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Caturdasha Kshanada, Krishna Caturdashi

Fourteenth Night, Fourteenth Night of the Dark Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Dhanashi-raga)


1. gora dayara abadhi guna-nidhi

suradhuni-tire nadiya nagare

biharaye nirabadhi

2. bhuja-yuja aropiya bhakatera kandhe

cali ya-ite na pare goracanda

hari hari bole kande

3. preme chala chala nayana-yugala

kata nadi bahe dhare

pulake purala gora-kalebara

dharani dharite nare

4. sanga parishada phire nirantara

hari hari bola bale

sakhaya kandhete bhuja-yuga diya

helite dulite cale

5. bhubana bhabiya prema ubharala

patita-pabana nama

shuniya bharasa paramanandera

manete na laya ana



1. Lord Gaura possesses the highest summit of compassion. He is a great treasure-house of all virtues. In the towns of Nadiya and on the Ganga's banks He enjoys pastimes without stop.

2. His two arms He rests on a devotee's shoulders. He has no power to walk. Chanting "Hari! Hari!", He weeps.

3. How many flooding rivers of tears of love flow from His eyes? The earth has no power to hold up Lord Gaura's body now covered wit hairs standing erect in ecstasy.

4. Again and again going from one place to another with His associates, He chants, "Hari! Hari!" Resting His arms on a friend's shoulders, He trembles in ecstasy.

5. He fills the worlds with the sweet fragrance of ecstatic spiritual love. He is named Patita-pavana (deliverer of the fallen). Hearing all this, Paramananda places His trust and faith only in Lord Gaura and in in no one else.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Shri raga)


1. are bha-i nita-i amara dayara abadhi

jibera karuna kari deshe deshe phiri phiri

prema-dhana yace nirabadhi

2. adwaitera sange ranga dharane na yaya anga

gora-preme gadha tanu-khani

dhuliya dhuliya cale bahu tili hari bale

du'-nayane bahe nita-ira pani

3. kapale tilaka shobhe kutila kuntala lole

gunjara antuni cuda taya

keshari jiniya kati kati-tate nila dhati

bajana nupura ranga paya

4. bhubana mohana besha maja-ila saba desha

rasabeshe ata aa hasa

prabhu mora nityananda kebala ananda-kanda

guna gaya brindabana dasa



1. O my brothers, In my Lord Nitai rests the highest limit of mercy. Compassionate on the fallen souls, He wandered from place to place, always begging the people to accept the great treasure of spiritual love.

2. In Lord Advaita's company He was so overcoem with ecstatic love for Lord Gaura, He could not even stand up. Staggering and falling as He walked, He raised His arms and chanted "Hari!" Tears streamed from His eyes.

3. Glorious tilaka decorated His forehead. His locks of curly hair swayed to and fro. He wore a crown of gunja. A blue garment was wrapped about His waist, a waist that defeated the lion's slender waist. Anklets jangled on His reddish feet.

4. His glorious appearance enchants all the worlds. He plunges all the worlds in the nectar of spiritual love. Overcome with ecstatic love, He loudly, loudly laughs. Lord Nityananda is my master. He is the root of spiritual bliss. Vrindavana dasa thus sings of His glories.



Song 3

Shri Krishna Speaks


1. With half a glance I caught a glimpse of half of Her face. What little did I see? I yearn to see more.

2. I saw Her and then I did not see Her. She was like a lightning flash coming from a cloud, a flash that suddenly appears, and then disappears again.

3. I yearn to see that graceful girl. I gaze at Her in My heart.

4. By My slow steps you can see that I have fallen in lovewith Her. My heart is always awake, hoping tos ee Her, even for a singel sesame seed's worth of time.

5. My eyes are overcome with the desire to see Her. She has become the whole world to Me. Kamadeva has wounded Me with one of his flower-arrows.



Song 4



1. When I see Your wonderful form from faraway, my eyes and heart run to meet You. When I touch You, flames erupt in my heart. What will happen to me? How will I remain alive?

2. (Refrain) O Madhava, how shall I explain it to You? You have pushed this beautiful girl into the flames of the bewilderment of love. As a moth burns in a fire, so this girl's body burns.

3. We talk, but I do not understand. I am only a child. What shall I believe? How many times did I lay on the bed only to find body ablaze in Kamadeva's flames?

4. Sitting in the kadamba forest by the Yamuna's shore, I wept, many tears falling from my eyes. Govinda dasa says: O Madhava, how will this worthy girl stay alive?



Song 5



1. O Hari! O Hari! Please listen attentively. Please look at me and keep me alive.

2. Moment after moment my beautiful body turns pale. All my playful nectar smiles have fled far away.

3. Tears flow and flow from my eyes. No word comes from dry lips.

4. My nice garments are thrown far away. My shyness is thrown far away. So many vices have come from my love for You.

5. Now I lie on the ground and sigh. The hope that I may some day attain You is all that keeps me alive.



Song 6



1. Hearing of Radha's sufferings, Lord Krishna, the crest jewel of the wise, asked about them in a voice choked with emotion. Leaving His palace, the playful hero Krishna quickly walked.

2. Forgotten were His jangling jewel anklets. Forgotten was His flute. Forgotten were His His careful arrangement of glorious garments. Gone were His ornaments. Gone was His peacock-feather crown.

3. The ten directions were fragrant with sandal. Night had come. They both yearned to see each other. They both yearned to touc. After many days They met in a forest grove.

4. They gazed at each other's faces. Their bodies trembled. Their arms about each other, They trembled. In Narahari's heart this wonder has awakened. They are like a full moon and a monsoon cloud.



Song 7



1. Her fair form is beautiful. Her face is beautiful. His limbs are dark and handsome, O! (They are like) a monsoon cloud and a lightning flash. Their forms are like that, O!

2. Black braids fall along Her back. They are like that, O! She walks. In Her hand She holds a love-letter, O!

3. She does not hesitate for a moment. Quickly She walks. Her belt of jewel bells jangles, O! Those bells have become like a parrot chanting the glories of Her hips, O!

4. Eventually the night ends. The couple's passionate love does not end., O! Here the nectar hero is Lord Krishna, the king of Vraja, and the beautiful heroine is Shri Radha. This is Simha Bhupati's meditation, O!



Song 8



1. On this night there is a shower of nectar. The people of Vrindavana are plunged in the nectar of spiritual love.

2. The path of love is slippery. It is filled with unexpected crooked twists and turns. It is muddy with musk, sandal, and kunkuma.

3. The dark monsoon cloud of Krishna showers a nectar monsoon of pure love. Embracing that cloud is the lightning flash that is beautiful playful Radha.

4. The monsoon is so great no one can see anything in any direction. There is a flood of spiritual love. Ananta dasa is now plunged in that flood. He does not know if he will be able to swim across it.