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Excerpts from dakshinamurti upanishad


so'hamiti yavadasthitih sa nishtha bhavati |

tadabhedena manvamredanam jnanasadhanam |

citte tadekatanata parikarah |

angaceshtarpanam balih |

trini dhamani kalah |

dvadashantapadam sthanamiti |


Devotion consists in firmly dwelling in the constant thought that "I am He".

Repetition of the mantra as inseparate from Him constitutes the means to that

knowledge. To be concentrated in thought upon Him exclusively proves an

effective aid to it. The dedicating of all bodily activity (to Him) forms the

offering. The three states of consciousness are the proper time for it. The

proper place is the twelve pointed seat.


te ha punah shraddadhanastam pratyucuh|

katham va' syodayah |

kim svarupam |

ko va'syopasakah |



Then they again asked him as follows, full of faith. How comes His

manifestation? What is His form? And who is His worshiper?


sa hovaca |

vairagyatailasampurne bhaktivartisamanvite |

prabodhapurna patre tu jnaptidipam vilokayet |

mohandhakaranissare udeti svayameva hi |

vairagyamaranim kritva jnanam kritvottararanim |

gadhatamrisramsashantyai gudhamartham nivedayet |

mohabhanujasankrantam vivekakhyam mrikundujam |

tatvavicarapashena baddham dvaitabhayaturam |

ujjivayannijanande svasvarupena samsthitah |

shemushi dakshina prokta sa yasyabhikshane mukam |

dakshinabhimukhah proktah shive'sau brahmavadibhih |

sargadikale bhagavan virinci rupasyainam sargasamarthyamapya |

tutosha citte vancitarthashca labdhva dhanyah so'syopasako bhavati

dhata |


He said:


In the mighty lamp of wisdom, overflowing with the oil of vairagya and

furnished with the wick of bhakti, one should kindle the light of knowledge and

see. Then the darkness of disillusion being dispelled, (Siva) Himself becomes

manifested. With a view to dispel the utter darkness, the devotee should

produce fire, making vairagya the lower arani and knowledge the upper one; and

then Siva will exhibit to his view the hidden reality. Dwelling in the devotee

as his own, very Self with His inherent bliss, He revives viveka hitherto

overpowered with delusion and oppressed by duality for want of proper enquiry

into truth. Thus Siva, showing Himself in all his bliss, restores to life the

son of Mrikandu, hitherto oppressed with the fear of Yama, the latter dragging

him with the bands of rope tied around his body.


The word dakshina means Buddhi. Because buddhi is the eye by which Siva can be

directly seen, He is called Dakshinamurthy by the Brahma-vadins.


At the beginning of creation, Brahma the Lord, having worshiped Siva, attained

power to create and was delighted at heart. The devotee in this path, steady in

his effort, attains all objects of desire and becomes quite happy.