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Sannyasa Suktam

(Maha-narayanopanisad 4.12)



om na karmana na prajaya dhanena tyagenaike amrtatvam anasuh /

parena nakam nihitam guhayam vibhrajate yad yatayo visanti /


vedanta-vijnana suniscatartha sannyasa yogad-yataya-suddha-sattvah /

te brahma-loke tu paranta-kale paramrtat-parimucyanti sarve /


dahram vipapam  parame' sma bhutam yat-pundarikam pura-madhya sagmstham /

tatrapi dahram gaganam visokas-tasmin yad antas tad upasitavyam /


yo vedadau svarah prokto vedante ca pratistatah /

tasya prakrti-linasya yah para-sa mahesvarah //



One can achieve immortality in association with the Lord, not by ones own  pious deeds, nor by the pious deeds of one's sons, nor  by the accumulation of wealth, but  only by renunciation of all enjoyment for oneself and offering everything to the Supreme Lord. This state of perfection, which is attained by the real sannyasis, is situated far beyond this world, and is difficult to reach for the ordinary man.


Those sannyasis, having realized the actual conclusion of the Vedas,  having  given up  personal  sense  enjoyment  for engagement  in the Lord's service, and being completely free of the influence of  the  material modes, at the end of their lives  become  freed from the material world and enter that Vaikuntha realm.


There is a lotus situated within the body, in the middle of the heart, a place free from all suffering. It is the spiritual sky, free from  all material contamination  and  lamentation. There resides the object of our worship.


He who  is  glorified  at  the  beginning  of  the  Vedas, and  is firmly established at the end of the Vedas, who resides beyond the material sphere, who is second to none, He is the Supreme.