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Shri Bhakti Ratnavali


Compiled by Shrila Vishnu Puri





Vishnu Puri:

1-†††††† Born in Tirhut in Mithila.

2-†††††† Wrote BR in Benares.

3-†††††† Some claim he was contemporary of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

4-†††††† Other s claim he appeared 2 centuries before.

5-†††††† Some say he was a disciple of Purusottama Tirtha or Brahmanya Tirtha.

6-†††††† Tradition says that he met Mahaprabhu when He visited Benares. Later when Vishnu Puriís disciples visited Jagannath Puri to pay homage to Mahaprabhu, they asked Him if he had a message for their guru. He told them that He wanted a necklace of gems. The bewildered disciples returned to Benares and told Vishnu Puri the message. He understood at one and subsequently began to compose BR. When Mahaprabhu received it, He offered it to Lord Jagannatha.

7-†††††† Chaitanya Charitamrita mentions his name as one of the sannyasis present in Puri at the time of Mahaprabhu.

8-†††††† Gaura Ganodesa Dipika mentions him as the disciple of Jayadharma Tirtha- this would certainly put him back about 2 centuries.