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Ashtavimsha Kshanada, Shukla Trayodashi

Twenty-eighth Night, Thirteenth Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Kamoda-raga)


1. (Refrain) gauranga bihara-i parama anande

nityananda kari sange       ganga-pulina range

          hari hari bale nija-brinde

2. kanca kancana mani        gora-rupa taha jini

          dagamagi prema-tarange

o naba-kusuma-dama           gale dole anupama

          helana narahari-ange

3. priyatama gadadhara       dhariya se bama kara

          nija guna ga-oye gobinde

bhabe bharala tanu      pulaka kadamba janu

          garajana yaichana simhe

4. ishata hasiya kshane      aruna-nayana-kone

          royata kiba abhilashe

sonari se saba khela         brindabana-rasa-lila

          ki baliba basudeba ghoshe



     1. (Refrain) Filled with bliss, Lord Gauranga enjoys many pastimes. Accompanied by Nityananda and a host of devotees, on the Ganga's banks He chants, "Hari! Hari!"

     2. His fair form defeats the new topaz. Playing in waves of spiritual love, He dives and surfaces. A peerless garland of new flowers moves to and fro on His neck. He leans against Narahari's body.

     3. Grasping dearmost Gadadhara's left hand, He sings His own glories, the glories of Lord Govinda. His body is overcome with ecstatic love. The hairs of his body stand erect. He roars like a lion.

     4. Another moment He gently smiles. What desire glistens in the glance from the corner of His reddish eyes? He suddenly remembers all His pastimes in Vrindavana. Ah, what will Vasudeva Ghosha say now?



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Shri-raga)


1. nita-i chaitanya duti bha-i dayara abadhi

shiba brahmara durlabha prema yace nirabadhi

2. cari bede anveshaye ye prema pa-ite

hena prema duti bha-i yace abirate

3. patita durgata yata kali-hata yara

nitai chaitanya bali nace gaya tara

4. bhubana-mangala bhela sankirtana-rase

raya ananta kande na pa-iya sheshe



     1. The two brothers Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nitai stand at the summit of kindness. Again and again They freely gave away the rare spiritual love even Brahma and Shiva find difficult to attain.

     2. The pure spiritual love the Vedas seek these two brothers again and again give away as a free gift.

     3. The fallen misguided souls devastated by Kali-yuga now chant "Nitai-Chaitanya!" and dance.

     4. Tasting the nectar of sankirtana, now all the worlds have become auspicious. Ananta Raya weeps. Only he was not able to taste any of that nectar.



Song 3


     1. A berautiful girl came, walking slowly like a graceful elephant. She smiled, turned away, and glanced at Me from the corner of Her eye. That girl was a magician. She shot at Me a magical flower-arrow.

     2. She held Me in her arms. Her face was very beautiful. She wore a campaka garland. She worshiped Kamadeva. She was beautiful like the autumn moon.

     3. A moving garment covered Her half-visible breasts, breasts like two Mount Sumerus sometimes covered by autumn clouds moving in the breeze.

     4. With another glance She brought cooling pleasure to Me. She broke into pieces My feelings of separation. The red yavaka that anointed her feet made My heart burst into flames. Now My whole body is in flames.

     5. Vidyapati says: O graceful girl, please listen. Your heart will not be peaceful. O beautiful girl decorated with jewels of the best virtues, you will always think: "Will He meet with me again?"



Song 4


     1. Radha criticizes sandalwood. She finds the moonlight to be very painful. Because snakes live in the Malaya Hills, She considers the Malaya breeze to be poison.

     2. O Madhava, Radha is very unhappy in separation from You. Out of fear of Kamadeva's arrows, She fixes Her meditation upon You.

     3. In order to protect You from the continual shower of Kamadeva's arrows, She places over You armor that is a network of lotus petals a water, an armor that had rested over Her own heart.

     4. Vowing to obtain the bliss of Your embraces, She has fashioned a bed decorated with flowers. A delightful place to enjoy pastimes, it is just like a bed of Kamadeva's arrows.

     5. Her restless, tear-filled eyes are two rainclouds. Her beautiful lotus face is like the moon, bitten by frightening Rahu's fangs, and trickling a stream of nectar in the form of tears.

     6. In a secluded place She draws in musk-ink a picture of You as kamadeva riding on a makara fish and holding a newly-blossomed mango-flower-arrow in Your hand.

     7. At every moment She repats: "O Madhava, I fall down at Your feet. In Your absence the nectar moon makes My body burst into flames."

     8. By intently meditating on You, She imagines You have ap”peared before Her. One moment She laments. The next moment She laughs. One moment she is depressed, another moment She She cries, another moment She burns with suffering, and another moment She becoems free of all pain.

     9. One will feel great transcendental bliss of he makes Jayadeva's song dance in his heart, and iof he recites these words spoken by the friend of a gopi afflicted by separation from Lord Krishna.



Song 5


     1-2. In this forest grove of newly-blossomed vanjula flowers, kuruvaka flowers, and new red gunja, please arrange that this saintly girl, a girl who possesses very deep and great virtues that have no peer anywhere in the world, will meet with Me.

     3. Please accept this great responsibility. Please arrange that I will cross to the farther shore of this great ocean of passionate desires.

     4. Do not delay. quickly go and do whatever is needed.

     5. Hearing these words Krishna spoke, the expert and intelligent gopi quickly departed.

     6. In a secluded place she sweetly spoke to Radha. She removed all obstacles. She said:

     7. "O gopi-friend, without wishing to, You have made Lord Krishna's heart burst into flames.

     8. "Now You should come before His eyes. Please extinguish the flames in His heart by showering them with the nectar of Your beauty."

     9. Please place in your ears these pure and splendid words of Hari-vallabha, words soft like sumanah flowers.



Song 6


     1. The necklace of pearls moves on your breasts. Your smile illuminates the moonlight.

     2. (Refrain) The beautiful full-moon-night is clothed in white. O beautiful one, go now to meet Lord Hari.

     3. Your garments are splendid like buffalo-yogurt. Your body is anointed with sandal-paste.

     4. Smiling white lotus-blossoms are placed on your ears. You will enjoy pastimes with the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead.



Song 7


     1. Radha's face is a lotus, Her complexion gold, and Her teeth pearls.

     2. Her nose is like a soft sesame flower. Black kajjala is the garment that clothes Her eyes.

     3. Radha's eyes are restless does. No girl in the three worlds is Her equal.

     4. The moon of a smile rises on Her red lips. A sweet black musk-dot rests on Her chin.

     5. Her raised breasts are golden mountains. A necklace of jewels rests over Her heart.

     6. Her garments fluttering in the breeze, She is like a moon embraced by lightning flashes.

     7. Her necklace of red coral is like a sun dawning over the sea.

     8. From the lake of Her navel ascends the snake of a line of hairs.

     9. Her waist is graceful like a lioness' waist. The three folds of skin there are the waves of Her youthfulness.

     10. Her graceful hips are Kamadeva's airplane. Her thighs are inverted banana trees.

     11. Tied with a lotus flower, the end of Her braids rests on the place where Her sash ties Her waist.

     12. Bells tinkle on the belt about Her waist. Her jangling anklets engage these bells in a strenuous debate.

     13. A coling shade follows Her lotus feet. That shade cools Jnana dasa's heart.



Song 8


     1. Radha enters Vrindavana forest. She meets Krishna. They gaze at each other's faces. Their bodies become filled with bliss.

     2. Krishna takes Radha's hand. He embraces Her. The two of Them are glorious like a monsoon cloud and a glistening lightning flash.



Song 9


     1. Her sweet and delicate limbs are embraced by Krishna's arms. Her face like a spotless moon, from the corner of playful, glistening eyes She glances at Him.

     2. Playful and graceful Radha sits on the bed of amorous pastimes and gently smiles.

     3. Again and again Krishna passionately embraces Her. With the elephant-goads of His sharp nails He scratches Her waterpot breasts.

     4. Kamadeva's arrows cut Radha's peacefulness, thoughtfulness, and shyness into pieces and plunge Her into the nectar ocean of passionate love.

     5. Radha passionately drinks the nectarof Krishna's lips. Her body is covered with perspiration.

     6. Her bracelets and ornaments sweetly jangle. She is like a swarm of bees drawen to the sweet fragrance of Krishna.

     7. She is like a lotus flower anointed with black musk. Her face is surrounded by curly hair wet with perspiration.

     8. She is most expert in the art of tasting the nectar of pastimes with Her beloved. Her great natural sweetness and charm bear fruit in Her pastimes with Him.