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Mandukya Upanishad

English version by Sanderson Beck


AUM. This imperishable word is the universe.

It is explained as the past, the present, the future;

everything is the word AUM.

Also whatever transcends threefold time is AUM.

All here is God; this soul is God.

This same soul is fourfold.


The waking state outwardly conscious,

having seven limbs and nineteen doors,

enjoying gross objects common to all, is the first.


The dreaming state inwardly conscious,

having seven limbs and nineteen doors,

enjoying subtle objects that are bright, is the second.


When one sleeps without yearning for any desires,

seeing no dreams, that is deep sleep.

The deep-sleep state unified in wisdom gathered,

consisting of bliss, enjoying bliss,

whose door is conscious wisdom, is the third.


This is the Lord of all; this is the omniscient;

this is the inner controller; this is the universal womb,

for this is the origin and end of beings.

Not inwardly wise nor outwardly wise nor both ways wise

nor gathered wisdom, nor wise nor unwise,

unseen, incommunicable, intangible,

featureless, unthinkable, indefinable,

whose essence is the security of being one with the soul,

the end of evolution, peaceful, good, non-dual---

this they deem the fourth.


It is the soul; it should be discerned.

This is the soul in regard to the word AUM and its parts.

The parts are the letters,

and the letters are its parts: A U M.


The waking state common to all is the letter A,

the first part, from "attaining" or from being first.

Whoever knows this attains all desires and becomes first.


The sleeping state, the bright, is the letter U,

the second part, from "uprising" or from being in between.

Whoever knows this rises up in knowledge and is balanced;

no one ignorant of God is born in that family.


The deep-sleep state, the wise, is the letter M,

the third part, from "measure" or from being the end.

Whoever knows this measures everything and reaches the end.


The fourth is without a letter, the incommunicable,

the end of evolution, good, non-dual.


Thus AUM is the soul.

Whoever knows this enters by one's soul into the soul;

this one knows this.