenth Night of the Dark Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Dhanashi-raga)


1. bhabe tarala tanu         anupama hema re

          aha-nishi nija rase bhora

nayana-yugala       prema-rase dhara dhara re

          bhuja tuli hari hari bola

2. nacata gaura-        kishora mora pahum re

          abhinaba nabadwipa-canda

bhaba-bhare helana          bhaba-bhare dolana

          prati anga manamatha phanda

3. jitala nipa phula         pulaka mukula re

          prati ange ange bithari

rasa-bhare gara gara          cala-i khala-i re

          gobinda dasa balihari



     1. He is overcome with ecstatic spiritual love. His form is more glorious than gold. Day and night He is overcome by tasting the nectar of love for a person who is actually His own Self. Nectar tears of love flow from His eyes. Raising His arms, He chants, "Hari! Hari!"

     2. The fair youth dances. He is the moon of Navadvipa. He is my master. He is overcome with ecstatic spiritual love. He trembles with ecstatic love. His every limb is a trap set by Kamadeva.

     3. The hairs standing erect on His every limb defeat the blossoming nipa flowers. He is overcome by tasting the sweet nectar of spiritual love. Govinda dasa sings this song of His glories.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Shri-raga)


1. are are mora nita-i-canda

ghare ghare dila premera phanda

2. tapita akhila sakala jane

sincila nita-i nayana-kone

3. apara karuna gauda deshe

naciya bulena premera abeshe

4. dhulite dhulite kata na bhati

kamala carane karaye gati

5. kahe gada gada bhayara katha

purala jale nayana rata

6. arakata gaurasundara-tanu

pulaka kadamba-keshara janu

7. bibidha bhushana bhushita ange

bhakata mili gaya parama range

8. pade prema mage kanu dasa

shuniya karuna badhala ashe



     1. O! O, my Lord Nitaicanda! Going from house to house, Nitaicanda caught the people in the trap of ecstatic spiritual love.

     2. From the corners of His eyes Lord Nitai showered cooling glances on the people burning in the fires of material sufferings.

     3. He made a shoreless ocean of mercy flood the land of Gauda. Overcome with ecstatic love, He wildly danced.

     4. How many times did He not stumble and stumble as He walked with lotus feet?

     5. He spoke broken words in a choked voice. Flooding rivers of tears flowed from His eyes.

     6. The hairs on His fair body stood erect, hairs like kadamba filaments.

     7. Many different ornaments adorned His limbs. Meeting with the devotees, He sang with great joy.

     8. Hearing that He is very merciful, Krishna dasa falls at His feet and begs for some of His mercy.



Song 3


     1. O gopi-friend, in my heart I gaze at Nanda's son. With unblinking eyes i gaze at Him for a hundred yugas. I see no one but Him.

     2. His face defeats the splendor of sapphire mirrors. It charms the hearts of all the world. The lotus flowers blossoming in the autumn moonlight all worship His eyes.

     3. With lips that are friends to the bandhuka flowers, He plays enchanting nectar melodies on the flute. His neck curves gracefully. A splendid flower-garland rests on His shoulders.

     4. The sandal paste moon that decorates His forehead is a trap that catches all beautiful girls. He wears a string of pearls. Ananta dasa says: Krishna is like a moon above a cloud, a cloud that rains a great monsoon of nectar.



Song 4


     1. Friend Radha, please listen. Madhava is overcome with love-in-separation. How many hundreds of compansions serve Him and try to help Him? Still He does not know what to do.

     2. His friends offer various cures. They offer Him sandal-paste, camphor, and water on a lotus petal. All the cures are fruitless. Krishna was struck by lightning. What will a little water do to help?

     3. The lotuses of Your virtues Madhava clasps to His heart. He hopes that somehow they will cool His fever. If He cannot see or touch Your face, the flames of His fever will only double.

     4. Now His has fallen unconscious, His hard heart pierced by Kamadeva's arrow. Without the nectar of Your lips, He cannot live. That is Hari-vallabha's conclusion.



Song 5


     1. O crest-jewel of beautiful girls, please listen. Your love for Madhava is such that You have forgotten Your home, kin, wealth, and even Your own body and heart.

     2. Your love is so blissful and wonderful that You have no poweer to properly decorate Your limbs with beautiful ornaments.

     3. You are tossed to and fro by the waves of Kamadeva's ocean. Opening Your heart, You dsscribe what is hidden there.

     4. Overcome by the nectar of love, You cannot walk, even slowly. You rebuke Your youthful hips for the great burden they force You to bear.

     5. How many hundreds of desires go before You as You walk. Hurry. Happily hurry to Your meeting with Damodara.



Song 6



     1. You have anointed Your lotus-feet with red lac. Your anklets jingle like talkative khanjana birds. Your garments are blue. Your jewel-belt jingles. Your waist is slender. Your walking defeats the motions of the most graceful elephants.

     2. (Refrain) O Radha, O girl who enjoys pastimes with Shyama, You have carefully arranged Your garemnst and ornaments. Your lims tremble, splasged to and fro in Kamadeva's waves. The heart of Krishna, who charms even Kamadeva, You have caught in Your spell.

     3. A string of pearls glistens on the splendid flower-buds of Your breasts, breasts that defeat the golden chalice. Decorated with jewel-bracelets, the glistening lightning-flashes that are Your arms startle Kamadeva and fill him with wonder.

     4. Your sweet smile showers nectar. The splendor of Your teeth defeats rows and rows of pearls. Jewel earrings swing on Your graceful cheeks. The arrows of Your glances fly in the ten directions.

     5. Your hair is gracefully tied into braids. It seems that the archer Kamadeva grasps the bows that are Your eyebrows. In his heart Govinda dasa has come to this conclusion: You must be the goddess presiding over the arts that are graceful arrangement of garments and ornaments.



Song 7


     1. Their two eyes meet. King Kamadeva wakes from his sleep. Radha turns Her face. She covers Her face with Her veil. She is frightened and shy.

     2. (Refrain) The youthful hero, who is expert in tasting the nectar of amorous pastimes, speaks sweet words in the forest. The beautiful girl will not even look upon Him.

     3. Krishna grasps the edge of Her veil. She pushes His hand away. Her bracelets jangle. A gopi-friend respectfully touches Her feet. Radha understands the hinted message in that gopi's glance.

     4. Radha closes Her veil. The moon of Her face will not rise from its horizon. Only Her glistening earrings are visisble. His eyes and heart bewildered, Hari-vallabha is filled with wonder.



Song 8


     1. The beautiful girl embraces Her lover. The beautiful girl embraces Her lover. Radha enjoys pastimes woith Her lover. Her bliss has no limit.

     2. Beautiful Radha is playful. Radha is playful. She enjoys pastimes with Krishna. How many times does She dive with Him into the nectar of transcendental pastimes?

     3. Her heart is rapt in thinking of Krishna. Her heart is rapt in thinking of Krishna. In Their pastimes Radha accepts that She is defeated by Krishna.

     4. Into beautiful Radha's lips Krishna places betelnuts. Krishna ewnjoys pastimes of kissing beautiful Radha's lips.

     5. Beautiful playful Radha is overcome with bliss. Beautiful playful Radha is overcome with bliss. Forgetting Her proud jealous anger, She embraces Krishna.