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Chapter 16

Afternoon Pastimes

(3:36 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.)



Although She was fixed in Her love for Her dearest Krishna, Shri Radhika lost Her patience when He vanished from the corners of Her eyes, that were like His abode and looked like spotless lotus flowers. Then afflictions like sorrow forcibly attacked Her heart, entering it to break it. As She was afflicted by the disease of separation from Her Pranapriya, Her sakhis tried to cure Her with the medicine of their consoling words, but all was futile. Shri Radhika experienced a second to last a millennium, Her parent's home to be like a waterless well and Her shame to be like a net as hard as diamonds. Although Her sakhis served Her as was proper by repeatedly smearing Her body with sandalwood paste, lotus pollen and camphor, the heat of her afflicted body made these substances dry up and then they had to apply them again. Just then, Chandanakala, one sakhi who was excited by divine love, came before Her.


The sakhis asked her, "Where do you come from?"


Chandanakala said, "From Vrindavana."


Sakhis: "What for?"


Chandanakala: "On the order of queen Yashoda!"


Sakhis: "What was that order?"


Chandanakala: "To engage Radhika in quickly cooking something for Krishna and to bring it to her."


Sakhis: "What is Krishna doing now?"


Chandanakala: "He's playing different ball games with His friends."


Krishna said, "A-re Shridaman, what are you saying? Don't you remember that the stories of My glories bust open your ears, and that I almost crushed you with My boltlike arms, wielding a rod? If you desire your own welfare, then you should get out, right after hearing about our fight.


Shridama said, "Shridama, who is famous for his power, has been victorious and will remain victorious, that can be seen on Your shoulders (Shridama sat ther after defeating Krishna, Bhagavata Purana 10.18.24), but You still diminish Your own glories by showing Your restlessness with Your angry and proud face? You're so proud of killing these demons, but for no reason. The brahmins killed Putana with their mantras, and did You enter Aghasura's body alone, or what? And if You say, 'I lifted Govardhana Hill', then I'll say it went up in the air by itself, being pleased with our Govardhana puja! Why are You so proud?"


"O sakhis!" Chandanakala said, "in this way Krishna became very enthusiastic to fight with His friends, who worshipped His splendid rays with millions of hearts by sprinkling Him with the nectar drops of their proud words. Being love personified, He spent some time with two or three of these friends on the bank of the Yamuna." In this way Chandanakala saved Shri Radhika's life by throwing Her Fishlike heart from the dry land of separation from Her Priyatama back into the nectar river of Krishna consciousness by telling Her stories about Him. Then, she told Radhika that queen Yashoda, whose heart was moistened by affection for her son, Krishna, had ordered Her to cook a meal for Him.


Before cooking, Shri Radhika was ornamented with sixteen sweet akalpa ornaments: a bath, garments, ordure of sandalwood paste, tilaka, a lotus flower, makari picttures on Her cheeks, footlac, flower garland, braid, pratisara amulet, ear ornaments, eyeliner, nose pearl, drop of musk on Her chin, flowers in Her hair and betel leaves. Then, there are Her twelve abharana ornaments, namely Her crest jewel, graiveyaka neck ornament, anklets, keyura armlets, sash with bells, hoop earrings, regular earrings, bangles, necklaces, anklebells, finger and toe rings.


After being thus ornamented, Shri Radhika eagerly said, "This afternoon seems to last like a thousand millennia and still the day is not over, yet. This deceitful Creator made this afternoon just like a rod to crush my insect-like heart." Then, She began to cry streams of tears and Her face wilted with sorrow.


Lalita then quickly found a remedy by bringing Radha upon the watchtower, saying, "Radha, come out of the sour ocean of Your sorrow. Look at the dust thrown up by Krishna's cows there in the east!"


Shri Radhika said, "O auspicious One, this is not dust, but camphor powder to cool off My afflicted eyes, entering from afar. Or is it a medicine to revive My bird-like life airs, that had come up to My throat, bringing it back to My heart?" Just then, a cool breeze blew from the east, so Shri Radhika said, "Lalita, I'm very fortunate that this merciful eastern wind that carries the sweat drops of your beloved One is reviving Me! This wind is not only in name, but also with its qualities the life air of the world. O sakhi, is the loving son of the king of Vraja remembering My miserable condition of separation from Him, quickly coming towards Me now, Keeping His cows in front of Himself? How can He move swiftly when His gait is naturally slow like that of a lusty bull? And how can He come closer while He's on the distant foot path?"


Lalita said, "Radha, why are You so sad? Your lover is almost here now! He wears spotless tilaka and has restless curly locks hanging over His forehead that is surrounded by humming bees. The fragrance of His tulasi garland pervades all directions and He destroys all Your sorrow with His slightly lowered crimson turban with a peacock feather stuck in it. He does japa of His cows' names, according to their colors, on a jewelled mala, calling them by name, 'Hee hee Pinge. Dhumre. Dhavali. Sabali. Syeni. Harini.' and counts them, eventhough they are innumerable. In this way, He soothes Your eyes that are burning with the fever of separation from Him. Radha, listen to the sound of His flute, that attracts all the girls of Vraja from their homes and that causes Cupid to arise in their hearts. Let's deceive our superiors and go to the garden to pick flowers." So, Radha quickly followed Her sakhis downstairs, Her patience being diminished by Her eagerness to see Krishna..


Hearing Krishna's flute, Shyamala sakhi said, "Sakhi Bakulamale, you don't have to decorate my ears with flowers anymore. They are already decorated by the song of Krishna's flute! Let me go, I fall at your feet. I will be cooled off only by the Krishna-cloud. There's no need for me to put blackish mascara on my eyes, because blue mascara Krishna is coming from the forest to relieve the affliction of my eyes!" Saying this, Shyamala threw off all of her ornaments and quickly came to see Shri Radhika.


The doe eyed gopi group leaders (yutheshwaris) said to each other, "Bhadra, don't delay! Chandravali, give up your sorrow and look at Krishna. Dhnaya, give up your complacency. Kamala, quickly come out of your house! Pali, why are you still feeling sad? Quickly come and be revived by the nectar of Hari's beautiful limbs."


To facilitate Krishna's meeting with His dear ones, Balarama, Shridama and the other boys went ahead of Him to Nandishwara with the cows that were calling their calves with their mooing and that ran ahead to meet them. The boys then entered Nandishwara to lift their mothers out of the ocean of their sorrow. When Krishna slowly entered the village (Yavat or Barsana) He threw the slender gopis into a whirlpool of erotic bliss with His restless, lazy glances. His flower garland swung on His chest and He was playing ball with the gopis' flowerball-like minds in which the ocean of His youthful, natural beauty was swelling. With His luster, Krishna made the roads look like forests of blooming blue lotus flowers and the gopis' bee-like eyes feasted on the sweet honey of these lotus flowers. Krishna's anklebells jingled loudly as He slowly moved on into Gokula with His dear friends.


Seeing this, Shyamala said, "Sakhi, there's no need to proudly hold onto your shame. Radha, Varada Pasupati has come! Look at Him with the bee-like pupils of Your lotus-like eyes. If You worship Pasupati like this, You will find relief from the onslaughts of His enemy, Cupid. Such auspicious opportunities are rare."


Shri Radhika replied, "Shyama, quickly run there and worship this Mahesha by offering Him your two soft lotus buds. O fair faced one, if your desires are fulfilled in a moment through this worship, I will be submerged in an ocean of bliss and nectar."


Shyamala said to Lalita, "Sakhi Lalita, Don't lie to me. Why did this young honeybee leave the blooming vines, and why is he dizzy?"


Lalita said, "Sakhi Shyama, it's true! This young honeybee fell on the incomparably fragrant malati vine and cannot move anymore."


As Radhika and Shyama's discussion cooled off Krishna's ears like a stream from a pond of love, Shri Radhika's blossoming, lotus-like face, with Her dancing, wagtailbird-like eyes, hid in the blossoming vines again, after having once been seen by Krishna's eyes.


Anxiously, Giridhari thought, "Aha! The thirsty chakora bird of My eyes only stuck out its beak to drink the nectar of the rising moon. A-re Creator, you big offender! Damn you for taking this nectar away, again."


Shri Radhika thought, "O Lajja (shame)! You don't have to leave My whole body. Just leave the corners of My eyes for a while, so I can just once lick the nectar of Krishna's face. O cloud of bliss, be pleased with Me. Don't obstruct My vision! O Cupid, I fall at your feet. Don't make me shiver anymore." Then, She repeatedly told Heerself with love, "How will I be so bold to lift My eyes just once to look at Krishna?" Just then, Her sakhis cleverly pulled at Her from a vine kunja, bringing Her into Krishna's sight. Shri Radhika looked at Krishna with anxious eyes. How amazing! As the red Saraswati stream of Krishna's glances became one with the blue Yamuna stream of Radhika's glances, they turned as white as the current of the Ganga. The Triveni, in which Radha and Krishna's elephant-like hearts thus united also caused the lotus flower of the gopis' eyes to blossom. That is also amazing! Thus the rasika couple, Radha Madhava, became stunned on the road. Seeing this, Radhika's sakhis anxiously took Her home and Krishna's sakhis also took Krishna home. These helpful friends consoled Them, promising Them that They could meet again after sundown, so that They would not faint from misery. Then, Shri Krishna, who is the embodied spirit of parental affection and the external life of His mother and father, came home. Upon seeing this, Visahka sent Tulasi manjari off to queen Yashoda with Krishna's favorite nectar pie.


Shri Radhika said, "Visakha, this shameless womaniser wants to put His hands on My girdle. He forcibly attackc Me here on the road. Did you see that, O curious one? Although I cried out loud, that ravisher of maidens wouldn't let me go! Quickly call Jatila and bring her here."


Madly lamenting in this way, Shri Radhika became weak. She shivered and perspired out of affliction and when She opened Her eyes, She was astonished to find Herself lying on a bed of flowers. Just to defeat Cupid's onslaughts, She asked Her sakhis with a faltering voice, "Where is My dear One? What am I doing here? Is this house Priyatama's flower garden or the house of My superiors? Is it evening, morning or night time? Am I asleep or awake?"


One sakhi said, "O lotus faced One, You have left the garden and come home. Your Priyatama also went home after playing with You in the kunja. He's now soothing His parents' intense affliction of separation from Him! He will come later to make Your lotus-like eyes bloom again."


The lake of Vraja, that had dried up from the severe heat of the sun of separation from Krishna, was now again blissfully filled up by the ecstatic showers from the Krishna cloud that made the lotus like faces of the Vrajavasis bloom up with satisfaction once more.


Thus ends chapter sixteen of Shrila Visvanatha Cakravrti's "Krishna Bhavanamrita Mahakavya," called 'Afternoon Pastimes.'