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III Imprecations Against Demons, Sorcerers, And Enemies (Abhikarikani And Krityapratiharanani).


I, 7. Against sorcerers and demons.

1. The sorcerer (yatudhana) that vaunts himsel and the Kimidin do thou, O Agni, convey hither! For thou, O god, when lauded, becomest the destroyer of the demon.

2. Partake of the ghee, of the sesame-oil, O Agni Gatavedas, that standest on high, conquerest by thyself! Make the sorcerers howl!

3. The sorcerers and the devouring (atrin) Kimidin shall howl! Do ye, moreover, O Agni and Indra, receive graciously this our oblation!

4. Agni shall be the first to seize them, Indra with his (strong) arms shall drive them away! Every wizard, as soon as he comes, shall proclaim himself, saying, 'I am he'!

5. We would see thy might, O Gatavedas; disclose to us the wizards, O thou that beholdest men! May they all, driven forth by thy fire, disclosing themselves, come to this spot!

6. Seize hold, O Gatavedas: for our good thou wast born! Become our messenger, O Agni, and make the sorcerers howl!

7. Do thou, O Agni, drag hither the sorcerers, bound in shackles; then Indra with his thunderbolt shall cut off their heads!


I, 8. Against sorcerers and demons.

1. May this oblation carry hither the sorcerers, as a river (carries) foam! The man or the woman who has performed this (sorcery), that person shall here proclaim himself!

2. This vaunting (sorcerer) has come hither: receive him with alacrity! O Brihaspati, put him into subjection; O Agni and Soma, pierce him through!

3. Slay the offspring of the sorcerer, O soma-drinking (Indra), and subject (him)! Make drop out the farther and the nearer eye of the braggart (demon)!

4. Wherever, O Agni Gatavedas, thou perceivest the brood of these hidden devourers (atrin), do thou, mightily strengthened by our charm, slay them: slay their (brood), O Agni, piercing them a hundredfold!


I, 16. Charm with lead, against demons and sorcerers.

1. Against the devouring demons who, in the night of the full-moon, have arisen in throngs, may Agni, the strong, the slayer of the sorcerers, give us courage!

2. To the lead Varuna gives blessing, to the lead Agni gives help. Indra gave me the lead: unfailingly it dispels sorcery.

3. This (lead) overcomes the vishkandha, this smites the devouring demons (atrin); with this I have overwhelmed all the brood of the Pisakas.

4. If thou slayest our cow, if our horse or our domestic, we pierce thee with the lead, so that thou shalt not slay our heroes.


VI, 2. The soma-oblation directed against Demons (rakshas).

1. Press the soma, ye priests, and rinse it (for renewed pressing), in behalf of Indra who shall listen to the song of the worshipper, and to my call!

2. Do thou, O doughty (Indra), whom the drops of soma enter as birds a tree, beat off the hostile brood of the Rakshas!

3. Press ye the soma for Indra, the soma-drinker, who wields the thunderbolt! A youthful victor and ruler is he, praised by many men.


II, 14. Charm against a variety of female demons, conceived as hostile to men, cattle, and home.

1. Nissala, the bold, the greedy demon (?dhishana), and (the female demon) with long-drawn howl, the bloodthirsty; all the daughters of Kanda, the Sadanvas do we destroy.

2. We drive you out of the stable, out of the axle (of the wagon), and the body of the wagon; we chase you, O ye daughters of Magundi, from the house.

3. In yonder house below, there the grudging demons (arayi) shall exist; there ruin shall prevail, and all the witches!

4. May (Rudra), the lord of beings, and Indra. drive forth from here the Sadanvas; those that am seated on the foundation of the house Indra shall overcome with his thunderbolt!

5. Whether ye belong to (the demons) of inherited disease, whether ye have been dispatched by men, or whether ye have originated from the Dasyus (demon-like aborigines), vanish from here, O ye Sadanvas!

6. About their dwelling-places I did swiftly course, as if on a race-course. I have won all contests with you: vanish from here, O ye Sadanvas!


III, 9. Against vishkandha and kabava (hostile demons).

1. Of karsapha and visapha heaven is the father and earth the mother. As, ye gods, ye have brought on (the trouble), thus do ye again remove it!

2. Without fastening the), (the protecting plants?) held fast, thus it has been arranged by Manu. The vishkandha do I render impotent, like one who gelds cattle.

3. A talisman tied to a reddish thread the active (seers) then do fasten on: may the fastenings render impotent the eager, fiery kabava!

4. And since, O ye eager (demons), ye walk like gods by the wile of the Asuras, the fastening (of the amulet) is destructive to the kabava, as the ape to the dog.

5. I revile thee, the kabava, unto misfortune, (and) shall work harm for thee. Accompanied with curses ye shall go out like swift chariots!

6. A hundred and one vishkandha are spread out along the earth; for these at the beginning they brought out thee, the amulet, that destroys vishkandha.


IV, 20. Charm with a certain plant (sadampushpa) which exposes demons and enemies.

1. He sees here, he sees yonder, he sees in the distance, he sees--the sky, the atmosphere as well as the earth, all that, O goddess, he sees.

2. The three heavens, the three earths, and these six directions severally; all creatures may I see through thee, O divine plant!

3. Thou art verily the eyeball of the divine eagle; thou didst ascend the earth as a weary woman a palanquin.

4. The thousand-eyed god shall put this plant into my right hand: with that do I see every one, the Sudra as well as the Arya.

5. Reveal (all) forms, do not hide thy own self; moreover, do thou, O thousand-eyed (plant), look the Kimidins in the face!

6. Reveal to me the wizards, and reveal the witches, reveal all the Pisakas: for this purpose do I take hold of thee, O plant!

7. Thou art the eye of Kasyapa, and the eye of the four-eyed bitch. Like the sun, moving in the bright day, make thou the Pisaka evident to me!

8. 1 have dragged out from his retreat the sorcerer and the Kimidin. Through this (charm) do I see every one, the Sudra as well as the Arya.

9. Him that flies in the air, him that moves across the sky, him that regards the earth as his resort, that Pisaka do thou reveal (to me)!


IV, 17. Charm with the apamarga-plant, against sorcery, demons, and enemies.

1. We take hold, O victorious one, of thee, the mistress of remedies. I have made thee a thing of thousandfold strength for ever), one, O plant!

2. Her, the unfailingly victorious one, that wards off curses, that is powerful and defensive; (her and) all the plants have I assembled, intending that she shall save us from this (trouble)!

3. The woman who has cursed us with a curse, who has arranged dire misfortune (for us), who has taken hold of our children, to rob them of their strengthmay she eat (her own) offspring!

4. The magic spell which they have put into the unburned vessel, that which they have put into the blue and red thread, that which they have put into raw flesh, with these slay thou those that have prepared the spell!

5. Evil dreams, troubled life, Rakshas, gruesomeness, and grudging demons (arayi), all the evil-named, evil-speakinor (powers), these do we drive out from us.

6. Death from hunger, and death from thirst, poverty in cattle, and failure of offspring, all that, O apamarga, do we wipe out (apa mrigmahe) with thee.

7. Death from thirst, and death from hunger, moreover, ill-luck at dice, all that, O apamarga, do we wipe out with thee.

8. The apamarga is sole ruler over all plants, with it do we wipe mishap from thee: do thou then live exempt from disease!


IV, 18. Charm with the apamarga-plant, against sorcerers and demons.

1. Night is like unto the sun, the (starry) night is similar to day. The truth do I engage for help: the enchantments shall be devoid of force!

2. He, O ye gods, who prepares a spell, and carries it to the house of one that knows not (of it), upon him the spell, returning, shall fasten itself like a suckling calf upon its mother!

3. The person that prepares evil at home, and desires with it to harm another, she is consumed by fire, and many stones fall upon her with a loud crash.

4. Bestow curses, O thou (apamarga), that hast a thousand homes, upon the (demons) visikha ('crestless'), and vigriva ('crooked-neck')! Turn back the spell upon him that has performed it, as a beloved maid (is brought) to her lover!

5. With this plant I have put to naught all spells, those that they have put into thy field, thy cattle, and into thy domestics.

6. He that has undertaken them has not been able to accomplish them: he broke his foot, his toe. He performed a lucky act for us, but for himself an injury.

7. The apamarga-plant shall wipe out (apa marshtu) 'inherited ills, and curses; yea, it shall wipe out all witches, and all grudging demons (arayi)!

8. Having wiped out all sorcerers, and all grudging demons, with thee, O apamarga, we wipe all that (evil) out.


IV, 19. Mystic power of the apamarga-plant, against demons and sorcerers.

1. On the one hand thou deprivest of kin, on the other thou now procurest kinfolk. Do thou, moreover, cut the offspring of him that practises spells, as a reed that springs up in the rain!

2. By a Brahmana thou hast been blest, by Kanva, the descendant of Nrishad. Thou goest like a stronor army; where thou hast arrived, O plant, there there is no fear.

3. Thou goest at the head of the plants, spreading lustre, as if with a light. Thou art on the one hand the protector of the weak, on the other the slayer of the Rakshas.

4. When of yore, in the beginning, the gods drove out the Asuras with thee, then, O plant, thou wast begotten as apamarga ('wiping out').

5. Thou cuttest to pieces (vibhindati), and hast a hundred branches; vibhindant ('cutting to pieces') is thy father's name. Do thou (turn) against, and cut to pieces (vi bhindhi) him that is hostile towards us!

6. Non-being arose from the earth, that goes to heaven, (as) a great expansion. Thence, verily, that, spreading vapours, shall turn against the performer (of spells)!

7. Thou didst grow backward, thou hast fruit which is turned backward. Ward off from me all curses, ward off very far destructive weapons!

8. Protect me with a hundredfold, guard me with a thousandfold (strength)! Indra, the strong, shall put strength into thee, O prince of plants!


VII, 65. Charm with the apamarga-plant, against curses, and the consequences of sinful deeds.

1. With fruit turned backward thou verily didst grow, O apamarga: do thou drive all curses quite far away from here!

2. The evil deeds and foul, or the sinful acts which we have committed, with thee, O apamarga, whose face is turned to every side, do we wipe them out (apa mrigmahe).

3. If we have sat together with one who has black teeth, or diseased nails, or one who is deformed, with thee, O apamarga, we wipe all that out (apa mrigmahe).


X, 1. Charm to repel sorceries or spells.

1. The (spell) which they skilfully prepare, as a bride for the wedding, the multiform (spell), fashioned by hand, shall go to a distance: we drive it away!

2. The (spell) that has been brought forward by the fashioner of the spell, that is endowed with head, endowed with nose, endowed with ears, and multiform, shall go to a distance: we drive it away!

3. (The spell) that has been prepared by a Sadra, prepared by a Raga, prepared by a woman, prepared by Brahmans, as a wife rejected by her husband, shall recoil upon her fabricator, (and) his kin!

4. With this herb have I destroyed all spells, that which they have put into thy field, into thy cattle, and into thy men.

5. Evil be to him that prepares evil, the curse shall recoil upon him that utters curses: back do we hurl it against him, that it may slay him that fashions the spell.

6. Pratikina (' Back-hurler'), the descendant of Angiras, is our overseer and officiator (purohita): do thou drive back again (pratikih) the spells, and slay yonder fashioners of the spells!

7. He that has said to thee (the spell): 'go on'! upon that enemy, that antagonist do thou turn, O spell: do not seek out us, that are harmless!

8. He that has fitted together thy joints with skill, as the wagoner (Ribhu) the joints of a chariot, to him go, there is thy course: this person here shall remain unknown to thee!

9. They that have prepared thee and taken hold of thee, the cunning wizards-this is what cures it, destroys the spell, drives it back the opposite way - with it do we bathe thee.

10. Since we have come upon tile wretched (spell), as upon (a cow) with a dead calf, flooded away (by a river), may all evil go away from me, and mav possessions come to me!

11. If (thy enemies) have made (offerings) to thy Fathers, or have called thy name at the sacrifice, may these herbs free thee from every indigenous evil!

12. From the sin of the gods, and that of the fathers, from mentions of (thy) name, from (evil schemes) concocted at home, may the herbs free thee with might, through (this) charm, (and these) stanzas, (that are) the milk of the Rishis!

13. As the wind stirs up the dust from the earth, and the cloud from the atmosphere, thus may all misfortune, driven by my charm, go away from me!

14. Stride away (O spell), like a loudly braying she-ass, that has been loosened (from the tether); reach those that have fabricated thee, driven from here by (my) forceful charm!

15. 'This is the way, O spell,' with these words do we lead thee. Thee that hast been sent Out against us do we send back again. Go this way like a crushing army, with heavy carts, thou that art multiform, and crowned by a crest(?)!

16. In the distance there is light for thee, hitherward there is no road for thee; away from us take thy course! By another road cross thou ninety navigable streams, hard to cross! Do not injure, go away!

17. As the wind the trees, crush down and fell (the enemy), leave them neither cow, nor horse, nor serving-man! Turn from here upon those that have fabricated thee, O spell, awaken them to childlessness!

18. The spell or the magic which they have buried against thee in the sacrificial straw (barhis), in the field, (or) in the burial-ground, or if with superior skill they have practised sorcery against thee, that art simple and innocent, in thy household fire,--

19. The hostile, insidious instrument which they have brought hither has been discovered; that which has been dug in we have detected. It shall go whence it has been brought hither; there, like a horse, it shall disport itself, and slay the offspring of him that has fashion'ed the spell!

20. Swords of good brass are in our house: we know how many joints thou hast, O spell! Be sure to rise, go away from hence! O stranger, what seekest thou here?

21. I shall hew off, O spell, thy neck, and thy feet: run away! May Indra and Agni, to whom belong the children (of men), protect us!

22. King Soma, who guards and pities us, and the lords of the beings shall take pity on us!

23. May Bhava and Sarva cast the lightning, the divine missile, upon him that performs evil, fashions a spell, and does wrong!

24. If thou art come two-footed, (or) four-footed, prepared by the fashioner of the spell, multiform, do thou, having become eight-footed, again go away from here, O misfortune!

25. Anointed, ornamented, and well equipped, go away, carrying every misfortune! Know, O spell, thy maker, as a daughter her own father!

26. Go away, O spell, do not stand still, track (the enemy) as a wounded (animal)! He is the game, thou the hunter: he is not able to put thee down.

27. Him that first hurls (the arrow), the other, laying on in defence, slays with the arrow, and while the first deals the blow, the other returns the blow.

28. Hear, verily, this speech of mine, and then return whence thou camest, against the one that fashioned thee!

29. Slaughter of an innocent is heinous, O spell: do not slay our cow, horse, or serving-man! Wherever thou hast been put down, thence thee do we remove. Be lighter than a leaf!

30. If ye are enveloped in darkness, covered as if by a net--we tear all spells out from here, send them back again to him that fashioned them.

31. The offspring of them that fashion the spell, practise magic, or plot against us, crush thou, O spell, leave none of them! Slay those that fashion the spell!

32. As the sun is released from darkness, abandons the night, and the streaks of the dawn, thus every misery, (every) device prepared by the fashioner of the spell, (every) misfortune, do I leave behind, as an elephant the dust.


V, 31. Charm to repel sorceries or spells.

1. The spell which they have put for thee into an unburned vessel, that which they have put into mixed grain, that which they have put into raw meat, that do I hurl back again.

2. The spell which they have put for thee into a cock, or that which (they have put) into a goat, into a crested animal, that which they have put into a sheep, that do I hurl back again.

3. The spell which they have put for thee into solipeds, into animals with teeth on both sides, that which they have put into an ass, that do I hurl back again.

4. The magic which they have put for thee into moveable property, or into personal possession, the spell which they have put into the field, that do I hurl back again.

5. The spell which evil-scheming persons have put for thee into the garhapatya-fire, or into the housefire, that which they have put -into the house, that do I hurl back again.

6. The spell which they have put for thee into the assembly-hall, that which (they have put) into the gaming-place, that which they have put into the dice, that do I hurl back again.

7. The spell which they have put for thee into the army, that which they have put into the arrow and the weapon, that which they have put into the drum, that do I hurl back again.

8. The spell which they have placed down for thee in the well, or have buried in the burial-ground, that which they have put into (thy) home, that do I hurl back again.

9. That which they have put for thee into human bones, that which (they have put) into the funeral fire, to the consuming, burning, flesh-eating fire do I hurl that back again.

10. By an unbeaten path he has brought it (the spell) hither, by a (beaten) path we drive it out from here. The fool in his folly has prepared (the spell) aorainst those that are surely wise.

11. He that has undertaken it has not been able to accomplish it: he broke his foot, his toe. He, luckless, performed an auspicious act for us, that are lucky.

12. Him that fashions spells, practises magic, digs after roots, sends out curses, Indra, shall slay with his mighty weapon, Agni shall pierce with his hurled (arrow)!


V, 14. Charm to repel sorceries or spells.

1. An eagle found thee out, a boar dug thee out with his snout. Seek thou, O plant, to injure him that seeks to injure (us), strike down him that prepares spells (against us'!

2. Strike down the wizards, strike down him that prepares spells (against us); slay thou, moreover, O plant, him that seeks to injure us!

3. Cutting out from the skin (of the enemy) as if (from the skin) of an antelope, do ye, O gods, fasten the spell upon him that prepares it, as (one fastens) an ornament!

4. Take hold by the hand and lead away the spell back to him that prepares it! Place it in his very presence, so that it shall slay him that prepares the spell!

5. The spells shall take effect upon him that prepares the spells, the curse upon him that pronounces the curse! As a chariot with easy-going wheels, the spell shall turn back upon him that prepares the spell!

6. Whether a woman, or whether a man has prepared the spell for evil, we lead that spell to him as a horse with the halter.

7. Whether thou hast been prepared by the gods, or hast been prepared by men, we lead thee back with the help of Indra as an ally.

8. O Agni gainer of battles, do thou gain the battles! With a counter-charm do we hurl back the spell upon him that prepares the spell.

9. Hold ready, (O plant,) thy weapon, and strike him, slay the very one that has prepared (the spell)! We do not whet thee for the destruction of him that has not practised (spells).

10. Go as a son to his father, bite like an adder that has been stepped upon. Return thou, O spell, to him that prepares the spell, as one who overcomes his fetters!

11. As the shy deer, the antelope, goes out to the mating (buck), thus the spell shall reach him that prepares it!

12. Straighter than an arrow may it (the spell) fly against him, O ye heaven and earth; may that spell take hold again of him that prepares it, as (a hunter)

of his game!

13. Like fire (the spell) shall progress in the teeth of obstacles, like water along its course! As a chariot with easy-going wheels the spell shall turn back upon him that prepares the spell!


VIII, 5. Prayer for protection addressed to a talisman made from wood of the sraktya-tree.

1. This attacking talisman, (itself) a man, is fastened upon the man: it is full of force, slays enemies, makes heroes of men, furnishes shelter, provides good luck.

2. This talisman slays enemies, makes strong men, is powerful, lusty, victorious, strong; as a man it advances against sorceries and destroys them.

3. With this talisman Indra slew Vritra, with it he, full of device, destroyed the Asuras, with it he conquered both the heaven and earth, with it he conquered the four regions of space.

4. This talisman of sraktya assails and attacks. With might controlling the enemies, it shall protect us on all sides!

5. Agni has said this, and Soma has said this; Brihaspati, Savitar, Indra (have said) this. These divine purohitas, (chaplains) shall turn back for me (upon the sorcerer) the sorceries with aggressive amulets!

6. I have interposed heaven and earth, also the day, and also the sun. These divine purohitas (chaplains) shall turn back for me (upon the sorcerer) the sorceries with aggressive amulets!

7. (For) the folk that make an armour of the talisman of sraktya--like the sun ascending the sky, it subjects and beats off the sorceries.

8. With the amulet of sraktya, as if with a seer of powerful spirit, I have gained all battles, I slay the enemies, the Rakshas.

9. The sorceries that come from the Angiras, the sorceries that come from the Asuras, the sorceries that prepare themselves, and those that are prepared by others, both these shall go away to a distance across ninety navigable streams!

10. As an armour upon him the gods shall tie the amulet, Indra, Vishnu, Savitar, Rudra, Agni, Pragapati, Parameshthin, Virag,Vaisvanara, and the seers all.

11. Thou art the most superb of plants, as if a steer among the cattle, as if a tiger among beasts of prey. (The amulet) that we did seek, that have we found, a guardian at our side.

12. He that wears this talisman, verily is a tiger, a lion as well, and, too, a bull; moreover a curtailer of enemies.

13. Him slay not the Apsaras, nor the Gandharvas, nor mortal men; all reoions does he rule, that wears this talisman.

14. Kasyapa has created thee, Kasyapa has produced thee. Indra wore thee in human (battle); wearing thee in the close combat he conquered. The gods did make the talisman an armour of thousandfold strength.

15. He that plans to harm thee with sorceries, with (unholy) consecrations and sacrifices--him beat thou back, O Indra, with thy thunderbolt that hath a hundred joints!

16. This talisman verily does assail, full of might, victorious. Offspring and wealth it shall protect, provide defence, abound in luck!

17. Remove our enemies in the south, remove our enemies in the north; remove, O Indra, our enemies in the west: light, O hero, place in front (east) of us!

18. An armour for me be heaven and earth, an armour day, an armour the sun! An armour for me be Indra and Agni; Dhatar shall bestow (dadhAtu) an armour upon me!

19. The armour of Indra and Agni, that is thick and strong, all the gods united do not pierce. This great (armour) shall protect my body on all sides, that I may obtain long life, and reach old age!

20. The divine talisman has ascended upon me,unto completc exemption from injury. Assemble about this post that protects the body, furnishes threefold defence, in order to (secure) strength!

21. Into it Indra shall deposit manliness: do ye, O gods, assemble about it for long life, for life lasting a hundred autumns, that he may reach old age.

22. May Indra who bestows welfare, the lord of the people, the slayer of Vritra, the controller of enemies, he that conquereth and is unconquered, the soma-drinking bull that frees from danger, fasten the amulet upon thee: may it protect thee on each and every side, by day and by night!


X, 3. Praise of the virtues of an amulet derived from the varana-tree.

1. Here is my varana-amulet, a bull that destroys the rivals: with it do thou close in upon thy enemies, crush them that desire to injure thee!

2. Break them, crush them, close in upon them: the amulet shall be thy vanguard in front! With the varana the Devas (gods) did ward off (avarayanta) the onslaught of the Asuras (demons) day after day.

3, This thousand-eyed, yellow, golden varanaamulet is a universal cure; it shall lay low thy enemies: be thou the first to injure those that hate thee!

4. This varana will ward off (varayishyate) the spell that has been spread against thee; this will protect thee from human danger, this will protect thee from all evil!

5. This divine tree, the varana, shall shut out (varayatai)! The gods, too, have shutout (avivaran) the disease that has entered into this (man).

6. If when asleep thou shalt behold an evil dream; as often as a wild beast shall run an inauspicious course; from (ominous) sneezing, and from the evil shriek of a bird, this varana-amulet will protect thee (varayishyate).

7. From Arati (grudge), Nirriti (misfortune), from sorcery, and from danger; from death and overstrong weapons the varana will protect thee.

8. The sin that my mother, that my father, that my brothers and my sister have committed; the sin that we (ourselves) have committed, from that this divine tree will protect us.

9. Through the varana are confused my enemies and my (rival) kin. To untraversed gloom they have gone: they shall go to the nethermost darkness!

10. (May) I (be) unharmed, with cows unharmed, long-lived, with undiminished men! This varana-amulet shall guard me in every region (of space)!

11. This varana upon my breast, the kingly, divine tree, shall smite asunder my enemies, as Indra the Dasyus, the Asuras (demons)!

12. Long-lived, a hundred autumns old, do I wear this varana: kingdom and rule, cattle and strength, this shall bestow upon me!

13. As the wind breaks with might the trees, the lords of the forest, thus do thou break my rivals, those formerly born, and the latter born! The varana shall watch over thee!

14. As the wind and the fire consume the trees, the lords of the forest, thus, do thou consume my rivals, those formerly born, and the latter born! The varana shall watch over thee!

15. As, ruined by the wind, the trees lie prostrate, thus do thou ruin and prostrate my rivals, those formerly born, and the latter born! The varana shall watch over thee!

16. Do thou cut off, O varana, before their appointed time and before old age, those that aim to injure him in his cattle, and threaten his sovereignty!

17. As the sun is resplendent, as in him brilliance has been deposited, thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast for me reputation and prosperity, shall sprinkle me with brilliance, and anoint me with splendour!

1 8. As splendour is in the moon, and in the sun, the beholder of men, thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, &c.

19. As splendour is in the earth, as in this Gatavedas (the fire), thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, &c.

20. As splendour is in the maiden, as in this appointed chariot, thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, &c.

2 1. As splendour is in the soma-draught, as splendour is in the honey-mixture (for guests), thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, &c.

22. As splendour is in the agnihotra-oblation, as splendour is in the call vashat, thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, &c.

23. As splendour is in the sacrificer, as (splendour) has been deposited in the sacrifice, thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, &c.

24. As splendour is in Pragapati, as in this Parameshthin (the lord on high), thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, &c.

25. As immortality is in the gods, as truth has been deposited in them, thus shall the amulet of varana hod fast, &c.


X, 6. Praise of the virtues of amulet of khadira-wood in the shape of a ploughshare.

1. The head of the hostile rival, of the enemy that bates me, do I cut off with might.

2. This amulet, produced by the ploughshare, will prepare an armour for me: full of stirred drink it has come to me, together with sap and lustre.

3. If the skilful workman has injured thee with his hand or with his knife, the living bright waters shall purify thee from that, (so that thou shalt be) bright!

4. This amulet has a golden wreath, bestows faith and sacrifice and might; in our house as a guest it shall dwell!

5. Before it (the amulet as a guest) ghee, sura (liquor), honey, and every kind of food we place. The amulet having gone to the gods shall, as a father for his sons, plan for us growing good, more and more day after day!

6. The amulet which Brihaspati tied, the ploughshare dripping with ghee, the strong khadira, unto strength, that Agni did fasten on; that yields him ghee more and more day after day: with it those that hate me do thou slay!

7. This amulet which Brihaspati tied that Indra did fasten on, for strength and heroism; that yields him might more and more, &c.

8. The amulet which Brihaspati tied . . . that Soma did fasten on unto perfect hearing and seeing; that verily yields him lustre more and more, &c.

9. The amulet which Brihaspat, tied . . . that Surya did fasten on, with that he conquered these directions of space; that yields him prosperity moreand more, &c.

10. The amulet which Brihaspati tied wearing that amulet Kandramas (the moon) conquered the golden cities of the Asuras and the Danavas; that yields him fortune more and more, &c.

11. The amulet which Brihaspat' tied for swift Vata (wind), that yields him strength more and more, &c.

12, The amulet which Brihaspati tied for swift Vata, with that amulet, O Asvins, do ye guard this plough-land; that yields the two physicians (the Asvins) might more and more, &c.

13. The amulet which Brihaspati tied for swift Vata, wearing that, Savitar through it conquered this light; that yields him abundance more and more, &c.

14. The amulet which Brihaspati tied for swift Vata, wearing that, the waters ever run undiminished; that verily yields them ambrosia more and more, &c.

15. The amulet which Brihaspati tied for swift Vata, that comforting amulet king Varuna did fasten on; that verily yields him truth more and more, &c.

16. The amulet which Brihaspati tied for swift Vata, wearing that the gods did conquer all the worlds in battle; that verily yields them conquest more and more, &c.

17. The amulet which Brihaspati tied for swift Vata, that comforting amulet the divinities did fasten on; that verily yields them- all more and more, &c.

18. The seasons did fasten it on; the divisions (of the year) did fasten it on. Since the year did fasten it on, it guards every being.

19. The intermediate directions did fasten it on; the directions did fasten it on. The amulet created by Pragapati has subjected those that hate me.

20. The Atharvans did tie it on, the descendants of the Atharvans did tie it on; with these allied, the Angiras cleft the castles of the Dasyus. With it those that hate me do thou slay!

21. That Dhatar did fasten on: (then) he shaped the being. With it those that hate me do thou slay!

22. The amulet which Brihaspati tied for the gods, destructive of the Asuras, that has come to me together with sap and lustre.

23. The amulet . . . has come to me together with cows, goats, and sheep, together with food and offspring.

24. The amulet . . . has come to me together with rice and barley, together with might and prosperity.

25. The amulet has come to me with a stream of honey and ghee together with sweet drink.

26. The amulet has come to me together with nourishment and milk, together with goods and fortune.

27. The amulet . . . has. come to me together with brilliance and strength, together with glory and reputation.

28. The amulet . . . has come to me together with all 'kinds of prosperity.

29, This amulet the gods shall give me unto prosperity, the mighty amulet that strengthens sovereignty and injures the rivals!

30. An (amulet) auspicious for me thou shalt fasten upon (me), together with brahma (spiritual exaltation) and brilliance! Free from rivals, slaying rivals, it has subjected my rivals.

31. This god-born amulet, the sap milked from which these three worlds revere, shall render me superior to him that hates me; it shall ascend upon my head unto excellence!

32. The amulet upon which the gods, the Fathers, and men ever live, shall ascend upon my head unto excellence!

33. As the seed grows in the field, in the furrow drawn by the ploughshare, thus in me offspring, cattle, and every kind of food shall grow up!

34. Upon whom, O thou amulet that prosperest the sacrifice, I have fastened thee (that art) propitious, him, O amulet, that yieldest a hundredfold sacrificial reward, thou shalt inspire unto excellence!

35. This fire-wood that has been laid on together with the oblations do thou, Agni, gladly accept: may we in this kindled Gatavedas (fire), through (this) charm, find favour, well-being, offspring, sight, and cattle!


IV, 16. Prayer to Varuna for protection against treacherous designs.

1. The great guardian among these (gods) sees as if from anear. He that thinketh he is moving stealthily--all this the gods know.

2. If a man stands, walks, or sneaks about, if he goes slinking away, if he goes into his hiding-place; if two persons sit together and scheme, king Varuna is there as a third, and knows it.

3. Both this earth here belongs to king Varuna, and also yonder broad sky whose boundaries are far away. Moreover these two oceans are the loins of Varuna; yea, he is hidden in this small (drop of) water.

4. He that should flee beyond the heaven far away would not be free from king Varuna. His spies come hither (to the earth) from heaven, with a thousand eyes do they watch over the earth.

5. King Varuna sees through all that is between heaven and earth, and all that is beyond. He has counted the winkings of men's eyes. As a (winning) gamester puts down his dice, thus does he establish these (laws).

6. May all thy fateful toils which, seven by seven, threefold, lie spread out, ensnare him that speaks falsehood: him that speaks the truth they shall let go!

7. With a hundred snares, O Varuna, surround him, let the liar not go free from thee, O thou that observest men! The rogue shall sit, his belly hanging loose, like a cask without hoops, bursting all about!

8. With (the snare of) Varuna which is fastened lengthwise, and that which (is fastened) broadwise, with the indigenous and the foreign, with the divine and the human,--

9. With all these snares do I fetter thee, O N. N., descended from N. N., the son of the woman N. N.: all these do I design for thee.


II, 12. Imprecation against enemies thwarting holy work.

1. Heaven and earth, the broad atmosphere, the goddess of the field, and the wonderful, far-striding (Vishnu); moreover, the broad atmosphere guarded by Vata (the wind): may these here be inflamed, when I am inflamed!

2. Hear this, O ye revered gods! Let Bharadvaga recite for me songs of praise! 'May he who injures this our plan be bound in the fetter (of disease) and joined to misfortune!

3. Hear, O soma-drinking Indra, what with burning heart I shout to thee! I cleave, as one cleaves a tree with an axe, him that injures this our plan.

4. With (the aid of) thrice eighty siman-singers, with (the aid of) the Adityas, Vasus, and Angiras--may our father's sacrifices and gifts to the priests, aid us-do I seize this one with fateful fervour.

5. May heaven and earth look after me, may all the gods support me! O ye Angiras, O ye fathers devoted to Soma, may he who does harm enter into misfortune!

6 . He who perchance despises us, O ye Maruts, he who abuses the holy practice which is beiog performed by us, may his evil deeds be firebrands to him, may the heavens surround with fire the hater of holy practices!

7. Thy seven in-breathings and thy eight marrows, these do I cut for thee by means of my charm. Thou shalt go to the seat of Yama, fitly prepared, with Agni as thy guide!

8. 1 set thy footstep upon the kindled fire. May Agni surround thy body, may thy voice enter into breath!


VII, 70. Frustration of the sacrifice of an enemy.

1. Whenever yonder person in his thought, and with his speech, offers sacrifice accompanied by oblations and benedictions, may Nirriti (the goddess of destruction), allying herself with death, smite his offering before it takes effect!

2. May sorcerers, Nirriti, as well as Rakshas, mar his true work with error! May the gods, despatched by Indra, scatter (churn) his sacrificial butter; may that which yonder person offers not succeed!

3. The two agile supreme rulers, like two eagle-s pouiicing down, shall strike the sacrificial butter pf the enemy, whosoever plans evil against us!

4. Back do I tie both thy two arms, thy mouth I shut. With the fury of god Agni, have I destroyed thy oblation.

5. I tie thy two arms, I shut thy mouth. With the fury of terrible Agni have I destroyed thy oblation.


II, 7. Charm against curses and hostile plots, undertaken with a certain plant.

1. The god-begotten plant, hated by the wicked, which wipes away the curses (of the enemies), like water a foul spot it has washed away all curses from me.

2. The curse of the rival and the curse of the kinswoman, the curse which the Brahman shall utter in wrath, all that (do thou put) under our feet!

3. From heaven her root is suspended, from the earth it rises up; with her that has a thousand shoots do thou protect us on all sides!

4. Protect me, protect my offspring, protect our goods; let not ill-will overcome us, let not hostile schemes overcome us!

5. The curse shall go to the curser; joint possession shall we have with the friend. Of the enemy who bewitches with (his) eye we hew off the ribs.


III, 6. The asvattha-tree as a destroyer of enemies.

1. A male has sprung from a male, the asvattha (ficus religiosa) from the khadira (acacia catechu). May this slay my enemies, those whom I hate and those who hate me!

2. Crush the enemies, as they rush on, O asvattha, 'displacer,' allied with Indra, the slayer of Vritra, (allied) with Mitra and Varuxa!

3. As thou didst break forth, O asvattha, into the great flood (of the air), thus do thou break up all those whom I hate and those who hate me!

4. Thou that goest conquering as a conquering bull, with thee here, O asvattha, may we conquer our rivals!

5. May Nirriti (the goddess of destruction), O asvattha, bind in the toils of death that cannot be loosened those enemies of mine whom I hate and who hate me!

6. As thou climbest up the trees, O asvattha, and renderest them subordinate, thus do thou split in two the head of iny enemy, and overcome him!

7. They (the enemies) shall float down like a ship cut loose from its moorings! There is no returning again for those that have been driven out by the 'displacer.'

8. I drive them out with my mind, drive them out with my thought, and also with my incantation. We drive them out with a branch of the asvattha-tree.


VI, 75. Oblation for the suppression of enemies (nairbadhyam havih).

1. Forth from his home do I drive that person yonder, who as a rival contends with us: through the oblation devoted to suppression Indra, has broken him to pieces.

2. Indra, the slayer of Vritra, shall drive him to the remotest distance, from which in all successive years he shall not again return!

3. He shall go to the three distances, he shall go beyond the five peoples; he shall go beyond the three ethers, whence he shall not again in all successive years return, while the sun is upon the heavens!


VII 37. Curse against one that practises hostile charms.

1. The thousand-eyed curse having yoked his chariot has come hither, seeking out him that curses me, as a wolf the house of him that owns sheep.

2. Avoid us, O curse, as a burning fire (avoids) a lake! Strike here him that curses us, as the lightning of heaven the tree!

3. He that shall curse us when we do not curse, and he that shall curse us when we do curse, him do I hurl to death as a bone to a dog upon the ground.


VII, 13. Charm to deprive enemies of their strength.

1. As the rising sun takes away the lustre of the stars, thus do I take away the strength of both the women and the men that hate me.

2. As many enemies as ye are, lookina out auainst me, as I come on--of those that hate me do I take away the strenorth, as the sun takes away the strength of persons asleep (while it rises).