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(Bhakti yoga--the path of the Devotee)


[Thishas been said (by B.P. Wadia) to be the chapter of prime importance in chelashipor discipleship--where Arjuna the warrior, who symbolizes the human HigherEgo, is being instructed by Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu or the Love-wisdom(form-preserving) aspect of the Solar Logos, who symbolizes the human Monador Divine spark, as to the best devotional path to God-consciousness ortrue SELF-Realization.]




1. Arjuna said:


Of those who are thus ever integrated and serve You with loyal devotion, and those who [revere] the Imperishable nmanifest, which are the most experienced [or most perfect] in spiritual exercise.


2. The Blessed Lord said:


Those I deem to be most integrated who fix their thoughts on Me and serve Me, ever integrated [in themselves], filled with the highest faith.

3. But those who revere the indeterminate Imperishable Unmanifest [Parabrahman, Godhead], unthinkable though coursing everywhere, sublime, aloof, unmoving, firm,

4. Who hold in check the complex of the senses, in all things equal-minded, taking pleasure in the weal [or welfare] of all contingent [manifest or conditioned] beings, these too attain to me [to My Consciousness].

5. [But] greater is the toil of those whose thinking clings to the Unmanifest; for difficult [indeed] it is for embodied men to reach-and-tread the unmanifested way.




6. But those who cast off [or dedicate] all their works on [or to] Me, solely intent on Me, and meditate on me in spiritual exercise, leaving no room for others, [and so really] do Me honor,

7. These will I lift up on high out of the ocean of recurring death, and that right soon, for their thoughts are fixed on Me.

8. On me alone let your mind dwell, stir up your soul to enter Me; thenceforth in very truth in Me you will find your home.

9. But if you are unable in all steadfastness to concentrate your thoughts on Me, then seek to win Me by effort unremitting.

10. And if for such effort you lack the strength, then work-and-act for Me, make this your goal; for even if you work only for my sake, you will receive the prize.

11. And then again if even this exceeds your powers, gird up your loins, renounce the fruit of all your works with [personal] self restrained.

12. For better is wisdom than [mere] effort, better than wisdom meditation; and [better] than meditation to renounce the fruits of works: renunciation leads straightway to peace.




13. Let a man feel hatred for no contingent being, let him be friendly, compassionate; let him be done with thoughts of 'I' and 'mine', the same in pleasure as in pain [viragya], long suffering.

14. Content and ever integrated, his [personal] self restrained, his purpose firm, let his mind be steeped in Me, let him worship Me with love: then will I love him [in return].

15. That man I love from whom the people do not shrink and who does not shrink from them, who is free from exaltation, fear, impatience, and excitement.

16. I love the man who has no expectation, is pure and skilled, indifferent, who has no worries and gives up all [selfish] enterprise, loyal-and-devoted to me.

17. I love the man who hates not nor exults, who mourns not nor desires, who puts away both pleasant and unpleasant things, who is loyal-devoted-and-devout.

18-19. I love the man who is the same to friend and foe, [the same] whether he be respected or despised, the same in heat and cold, in pleasure as in pain, who has put away attachment and remains unmoved by praise or blame, who is taciturn, contented with whatever comes his way, having no home, of steady mind, [but] loyal-devoted-and-devout.

20. But as for those who reverence these deathless [words] of righteousness which I have just now spoken, putting their faith [in them], making Me their goal, my loving-devotees,--these do I love exceedingly.