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My eternal gratefulness goes to my spiritual master Srila Pra-bhupada, who has introduced me to the Divine Couple in the form of Their wonderful holy names.


What I have written was possible through his mercy.


Let me thank Gaura-siromani Dasa for his immense effort to support the work on this book. Had he not taken the initiative, there wouldn't have been an English version of the "Nectarean Ocean of the Holy Name".


My sincere thanks go to the publishers Isana' Dasa and Gadadhara Dasa and to the devotees from the Veda Academy.

To Bhaktin Shashika from Bombay for helping out at a critical stage of production.


To Nityananda Priya Devi DasI for the initial translation. To Rariganamala Devi DasI and NalinI Devi DasI for editing the Eng¬lish manuscript.


To Bhakta Marko, who did the wonderful cover design, and to Bhaktin Regina for her excellent illustrations.


To Bhaktin Katrin, who wrote a fantastic summary of a lecture I gave on the qualifications for chanting.


Of course I will always remain grateful to all the devotees who helped produce the German version—which served as the literary foundation for this expanded work.


My gratefulness goes to my godbrothers—too numerous to mention by name—who have kindly taught me many secrets of the holy name.


I should not forget all those wonderful people who over the years have helped me to appreciate, at least theoretically, both directly and indirectly that the holy name is the ultimate shelter for us eternal souls in this temporary world and beyond.


Most greatful, however, am I to the Personality of the holy name Himself. Had He not appeared—presented by the most merciful incarnation Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, where would we be?