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Caturvimsha Kshanada, Shukla Navami

Twenty-fourth Night, Ninth Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Beloyara-raga)


1. dekha dekha sundara shaci-nandana

a-janu-lambita bhuja bahu subalana

2. mayamatta hati bhati gati calana

kiye malati-mala gora-ange dolana

3. sharada-canda jina sundara-bayana


4. sahacara la-i sange anukhana khelana

nabadwipa majhe gora hari hari balana

5. abaya caranarabinde makaranda-lobhana

kahaye shankara ghosha akhila-loka-tarana



     1. Look! Look at Shaci's handsome son! His graceful arms reach to His knees.

     2. He walks like a maddened elephants. A jasmine-garland swings to and fro on His fair body.

     3. His handsome face defeats the autumn moon. Tears of spiritual love fill His eyes.

     4. At every moment He enjoys pastimes with His companions. In the town of Navadvipa He chants, "Hari! Hari!"

     5. He yearns to taste the nectar at the Lord's lotus feet, feet that grant fearlessness. Shankara Ghosha says: He is the deliverer of all the worlds.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Deshaga-raga)


1. dekha dekha dekha nityananda

bhubana-mohana-rupa prema-ananda

2. prema-data mora nita-i-canda

jaga-jane de-i premera phanda

3. nita-ira barana kanaka-campa

bidhi diyache rupa anjali mapa

4. dekhite nita-i saba-i dhaya

dhariya kola dite sabare bolaya

5. nita-i bale sabe mili bala gaura-hari

hari bali dha-ola urdhwa-bahu kari

6. nacata nita-i gaura-rase

bancita rahala radhaballabha dase



     1. Look! Look! Look at Lord Nityananda! His handsome form charms all the worlds. He is filled with the bliss of spiritual love.

     2. My Lord Nitaicanda is the giver of spiritual love. He has prepared a trap of spiritual love, a trap to catch the people of this world.

     3. Lord Nitai is glorious like a golden campaka flower. The demigod Brahma approaches Him with folded hands.

     4. Seeing the people, Lord Nitai runs to them. He embraces them. To each person He speaks.

     5. Lord Nitai says: "Everyone should gather together and chant, `Gaurahari!' Calling out, "Hari!", with arms raised, Lord Nitai ran to the people.

     6. Tasting the nectar of love for Lord Gaura, Lord Nitai would dance. Only Radha-vallabha dasa has been cheated of that taste of nectar.



Song 3


     1. Listen. Listen, O beautiful girl. How much more do You want to be jealous and angry? Day and night Krishna weeps for You. Krishna is in great distress.

     2. With what sweet nectar did You bewilder Him? Krishna, the hero of young lovers, meditates on You without stop. If somehow He hears someone speak the wored "Radha", Krishna is overcome.

     3. The same gopa boy Lord Krishna, whose name "Hari! Hari!" the devotees chant to cross over the ocean of birth and death, and whose feet the devotees yearn to attain, always serves Your feet, for He fears merciless Kamadeva.

     4. Do You wish for His death? He yearns to attain You. Why do You not say that He may come to You? Jnana dasa says: Krishna loves You. His heart is overcome with love for You.



Song 4


     1. (Refrain) O beautiful one, You are a pious young girl. Tell me: Whay have You stolen the jewel that is the prince of Vraja's heart?

     2. You are known as a pious girl. Don't hide another's wealth. The lord who wears a garland of forest flowers now stays in a cave. O friend of Lalita, be merciful to Him.

     3. O jewel of beautiful girls, return the handsome jewel at once! Only by Your gerat mercy can Lord Hari's friends become peaceful.

     4. These two gopi-messenger bow down before You. They roll on the ground, their hair in disarray. O slender girl, give Your love to the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead. Do not cheat Him.



Song 5


     1. (Refrain) Messenger, throw these sweet words far away. Never again will I speak to Krishna.

     2. Your Krishna is fickle at heart. All directions are anointed with My supreme, peaceful steadiness.

     3. Your Krishna, who wears a garland of forest flowers, is a scoundrel. I am gentle-hearted. I preserve My family's good name.

     4. Your Lord Hari likes rowdy jokes. I carefully follow the eternal path of religion.



Song 6


     1. (Refrain) Radha, make Your heart kind. He who is the life of Gokula is now wounded, His heart pierced by the arrow of Your sidelong glance.

     2. His flute has now become like a swan in the lotus flower of His left hand, a swan accustomed to sing the fifth note, but now silent out of great pain.

     3. His forest-flower garland, once fragrant and attracted to swarms of black bees, has now wilted and fallen from His neck to the forest ground.

     4. O merciless girl, His transcendental form, which delights Sanatana Gosvami's heart, has now stopped its pastimes, and has now become very thin, slowly withering away in a mountain cave.



Song 7


     1. Shaking off the painful flames of jealous anger, . . .

     2. . . . Her swaggering pride now broken, and Her body now filled with the sweetest nectar of love, . . .

     3. . . . and Her body at once plunged into the ocean of nectar and splashed by the waves of amorous desire, a gopi sweetly went to meet Krishna, . . .

     4. . . . Krishna who again aned again wounded Her with arrows from the corners of His crooked eyes, Krishna who is glorious, peaceful, dark, and graceful, Krishna who is earnestly served by a host of saintly gopis.



Song 8


     1. Your hair is curly, Your eyes restless, Your nose filled with the fragrance of attar, Your lips red, Your teeth spotless, and the circles of Your breasts firm.

     2. O beautiful girl, You are glorious in the kingdom of new youth. You are My wealth, My heart, My everything. You make Me tremble with desire. No one is Your equal.

     3. Your sash is tied about the three lines of Your waist. Your navel is deep. Your hips are broad. Your sash of bells jangles sweetly. In Your presence no one is unhappy.



Song 9

A Gopi Speaks


     1. Flowers bloom amongst those thorns. Still, no agitated bees fly there.

     2. Again and again gazing at the sweet nectar-filled jasmine flowers, the bees yearn to drink their nectar. The bees need that nectar to live.

     3. You are like a bee that needs nectar to live. Still, You are very crooked. You will not go where the nectar is.

     4. You are a bumblebee that will not enter that place. Without You the jasmine flowers are not happy.

     5. Please try to understand Your own heart. What will You attain by causing such torment to a glorious teenage boy?



Song 10


     1. If the blazing sunlight has alrerady burned the new sprouts to death, why should I sprinkle them with water? If the life-breath has already painfully left the body, why should I give the medicine?

     2. O proud girl, please retract your jealous anger. O girl with the beautiful form, please speak sweet sweet words. This one time place some life in your lover's body.

     3. O beautiful girl, place a smile on your beautiful face. Speak charming words. If He touches your golden-mountain breast, then embrace Him with your arms.

     4. O gopi-friend, allow Him to sp the sweet nectar of your lips. Then you will bring cooling pleasure to my heart. Allow the moon of your face to rise before Him. Then the cakora birds of His eyes will gaze upon it and feel happy.

     5. Seeing your great virtues, He will not blame you. Please renounce the anger in your heart. Murari says: O gopi, please stay with the master of your life. To torment a teenage boy is a great sin.



Song 11


     1. You glared at Him with crooked glances like fearsome sharpened arrows. He wished to speak with you, but you would not speak to Him.

     2. Hearing and hearing Him speak many sweet words, you only growled "Hum! Hum!" and shook your head.

     3. Tears flowed from His eyes. The hairs of His body stood erect. Still you would not allow Him to sip the nectar of your lips.

     4. The cakora birds of the gls.

     2. Lord Krishna elder brother, who bears the name Mahaprabhu Balarama, now stays on the Ganga's bank. There He is known as King Nityananda. There He has set up a martketplace. Very powerful and heroic, He crushes the atheists and blasphemers.

     3. In that marketplace Lord Chaitanya has opened a market-stall. Gadadhara stays at His side. In that stall cunning Advaita Acarya buys and sells His goods. Smiling and smiling, Gauridasa stays near King Nityananda. He has heard something of the glories of this marketplace.

     4. Ramai is the superintendent of that marketplace. On King Nityananda's command, he comes and goes. Haridasa is the policeman who guards that marketplace. Krishnadasa is the watchman. Shrinivasa is the accountant. Carefully he writes all the records.

     5. Balarama dasa says: In the Kali-yuga Lord Nityananda descended to this world. He lured Jagai and Madhai to His martketplace. In that marketplace I wander from market-stall to market-stall. Holding out my hand, I beg some alms.