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Ashtadasha Kshanada, Shukla Tritiya

Eighteenth Night, Third Night of the Bright Fortnight


Song 1 Shri Gaurachandrasya (of Lord Gaurachandra) (Sindhuda-raga)


1. (Refrain) gauranga karuna-sindhu abatara

nije gune ganthiya         nama-cintamani

          jagate para-ola hara

2. kali-timirakula           akhila loka dekhi

          badana-canda parakasha

locana-prema-       sudha-rasa-barishane


3. bhakata-kalapa-taru        antare antaru

          ropala thamahim thama

yachu pada-tala          alambana panthika

          purala nija nija kama

4. bhaba-gajendra       cadhayala akincane

          aichana pahunko bilasa

samsara-kala-         kuta-bishe dagadhala

          ekali gobinda dasa



     1. (Refrain) Lord Gauranga is an ocean of kindness. Descending to this world, on the string of His own virtues He tied the cintamani jewels of His holy names. That necklace He gave to the people of the world.

     2. Seeing that everyone stood in the darkness of Kali-yuga, He made the moon of His face shine with pleasing light. With His glances He made a great shower of the nectar of love. In this way He destroyed the burning sufferings of the world's people.

     3. In heart after heart He planted the kalpa-taru tree of devotional service. Offering shelter at the soles of His feet, He fulfilled the desires of the souls wandering in this world.

     4. He made the elephant of ecstatic spiritual love pick the devotees up from this world. In this way the Lord enjoyed pastimes. Only Govinda dasa was left behind. He alone now burns in the poison-flames of repeated birth and death.



Song 2 Shri Nityanandacandrasya (of Lord Nityanandacandra) (Shri-raga)


1. nita-i karunamaya abatara

dekhiya dina-hina          karaye prema-dana

          agama nigamera sara

2. sahaje dhala dhala       sakala niramala

          kamala jiniya ankhi-shobha

badana-mandala         koti-shashadhara

          jiniya jaga-mana-lobha

3. anga sucikkana      madana-mohana

          kanthe shobhe mani-hara

bacana-racana dure gela


4. nabina kari-kara          jiniya bhuja-bara

          tahe shobhe hema-danda

heriya saba loka        pasare dukha-shoka

          khandaye hridaya pashanda

5. nita-ira karunaya       abani bhasala

          purala jaga-mana-asha

e prema laba lesha       parasha na pa-iya

          kandaye harirama dasa



     1. Merciful Lord Nitai has descended to this world. Seeing tyhe poor and fallen people, He gave them the great treasure of spiritual love, a treasure that is the best thing in all the Agama and Nigama scriptures.

     2. Tears stream fropm His glorious eyes, eyes that defeat the lotus flowers. The circle of His face defats many millions of moons. The hearts of this world yearn to attain Him.

     3. His glorious limbs charm even Kamadeva. A glorious jewel necklace rests on His neck. He keeps the blinding darkness of sinful gossip far away from His ears.

     4. In His glorious arms, arms that defeat the young elephant's trunk, He holds a golden staff. When the people see Him, they forget all their pains and troubles. Their stone hearts break into pieces.

     5. Merciful Lord Nitai plunged the entire world in the flood of spiritual love. In this way He fulfilled the desires felt in every heart in this world. Unable to touch even a single drop of that flood of spiritual love, Harinama dasa weeps.



Song 3

Shri Krishna Speaks


     1. When I see sweet Radha walking on the Yamuna's path, My heart breaks. No longer do I remain conscious.

     2. O gopi-friend, how shall I approach Her? How shall I gaze upon Her, so that the beauty of Her form fills My eyes?

     3. Her long hair cascades down to her hips. Does a stream of nectar fall, or not?

     4. Her enchanting face glistens with great splendor. It is like Kamadeva's camara wisk, or like a full moon.

     5. Covered with drop after drop of perspiration, She seems like a full moon decorated with a host of pearl ornemants.

     6. Her disarrayed blue garments half cover Her breasts, breasts that then seem like two mountains partly covered by dark clouds.

     7. A pearl necklace moves to and fro over Her half-covered breasts, bereasts that seem like to golden summits of Mount Sumeru, two summits where the celestial Ganga flows.

     8. These thoughts now flod My heart. Govinda dasa says: That is Shri Krishna's conclusion.



Song 4

A Gopi-messenger Speaks


     1. In Vrindavana forest You met a girl fair like gold, a girl surrounded by Her many girlfriends. With Her You enjoyed many pastimes. When She sipped the poison of the sweetness of Your glances, that poison entered Her body. Then Her body became dark.

     2. O Madhava, that saintly and beautiful girl does not move. She keeps You in Her heart. Day and night She sings Your glories.

     3. Her elders and superiors do not understand. Her friends are all bewildered at heart. They do not know the nature of Her malady, which springs from Her separation from You.

     4. How shall I employ jewels, or mantras, or herbs to cure that beautiful girl? Her eyes are always closed in a trance of samadhi.

     5. Moment after moment Her limbs are bent. Her body is bent. Her words are all bewildered. When She hears the word “Shyama", Her body becomes filled with wonder. Govinda dasa does not know what has happened to Her.



Song 5


     1. Her body, naturally like a statue made of butter, now burns in the flames of separation from You.

     2. Her complexion, naturally fair like gold ten times purified, is now dark as again and again She remembers Your name.

     3. Her lips, naturally red like bandhuli flowers, are now white like dhutura flowers.

     4. Her dishevelled braids move to and fro on Her breasts. They are like a camara placed on Mount Sumeru.

     5. O Madhava, please listen. How shall I tell You. Day and night She does not understand anything.

     6. Her garments and Her elephant-pearl necklace seem to Her a great burden to carry.

     7. Her finger-rings and bracelets are now gone. Jnana dasa says: Kamadeva has caused this malady.



Song 6


     1. When You heard the glories of the hero Krishna, Your beautiful body was struck by a horrible flaming arrow. Your face became pale like the moon. Your sighs became like flames. Your garland of forest flowers wilted.

     2. (Refrain) Your peerless love is effulgent, effulgent because powerful Krishna has thrust beautiful saintly You into flames of passionate love.

     3. After You saw Lord Krishna You rested Your slender form on a bed decorated with flowers. Then You suddenly fell unconscious to the ground. You looked like a lightning flash suddenly thrown from a raincloud.

     4. O girl with a face like the glistenign moon, how many gopi-friends at once struggled in hundreds of ways to bring You back to consciousness? When the sweet fragrance of news of Your beloved entered Your heart, You at once became conscious. Then You sat up.

     5. O beautiful girl, then Krishna came and put His arm around You. He held You to His heart. His face met Yours. Then Your body and His blossomed in peerless bliss. Then You again fell unconscious, O Radha.

     6. Then Krishna touched Your beautiful face and body. Glorious like a dark cloud, He showered on You the nectar of His lips. Hari-vallabha says: The two of Them found Their eyes filled with monsoon rains of tears, rains that made the farmers' crops of the hairs of Your bodies grow erect with bliss.